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The Best iGaming Discord Servers

In recent years, Discord has become a popular platform for online gaming communities of all kinds, including those interested in online gambling. Here is our shortlist of top iGaming Discord servers designed to help you find the best gambling Discord server. 

While our list is intent on helping you find the best iGaming discord server, you can still have trouble finding the right online casino for you, that is why we advise you to check out pacasino where you can find an extensive online casino guide to help you make the right choice. After finding an online casino you will want to know more about which Discord server to join so let us get started.

Discord: What Is It?

In the beginning, Discord was intended to facilitate communication and community among video game players. With time, however, the service has expanded to host various communities. The app now has more than 350 million registered users.

The server may allow users to communicate through video calls, voice messages, or text messages. The app feels almost like an online forum, which differentiates it from similar services such as Skype. When you’re looking for advice or want to engage in a discussion with like-minded individuals, Discord can be a great place to start.

Having such a wide range of chat features has made it an ideal platform for live betting and online casino play, so you can chat while playing online slots.  Servers can be created either publicly or privately by users. The servers we’ve shared are all public, and as we will explain, you can join them simply by clicking the links.

Discord Gambling Servers: How to Join

If you’re using a desktop or mobile device, you’ll find our recommended gambling discord servers easy to use. Creating an account is the first step. If you want to use Discord on your desktop, you can either download the application or go to the site through your browser.

To use it on your mobile device, you can download the app from your mobile device’s app store. 

First you just need to click Register, register a phone number or email address, and provide the confirmation code sent to your mobile device. Your username, password, and date of birth will then be asked for, followed by the acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Listed below are five steps for joining a gambling server.

  • Click ‘Next’ after creating your Discord account.
  • Click the + in the left sidebar on a desktop.
  • From a mobile device, click the three stacked lines at the top left of the screen and then click +.
  • Then click “Join Server”. To join a discord server, you will need to paste the link in.
  • The server will be accessible once you click Join.

Discord Servers for Casinos and Poker

You’ll find several groups that appeal to fans of other gambling activities, whether you are into slots, poker, blackjack, or horse racing. This group of people would benefit most from the following three servers.

Stake Champs Casino Community

The Stake Champs Casino Community has more than eighteen thousand members, making it the largest casino community. Online slots and blackjack reviews, as well as promotions for online casinos, can be found on this channel. There are also mini-games in the style of casino games and giveaways regularly.

Gambling Advantages and Socializing Forum

Online gambling is treated with a much more serious-minded approach at Gambling Advantages and Socializing Forum. There are many great resources on the server to help you improve your gambling skills such as blackjack card counting, poker strategies, budget management, and bettor discipline. There are topics related to both land-based and online gambling in the community.


Despite being an official affiliate of PokerStars, you need not use the site to benefit from the discord channel. Approximately twenty thousand members participate in the community, where they discuss upcoming tournaments, poker news, strategy, and more. For amateurs and professionals alike, this is a great platform. 

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