The Best Halloween-Themed Valorant Skins

The Best Halloween-Themed Valorant Skins

Looking to celebrate the spooky season in style? While Valorant might not go all in like League of Legends when it comes to Halloween, there’s no shortage of festive skins to splash out this October. Although you won’t find any skins from Riot Games that have been specially designed for Halloween, there’s a multitude of upgrades you can add to your arsenal. Need some inspiration? Read on for our pick of the best skins you can buy if you’re looking to make waves this Halloween.

1. Ruination

The Ruination Collection will make a worthy addition to any Valorant arsenal. These fierce-looking skins make an instant impression with their slick design and black and teal colorways. What’s more, as they’re packaged as a bundle, they’re a pretty affordable option. Not festive enough for your liking? If you want to lean into the Halloween spirit, consider going for the orange-infused Ruination skins instead.

2. Xenohunter

The Xenohunter bundle would look right at home in any sci-fi horror movie. With slick black weapon frames and futuristic sensors, you’ll feel like you’re Ripley hunting down a xenomorph in the Alien franchise. Once Halloween is done and dusted, the Xenohunter collection will remain a firm favorite.

3. Spline

Looking for more skins inspired by the sci-fi genre? How about the Spline Collection? This is one of the most eye-catching weapon bundles Riot Games has put out. There are two colorways to choose from, with both the green and black designs making a fine for Halloween. The neon-infused details bring a futuristic aesthetic, but these striking weapons feel incredibly otherworldly.

4. Nunca Olvidados

Who says you can’t embrace some color come the Halloween season? If you’re looking to brighten up your arsenal with some skins just in time for the spooky season, think about splashing out on the Nunca Olvidados collection. This eye-catching bundle has been inspired by Mexico’s Day of the Dead festivities. Think candy skulls and devilish details and you’re in the right ballpark.

5. Ruin

The Ruin Collection will make a welcome addition to any skin collection. If you’re looking to treat yourself to something new in time for Halloween, this brilliant bundle is well worth considering. This collection is incredibly impressive, with a

striking combination of black weapon frames and curved gold accents. There are also some gargoyle-inspired motifs on show here, making this weapon set an absolute must. Need to free up some Valorant Points to get your hands on these skins? Find out everything you need to know about how to get a Valorant refund here.

6. Prism III

The Prism III Collection quickly proved popular with Valorant players. While it’s a standout skin bundle in its own right, the orange colorway makes it a go-to choice for Halloween-inspired battles. The pumpkin-inspired shade hits all the right notes, while the slick black accents make this bundle one of the most stylish skin collections you can currently get your heads on. If you’re itching to offload some Valorant Points, you could do a lot worse than the Prism III set.


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