As a teacher, it is important that you constantly look for creative ways to grab the attention of every student. When things get too repetitive and mundane, be sure to include some useful gadgets that will increase the quality of your lectures. 


Below, we list some of the best education tools that will surely do the job of spicing up your lessons. Go with the flow and become a modern teacher right now, your class will thank you a thousand times! 

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A portable tablet is a must for anyone in the education field. Being able to quickly access the web and wiki, read guides and books, as well as write notes and make graphics. The tablet will also provide plenty of essay writing and help to buy a term paper online for students struggling with writing issues.


A few tablets located in the school library will make it more convenient for students to compose long texts with a lot of research and knowledge. This type of writing help will surely be seen in terms of grades and the quality of written essays.


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3D Printer

While this device can seem quite expensive, having one at school is a great way to boost creativity and engagement from students. While it may not provide any theoretical help, it can serve multiple other purposes. Being able to print props, 1:1 models and small gadgets to decorate the classroom, this purchase will be 100% worth it.


If your local school doesn’t have the necessary budget to buy a 3D printer, you can try out a 3D pen, which is smaller and has more limits to it. However, it will still provide fun and value to the class, and may encourage students to get more into the latest technology.

Microphone recorder

Ever encountered this scenario, where your students’ notes turn into essays because your lecture was so long? With this tool you will be able to speak faster and freely without having to wait for students to note. Just turn the microphone on and start recording your lesson or reading out your research paper.


And when you’re done, just send the recording to your students, so they can decide which points are important, and they can always go back. This way, every student will be focused on your words, and not taking notes without actually listening. While not very flashy, this might be one of the most useful items among technology tools for education.

Portable charger

If you’re thinking about becoming a pro at technology, this is a must-have. A charger will make sure you never run out of power when showing a presentation or writing examples for your students.


You can buy a really advanced one with different USB ports, so all your devices will be safe from turning off. While charging the device traditionally is also an option, a portable charger will allow you to stay on the move and be active – just like every teacher needs to be. 


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Green Screen

If you want to go all out and impress your students, you should try setting up a small green screen, usually sold on an adjustable stand. This might be one of the best technology tools in the modern era. It will allow you to record professional lectures with a background of your choice, which will skyrocket the quality of your online lessons. 


You can change your background according to the current topic to make the lessons more real-life and relatable. From time to time, students will surely appreciate a little laugh because of a funny background. 



This wearable gadget will help you through your daily routine at school. You can set reminders about meetings, write subtle messages, or keep track of time left during a test. Recording voice notes, controlling your presentation wirelessly are some of the other benefits.


The smartwatch can also be a great gift from a class of students, as it is very practical and not that expensive either. Once you learn how convenient this gadget is, you will never go back to a bare wrist.


Staying up to date with teacher technology tools is important in order to stay in touch with students. Modern devices can be used to grab everyone’s attention, write essays, record speeches and many more. Combine knowledge with technology, and a strong duo is created.

Now that you know some examples of great technology tools, it’s high time you start incorporating them into your daily life at school. The students will love you!

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