Top 8 Amazing Spotify Alternatives List (2022) | Similar websites Like Spotify

Top 8 Amazing Spotify Alternatives List (2022) | Similar websites Like Spotify

Do you know in the early 90’s we needed to buy some CDs, DVDs, and radio to listen to music? But after some time music industry changed its mind to launch their music over online websites so that they can reach millions of audiences from across the world.

There are lots of music streaming sites but some are good and some are just filled up with Pop-up ads and redirecting links which is so annoying to see while listening to your favorite songs.

So, here are some genuine unblocked music sites where you can listen to high-quality and latest music with very less ads.

On the other hand, Spotify is available in more than 170+ countries but as you know every great app comes with some limitations while streaming free music. So, today in this blog we are going to discuss some of the Top 8 amazing Spotify alternatives (2022) to help you switch easily.

Here Are The Top 4 Spotify Alternatives List (2022)

1. Yandex.Music

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Yandex. Music is one of the most famous and great Spotify alternatives where a user can listen to up to 20 million tracks with high-quality sound. There are different categories of music like rock, jazz, romantic, classical, and hip-hop.

When you start using this app you’ll be able to find any song which well suited for your mood like a workout, meditation, traveling, or sad. It also updates its music frequently so that users can listen to new releases easily. One of the best things about this app is that you can create your own library where you can choose your preferable music. While listening to music inside the app one can also see the lyrics which is a great feature you must look at before using any music app. 

Yandex is available on both App Store and Google play store you can directly download from there and start streaming your favorite music.

Key features:-

FeaturesGoogle Play StoreApp Store
1. Ratings4.5 out of 54.7 out of 5
2. Size33MB98.8 MB
3. System Requirement7.0 or aboveiOS 14.0 or later

2. SubSonic


Subsonic is another great Spotify alternative and a free web-based media streamer that provides you access to your favorite music and videos streaming online. You can listen to any type of music and video for free as a solo or you can also share your music or playlists with your friends.

After creating an account you can easily stream many players at the same time if you working, sleeping, or doing workouts in the gym. One of the best things about Subsonic is it supports mp3, FLAC, and WMA, and mostly subsonic supports every video format. 

In its settings, you can also adjust the equalizer and visualizer according to your needs.

As you know subsonic is web-based but it is also available on the play store and App store too.

Key features:-

FeaturesGoogle Play StoreApp Store
1. Ratings4.0 out of 54.9 out of 5
2. Size1.1MB5.2 MB
3. System Requirement4.0 or aboveiOS 13.0 or later


3. Olivia

Olivia Music Player for

Oliviais another great cloud-based music player for Linux users. It allows users to search for their favorite music online. You can also download music which you liked and it has its own smart music recommendation features which help you to find your music easily.

With its internet ratio, it allows you to play more than 25000 radio stations on your pc and you can easily sort them. Also, it supports a lyrics feature where you can see lyrics while listening to music. Many more features coming soon!

One of the genuine Olivia websites where you can get access to olive is here.

4. Youtube Music

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Youtube music is one of the most famous and high-quality music apps where you’ll get around over 50 Million soundtracks, albums, and high-quality music and it also includes live shows performances and many remixes too.

Youtube music is a great Spotify alternative and a really tough challenger to Spotify. The best thing about youtube music is it helps you to stream all the latest music before Spotify or any other music streaming site. You can easily choose youtube music over Spotify. 

So if you’re looking forward to trying Youtube music you have to create an account or if you already have one on youtube you can directly sign in and start streaming free but the free version comes with ads and if you don’t want ads you can go for its premium version. 

Note: You can try it for 1 month as a free trial.


Youtube Music Pricing Plans:-

  • 1 month:- $1.46/month
  • 3 months:- $4.14/month
  • 12 months:- $13.26/year (Best Value)

Key features:-

FeaturesGoogle Play StoreApp Store
1. Ratings4.5 out of 54.7 out of 5
2. SizeVaries with devices179.4 MB
3. System RequirementVaries with devicesiOS 13.0 or later

Here Are The Top 4 Open Source Spotify Alternatives List (2022)

1. FunkWhale

Spotify Alternatives List

Funkwhale is open-source and the best Spotify alternative where users can have their own command over music on the other hand FunkWhale contains lots of open source websites or serves where users can upload their own music playlist and all of them can be streamed by mobile phone too.

One of the best things about this open-source Spotify alternative is it’s totally free from unnecessarily pop-up ads and redirecting links while listening to music online. 

To get started first you have to create an account on their official site and by scrolling a little down you would have a Join a pod option and you can join easily. 


Also, see: How to Share Spotify playlist 2022 | Step by Step Guide


2. MadSonic


Mad Sonic is another best open source web-based music streaming platform and runs very efficiently on most windows, Mac, and Unix devices.

Users can easily connect to their server and listen to music anytime and anywhere. With its cache features, it saves your listened music and makes it available for your mobile without having a proper internet connection.

One of its best features is it comes u with multiple players features where you can listen to music at the same time. If we talk about its UI design then it’s the best you can have as an open-source Spotify alternative. 

It supports multiple formats like MP3, M4A, OGG, APE, and many more.

You can directly go through the site from the given link above.

3. KooZic

landing medium

KooZic is also a good open-source media player for users that allows users to easily listen or organize any kind of music by ID3 tags.

KooZic is well known for its powerful search engine where anyone can search any song if it’s pop, jazz or romantic, or any kind of music it will give you accurate results at the same time.

You can quickly search any song title, album, and title.

4. BeatBump


BeatBump is also a reliable open-source Spotify alternative where you can search lots of songs, playlists, and videos for free with high-quality output. Its features allow you to autoplay music with no ads.

You can listen to music online and can store music locally on your device. It has a lot of latest and trending music which is also free to listen to and share with your friends.

You can directly go through the site by the given link.



As I have mentioned above some Top 8 amazing Spotify alternatives List (2022) and open-source Spotify alternatives (2022) and every music player has its own uniqueness and features which allows every user to use it fully with very less ads. So, if you really liked the blog do let us know in our comment section which game you liked the most. Thank You!

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