Spotify Keeps Pausing: 7 Effective Hacks To Solve Pausing Issue (2022)

Spotify Keeps Pausing: 7 Effective Hacks To Solve Pausing Issue (2022)

The repeated pausing and buffering is a common issue with Spotify these days and how can you fix it? We have listed down a few ways for you in this article to know how to fix your Spotify if it keeps pausing so continue reading to know about the quick fixes you can apply on your phone and computer to resolve the issue of frequent Spotify pausing.

Spotify is a well-known audio and media platform that has been mixing our life with music since 2016. It also offers services like podcasts and some rare exclusive music made just for you. But recently there have been a lot of issues regarding its working. The continuous pausing and buffering can hinder your quality time with your favorite music. If you’ve been stuck in a situation where Spotify keeps pausing and you don’t know how to fix it? Don’t worry we are here for your rescue. In this article, We will be sharing 7 fail-proof ways to fix the Spotify pausing issue so without any further ado Let’s get started.

“Here Are The 7 Ways To Solve Spotify Pausing Issue”

1. Try Turning off The Low Power Mode


Low power mode tends to decrease background activities to save battery life. Every smartphone has this low power mode, if you’ve turned on the low power mode in your phone then it will eventually shut off automatic mail retrieval. Your phone will not refresh the Apps running in the background and it will most probably stop your downloads as well. With that keeping in mind, the low power mode can also interfere with your Spotify streaming. If you’ve enabled the low power mode while using Spotify, there are chances that Spotify will keep pausing. So we recommend you disable the low power mode if you listing to Spotify.

1.1 How to turn off low power mode on iPhone?

It is quite simple to turn off low power mode if you are an iOS user, you just have to

Step 1: Drag down from the top-right corner of the screen

Step 2: Among the options now you have to Tap on the battery icon.

Note: You can also access low power mode by going to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode.

1.2 How to turn off low power mode on Android

Step 1: Tap the Settings icon

Step 2: Now you need to tap on Battery saver

Step 3: With that toggle, it off to disable the low power mode

2. Try Turn Off Data Saver Mode

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If you use Spotify you might know that Spotify does has a built-in Data Saver mode. This mode can certainly interfere and disrupt the playback quality of the App and die to which Spotify can pause. So to access the Data Saver Mode, you have to Tap on the ‘gear icon’ located at the top-right corner of the screen. With that, you have to tap Data Saver from the list. Make sure you toggle it to Off.

3. Try Restarting Your Device

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Restarting your device can fix many problems and it is like a go-to hack for everyone facing any issue with their phone, so if your Spotify Keeps Pausing you can re-start your phone or even computer. But we recommend you to shut down your phone or computer for about 15 seconds and after that, you can turn on your phone or computer and check if the issue is prevalent or not. It works most effectively and is the quickest of all.

4. Try keeping Your Device Updated

Spotify Keeps Pausing

Maybe your Spotify is Pausing or not working properly because you are having an older version of App or your Phone itself is not updated. So we recommend you keep your device Updated. For that, you have to enable an automatic process. You can enable the automatic process on iOS by going to Settings > General > Software Update. And in the case of Android, you can do it by going to the Settings, selecting System updates, and selecting Check for system updates.


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5. You Can Sign Out Of Your Spotify Account

Spotify Keeps Pausing

If you try signing out of your Spotify account and then logging in back, it hacks will most probably correct issues with frequent pausing in Spotify. And to sign out of your Spotify account follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open Spotify and the go-to your account overview page.

Step 2: Following that you need to scroll down to the end and Tap on the Sign Out Everywhere button.

Step 3: Once you’ve successfully logged out of your Spotify account you can log back into your account.

Note: If you select to sign out of all the devices you’ll be eliminating the probability that somebody else might be using be your Spotify account which makes this a win-win situation 

6. Try Reinstalling Spotify

If the above-given methods didn’t fix your problem then this one most probably will. All you have to uninstall Spotify from your device and then delete all the traces of Spotify and then re-install the app. By doing so you’ll have a clean slate and fresh updates, to begin with.

7. Check Your AirPods

Spotify Keeps Pausing

If you prefer listening to your music through headphones, and you are experiencing Spotify pausing issue then we recommend you to check your Airpods. You can listen to you some music with and without headsets, and check Spotify only pauses when using the headphones, which indicates that something may be wrong with your headphones and not your Spotify.

Wrapping up

So we hope our article was helpful enough for you to fix your Problem with Spotify if it keeps pausing. You can try reinstalling or restarting your phone to fix the problem. If this doesn’t work you can try Turning off the Data Saver Mode on your devices or check if your headphones are working fine or not. Tell us in the comment box which hacks worked for you also If you have any other queries you can always reach us by commenting in the comment box below. We will be happy to help!

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