5 Right Steps To Change Your Interests on TikTok Quickly in 2022

5 Right Steps To Change Your Interests on TikTok Quickly in 2022


Steps To Change Your Interests on TikTok. The well-known video sharing App TikTok is popular all across the globe and what makes it so addictive is that TikTok gives you what you want to see, the algorithm is so strong that the App will collect and showcase videos on your ‘for you’ page based on your interest and the types of videos you’ve liked and interacted with. But with that, you might have noticed that TikTok recommendations on your For You Page aren’t as on point as you’d want them to be. Some video recommendations are not what you want to see or you might occasionally see a video that doesn’t seem relevant to your interests and with that the question arises How can you change your interests in TikTok? If you’re sick of skipping to the next video to see one you like, there’s actually something you can do about it and this article will guide you right to change and update your interest in TikTok with the help of a few simple steps. In this article you’ll learn how can you change or update your interest in TikTok and how can you collect more videos suitable to your interest on your For You Page on TikTok. So without any further ado, Let’s get started

First of all, you need to know that the videos you see on your For You Page which are Recommended by TikTok depend on many factors and you cannot drastically change your TikTok interests with the tap of a button, but what you can do is that you can change your interest in order to tell TikTok what you like and what you don’t and then TikTok will certainly bring about changes in your video recommendations on your For You Page. TikTok allows its users to customize their For Your Page to see more of the content they’d like to see. And how you can do that? We have explained the process with the help of a few simple steps in the article below. If you want a totally refreshed TikTok FYP here’s how you can change or update it according to your interests on TikTok!

How to change or update interest on TikTok?

TikTok’s algorithm is very strong and if you think customizing your TikTok For You Page is going to be a one-done process then you are wrong. TikTok’s algorithm takes into account what type of videos you like or comment on and categories you indicated an interest in when you signed up for the app. One way to refresh your For You Page on TikTok is that You need to change your scrolling habits by liking and commenting on the types of video that you want to see more often and the second way is to change or update your interests on TikTok. You might have noticed when you signed up for TikTok laid down a few categories to mark and indicate what your interests are based on those categories TikTok recommends you content initially when you are a new bee on the App. With that TikTok allows its users to change their interests anytime they wish to do so. So how can you change your interest in TikTok? Follow the steps below to know how to change/update your interests on TikTok.

Step 1: Open TikTok and from the homepage click the profile.

Step 2: Once you get on your profile page you need to tap on the three lines (hamburger icon)or three dots button usually located at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Following that you need to Tap and open the settings and privacy option.

Step 4: Now among all the options in the settings section find the ‘content & activity’ heading and Tap on the ‘content preferences’ option present under it.

Step 5: Now you can select among all the categories provided by TikTok and update interests you would like to add, when you have selected all of the interests that you would like to add Click save at the bottom of the page.

And that’s it by following these steps you can change and update your interests on TikTok. TikTok will add and recommend videos according to your new updated interests on your For You Page.

Note: To get better results you can go to your mobile settings and then app and then Pick TikTok and clear its cache.

How to Change Your TikTok FYP to Fit Your Preferences?

You can change your TikTok video recommendations on your For You Page by following these tips.

  • Follow accounts that you find interesting on TikTok
  • Watch and Re-Watch Content you find interesting
  • If you do not like a content do not hesitate to Press “Not Interested”
  • Like and Share content you find interesting or entertaining
  • You can add videos, sounds, effects, hashtags, and questions to your Favorites library.

How to remove or not see content from a particular creator on TikTok?

There are a number of video creators on TikTok making their own unique content but only a few manage to bag the maximum number of likes and views and make a place in the list of the top 10 most liked TikTok videos but it is not mandatory that even you’ll like them too, they are trending and viral and TikTok will probably show you their videos everywhere and it can become a bit irritating right? There are times when you do not like a person or what he/she does on his/her social media. And when it comes to TikTok you come across many creators or videos that you don’t like or do not want to see. So TikTok has made it super easy for its users to remove a video from their For You Page and not only that it also allows you to hide his/her videos forever until and unless you undo to change

Here is how you can hide video from a particular user:

Step 1: Open TikTok and let’s say you come across a video from a creator you don’t like on your For You Page.

Step 2: Press and hold on to that video

Step 3: Following that a small window will popup and among all the options choose and select more

Step 4: Then you need to select Hide videos from this user.

And that’s it! By doing this you will be hiding videos from a particular creator on TikTok simple, isn’t it?

Wrapping up!

So, we hope by now you know how to change your interests in TikTok and what all you can do to bring changes to Your TikTok FYP to Fit Your Preferences. If have any further quires you can reach us by commenting down below in the comment box. We will be happy to help.

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