StreamEast Live + 20 Free Live Sports Alternative Sites In 2022

Everyone love’s to watch live matches on many sports streaming websites, but some of them don’t know which one provides the best content Quality to watch sports like NBA, NHL, UFC, or NFL.

Stream East is a fantastic website for all sports fans and enthusiasts who love to watch sports online for free.  It offers a great bunch of other sports news and high-quality and efficient online coverage of sports, a rich desktop and mobile devices experience, and a remarkable updated option for paid users.

Indeed there are lots of different websites available that allows you to watch free content, but also come up with lots of redirect link and pop-up ads. Some streaming sites have a significant chance of harming the devices. These sites provide free access to users and generate revenue by displaying ads. On the other hand,  StreamEast is a significant sports streaming site that makes the existence of sports fans easier. 

So, today in this article we’re going to discuss the pros and cons of Stream East, and also we’ll list the Top 10 sites like Stream East.


Benefits And Features Of Stream East

Stream East has lots of benefits and features that you should be aware of before you dive into the site.

  • The chatbox function on the StreamEast online sports streaming website allows users or sports enthusiasts to have a healthy conversation. They may use it to interact in real-time with others.
  • Stream East comes up with a wide range of sports information such as handball, darts, Nascar, cycling, and plenty more.
  • StreamEast has a simple and easy-to-use layout that allows users to easily move through the website.
  • The website has a search tool that can help you find any sport very easily.
  • To watch high-quality content for free on this platform you need to first create an account.
  • It provides the user with both free and paid versions that are available on the internet.
    Users can activate subtitles in a variety of languages. It enables people to watch the game in their own language.


Pros And Cons Of Stream East

Undoubtedly, Stream East is the best online sports streaming site with a variety of features that works efficiently with mobile and desktop.



  • It allows users to watch numerous sports streams from across the world.
  • On the free version, users do not need to sign up to watch matches.
  • The programme operates in the background and is ideal for sports fans who want to receive real-time score updates.
  • Users are free to watch whatever streaming content they choose.
  • Users may use the software even while they are offline.
  • This website allows you to watch a variety of online sports from across the world.


  • To get used of all of the features, the user may need to upgrade to a premium membership.
  • If a user wants a High definition streaming, they must purchase a premium membership.
  • Only live broadcasts are available.
  • No app is available to download.


What is StreamEast live?


Streameast live is a live online streaming service that offers NFL games. Streameast live members may watch any video game for free and vote on their favourite player.

Streameast live is a very popular location for Reddit users and NFL fans that want to watch the live sports streaming for free. With its extensive NFL programming, you’ll get access to live streams as well as news and highlight articles on each squad.


How To Watch Sports On Stream East Live?

Streameast Live is actually providing a method to watch sports by providing access to live stream sports. We know that several people have been searching for a way to watch the matches live. So, watching sports live is quite similar to watching movies online on free movie streaming sites.


Steps to watch Live streaming Sports on Stream East:-

Step 1 – Open Chrome or Firefox on your Pc or Mobile.

Step 2 – Copy the Link on the Web browser and Open it.

Step 3 – Create an account and start watching sports on it.

Step 4 – You can also use the search bar to find your favourite sport.


Sports You Can Watch On Stream East

Stream East is a sports streaming platform that allows you to watch games live. This platform has over  350 channels with a variety of sports to select from. Here are some of the sports that you can watch live on Stream East.

  • MLB
  • NBA
  • NFL
  • UFC
  • F1
  • NHL
  • Boxing
  • CFB
  • Table tennis
  • Handball
  • Volleyball


Is it Legal to Watch Sports live on Stream East?

Of course, you can watch various sports live on this platform, but it’s not really a legal site for streaming sports live. If user wants to keep their information safe and secure, they can use a VPN.


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Top 25 Websites Like Stream East For Free Live Sport Streaming

Like I said earlier there are lots of sites like stream east that work exactly like stream east, but the only difference you’ll see is their UI design and the functionality of the platform. Below we’ve listed some best stream East alternatives to watch sports streaming live for free.

1. VIP League

vipleague alternatives 17
Source- TroyPoint

 VIPLeague is a sports streaming website that provides services like streaming and updates for all sports or events. Moreover, it is quite straightforward, allowing users to search for anything and everything related to sports. It also has high-quality content that can be watched for free.

2. SportSurge

Source- The Tech Blog

SportSurge allows visitors to watch sports available streaming. It also provides live streaming for a variety of sports such as MMA, football, basketball, boxing, tennis, and so many more. You can also connect to stream channels live on this website.

Whenever you first open the site you’ll get to choose your favourite sport among the categories of the sports available at the top of the screen or you can also use the search bar.

