The top gaming chairs on the market right now 

For most gamers, the ideal gaming setup includes a PC or console machine and a gaming desk alongside a chair to provide comfort. Regardless of whether your preference is to game on an Xbox One or a Nintendo Switch, comfort is key during any gaming marathon. After all, if you’re uncomfortable or unable to view the screen properly from an awkward seating position, then it could hinder your progress on a specific game. 


When purchasing a gaming chair, the main feature to look for is comfort, but you also want it to be moveable and stable, and to feature any additional perks like a cup holder or some neck support. It’s also worth taking note of the material on a chair, the size, and the general quality of it. There are certainly plenty of options that fit the bill for the average avid gamer, but narrowing it down to the best gaming chair for you and your gaming needs can be a tough task. So, in order to help you decide, below is a look at some of the best gaming chairs on the market in 2022. 


Mavix M5


As far as ergonomic gaming chairs go, the Mavix M5 is easily one of the best of the lot. Offering plenty of comfort and durability given its excellent design, the chair also provides breathable features that keep players cool during a heated online match-up. Its sturdy metal base means that it feels solid when sitting on the Mavix M5, with its range of adjustable features helping you to find the ideal gaming angle. The chair even has a 140-degree recline and head support in case you fancy taking a power nap ahead of the next battle. 



Corsair TC60


A favoured choice for many gamers on the planet, the Corsair TC60 offers soft and breathable fabric that makes it suitable for any type of gaming session. Whether you’re embarking on an epic Fortnite battle for a few hours or you’re enjoying innovative mobile products like Hi-Lo Live Game Show, you’ll feel more than comfortable in this budget-friendly and extremely well-designed chair. The chair’s wide seat is particularly impressive, with its deep recline offering even more comfort. The 3D adjustable armrests and built-in lumbar support are welcome additions, too.


Big Joe Dorm Chair


An alternative option compared to the other chairs on the list, the Big Joe Dorm Chair is a bean bag that is specifically designed for gaming. Offering style and comfort, alongside pockets for your controllers and a handle to make it easier to move, this particular chair is a fantastic option for some people. 


Cougar Explore S


An excellent option for gamers on a budget, the Cougar Explore S gaming chair has a stylish quilted-style PVC leather finish to match its impressively solid steel frame. With high-density foam on its wide seat, this particular chair offers a great deal of comfort also. The comfortability aspect of the Cougar Explore S is further highlighted by its adjustable lumbar pillow and neck pillow that enables players to lean back and relax as they master their go-to selection of games.


Razer Enki


Offering the same type of funky design that is associated with most gaming chairs, the Razer Enki has it all. Capable of holding a human that weighs up to 299 pounds, the chair is well-built and offers the support needed for a long gaming battle. The adjustable 4D armrests, backrest, and tilt are extremely beneficial also, enabling players to find their ideal gaming position with ease. A stylish chair with a selection of comfortable features, the Razer Enki is definitely worth considering. 

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