3. Sportlemon

SportLemon 735x400 1

Sportlemon is another very popular sports streaming site with a wide variety of other sports available to watch live.  It is based on a number of streaming websites spread over national, regional, and worldwide networks.

This Platform is also very safe to use and might not affect your Privacy and also won’t let you download any malware while watching live. Moreover, Sportlemon allows users to watch content in HD or 3D quality.


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4. FirstRowSports

Screenshot 2020 12 28 FirstRowSports Live Football Stream FirstRowSports Watch Live Football Online First Row Sports
Source- The Tech Blog


FirstRowSports is a site that gives users live sports streaming as well as TV shows. Before they could even access the content, users must first sign up. The streaming platform is free to use in combination with many other popular live channels.

It makes it simple for consumers to find streaming links for live matches. This website features a wide variety of sports, including boxing, football, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, snooker, baseball, racing, and others.


5. Cricfree
Source- Go Tech Business

Cricfree is a user-friendly sports streaming site where users can select sports from the 12 categories available to them based on their preferences. It allows you to interact with other users and sports fans all over the world.

It can be used on both Mobile and Pc very easily. But due to geological restrictions, some countries won’t allow this site access, so to get the access you can try one of the best VPNs.


6. FSL

FSL Football Live Stream Watch Football Free Streams 1024x502 1

FSL( Free Streaming Live) is one of my favourite multi-sport streaming sites with almost all sports categories available with FSL. You can also choose your sports from the following categories listed at the top of the page.

While using this site I found great features like a fans chat for each sports category and a light/dark mode symbol. But only one thing that might annoy you is its redirect links and pop-up ads.


7. Fox Go

FOX Sports GO on Roku home screen

Fox Go lets you watch live sports and shows from FS1, FS2, Regional Network, Big Ten Network, FOX Deportes, FOX College Sports, and FOX Soccer Plus using GO.

The website is very simple to get to and offers a variety of live content for any sports lover. It requires no subscription and simply creates an account to watch high-quality content for free.


8. Fubo TV


Fubo TV is another very popular site like stream East. The service is mostly concerned with live sports. The television is appropriate for sports fans, but the channels are not confined to sports (NFL, MLB, NBA, MLS, and international soccer).

There are also news, network television series, and movie channels on the website to watch for free. But as a new user you’ll get a 7-day free trial and to do so, you need to first create an account and then start streaming sports live. To know more about plans visit FuboTV.


9. Laola1


Laola1 is another good  Streameast alternatives. It works similar to Streameast and many sports enthusiasts use it as a platform for online sports viewing and live streaming.

This website offers a wide range of video games and sports, as well as numerous films based on such games and sports. Everything on Laola1 is completely free to view or stream, and it’s everything in high-quality video and audio.


10. StreamHunter

Streamhunter download min

StreamHunter is a multifunctional and stable sports streaming site that is regularly updated and organised so that you can find all of the most recent live events and sports.

Also, the website is structured in such a manner that you can easily monitor all of the matches on your tablet, smartphone, or computer system, and it will not limit information based on your location.  You can also see a long list of scheduled matches that would help you know the dates of upcoming live matches.


11. Sport365

sport365 26108 1


Sport365 is yet another website to watch live TV channels as well as other sports content. You can access and enjoy all streaming services on the internet for free, watch all major sports on their own channel, which is an advantage over Stream east, and get great viewing quality comparable to Streameast live.

12. goATD


goATD is another popular website as Streameast, but you can still utilise it to watch sports and games. The interface is simple and quite well, and all of its services are free. You get similar video and audio quality as Streameast, but the content quality may not be regular.


13. Streamwoop


Streamwoop has a very basic and user-friendly layout as well as a large collection of resources.  StreamWoop offers live streams, replays, and live match or game ratings, as well as the most recent news.

You may also sign up for StreamWoop to receive email alerts about upcoming or ongoing sporting events that you might be interested in attending.


14. Crackstreams

what happened to crackstreams 2 1621526095542

Crackstreams provides free access to sporting events. Crackstreams NFL events are also available here and the website broadcasts UFC, Mixed Martial Arts, and even boxing fights. This sports live stream website is really simple to access, so you should have no problem finding your way around it.


15. Time4TV


Time4TV is another similar site like Livestream. Also with famous sports channels, you can also watch TV series from the United Kingdom and the United States. Also, there is a separate page for the most recent soccer score, which refreshes every minute, and you may enable sound alerts for goals.


16. SportP2P

1 SportP2P Top VIPLeague Alternative


SportP2P was an excellent choice for streaming sports online. Sadly, it was discontinued a year ago. As a result, unlike in the past, you can no longer capture your favourite games online.

17. Ronaldo7

ronaldo7 net site

Ronaldo7 allows you to watch all of Ronaldo’s football games online. It has provided you with all of the information you want regarding Ronaldo. It’s an excellent platform for viewing live football games.

18. NFL Game Pass

Live NFL streaming sites

NFL Game Pass is one of the most Dependable places for NFL live streaming. NFL Game Pass is the only official media company of NFL Enterprises LLC where you can watch NFL games with high-quality videos. It is also known as the best free NFL streaming site because of its free trial of one year.

One more best thing about this site is you can watch NFL for a whole year without adding your card details to it. But if you want to watch NFL live streams and want to download matches you have to buy its subscription. But to watch outside the United States, China, and Canada you have to use some best Vpn with most servers.

19. Fox Sports

Live NFL streaming sites

Fox Sports is the second great website where you can watch lots of ports with high quality. But to watch Nfl you have to connect your tv with fox sports and one more thing you need to do to watch matches is to register before you play matches because of their privacy you cant watch live streaming matches in your comfort zone.


20. NFL WebCast

Live NFL streaming sites

Nfl WebCast is the only and the best NFL streaming site with the best video quality features, then NFL WebCast should be your first priority among these websites. You can also watch many matches that are live streaming without any registration and card updating details. It just connects the visitors with top official NFL streaming channels including CBS, WatchESPN, Fox Sports, etc. where you don’t need to subscribe to any plans given there.



Streaming Sites

Streaming sites are well known for their free NFL streaming sites and for those who love to read reviews before using these sites, then is the right place. Yes, it is the best website for true NFL fans across the globe. Just open the tab and search for free NFL matches you will find a big list of free sports streaming sites like NFLBite, 720pStream, etc.


22. WatchESPN

Live NFL streaming sites

Espn is also one of the most loved websites to watch live streaming matches and they are doing really great work to provide you with the best quality and matches without many popup ads in your operating system. They are also doing their best for the fans who are watching NFL matches. And the best part of it is you can watch live streaming NFL matches in it.


23. NFL Network

Live NFL streaming sites

NFL Network is one of the best channels where you can watch high-quality videos without compromising any quality. And the best thing about it is you can watch it on your cable connections too with one connection and with your tv connection plans without paying extra.

24. NBC Sports

Live NFL streaming sites

NBC Sports is one of the excellent free NFL live streaming sites. It provides you with the best high-quality streaming of NFL games. You just have to register so that you can access your favourite National Football League Matches.


25. FuboTV

Live NFL streaming sites

Fubo Tv is also one of the most searched channels with the most viewers till now. This Tv is no doubt the same as others I have mentioned above where you can live stream Nfl matches. But to access the live streaming mode you must signup or register. And then you can watch NFL matches on the internet while sitting anywhere and anytime with no general problems.

Does Streameast have NFL games?

Yes, NFL games are available on Stream East. In reality, the pack provides every regular-season game, as well as all postseason games. You may watch on your computer, mobile device, or television via a streaming device such as Roku or Apple TV. So, Streameast is definitely worth considering if you’re seeking an affordable way to watch NFL games without cable.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the compatible devices for StreamEast?

This website works on all platforms, including Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Android smart TV boxes, PCs, iPhones, and tablets.

2. Does StreamEast offer live TV streaming?

Yes, StreamEast may provide decent video quality live TV streaming.

3. What is better than StreamEast?

We’ve compiled a list of the best stream East alternatives which is better than this platform for watching live sports streaming for free.

  • VIP League
  • 2. SportSurge
  • 3. Sportlemon
  • 4. FirstRowSports
  • 5. Cricfree
  • 6. FSL
  • 7. Fox Go
  • 8. Fubo TV
  • 9. Laola1
  • 10. StreamHunter
  • 11. Sport365
  • 12. goATD
  • 13. Streamwoop
  • 14. Crackstreams
  • 15. Time4TV
  • 16. SportP2P
  • 17. Ronaldo7
  • 18. NFL Game Pass
  • 19. Fox Sports
  • 21.
  • 22. WatchESPN
  • 23. NFL Network
  • 24. NBC Sports
  • 25. FuboTV

4. How can I watch NBA games for free?

You can watch NBA games on ESPN for free on both Android and iOS. The ESPN app includes broadcasts of all big sports, including basketball and the NBA.


Wrapping Up!

Above I’ve explained everything you need to know about Stream East to watch free live streaming sports and also we’ve discussed 25 similar sites like stream east that you can try to watch sports live with high-quality content. So, If you really liked the article do share your thoughts about the site in our comment section down below. Thank You!

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