Some Websites Not Loading But Internet Working | 10 Best Fix

Some Websites Not Loading But Internet Working | 10  Best Fix

Many people regularly suffer from websites not loading errors, which is really irritating sometimes when you want some piece of information on a website and it won’t open due to a browser error, but this isn’t the only reason. If you already tried to open the website in another browser and that one is also showing the same error then you should consider some of the best fixes to solve the “Not loading” error.

One of the first methods you can try to solve the error is to switch on/off the internet connection and then check whether it’s working or not. If the method didn’t work then you should try some more methods that we’ve explained below and it would definitely help you solve the error very easily.

What Are the causes of Websites Not Loading Error?

So, there are many reasons behind websites not loading errors and they can be fixed by following the fixes we’ve shown below. Let’s see some causes of the “Not Loading error”.

  • Due to Server side issues, the website you’re requesting is unavailable
  • A new address has been assigned to the website.
  • Your network connection is causing you issues.
  • A specific website is being blocked by your Windows Firewall.
  • Your system is using its internal cache to load the webpage.
  • A site-blocking extension is installed on your browser.
  • Your router needs a hard reboot or has been improperly set up.
  • A list of exceptions in your Windows host file prevents all other browsers from ever being able to view these websites.

10 Best Methods To Fix Some Website not Loading Error

So, here are some fixes we’ve shown below that you can try to fix your website not loading error, follow the whole article till the end.

1. Internet Connection

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Having a good internet connection boots the creativity and help you work faster with the fast page loading, but sometimes due to bad internet connection websites won’t load, but before coming to a conclusion you must check whether your Pc is connected to a wifi or not and if it’s connected then try opening another website and if the same error occurs again, then you should reboot your router/modem.

If the problem still exists then you should check whether your wifi wire is ok or not. Sometimes because of heavy rain or wind storm wire might get damaged too and to solve that you need to call your network provider and tell him/her to fix the Wifi.

2. Fix DNS Settings

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If the website you’re trying to open is accessible on a mobile phone and not in Pc then there might be some serious issues with DNS Settings. The task of mapping a website name to its proper server address is carried out by DNS servers. There are two ways you can use to fix DNS issues one is to flush the DNS cache or you can change DNS Settings.

How to Flush DNS Cache

Follow the steps below to flush the DNS cache:-

1. Open Search Bar in Window and then type “cmd” and then press the “Enter button”.
2. In the Command Prompt, type “ipconfig /flushdns” and press “Enter”.
3. After step 2 your DNS Cache will be flushed completely.
4. In this way you can flush cache and then Exit.

How to Change DNS Settings

Follow the steps below to change DNS settings:-

1. Access Control Panel.

2. Select “Network and Internet” and then select “Network and Sharing Center”.

3. On the left side, select the “Change adapter settings” option.

4. Click the “Properties” menu by right-clicking the active network interface.

5. Using the instructions provided, launch the TCP/IPv4 properties.

6. Use the following DNS server addresses as the new DNS option.

7. Put the following IP address in the Preferred DNS server field:

8. Add the following IP address as a backup DNS server.

9. Select “OK”.

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3.  VPN Services

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Using a good VPN is one of the most convenient options you can try to help your website load faster and also it may help your fix the website not loading error, sometimes many websites are geological restricted and won’t allow a few regions to use their website or services, so there’s no on way to bypass that restriction is to use a VPN.

You’ll easily get a free VPN online to use with thousands of servers inside the VPN and you don’t even have to buy its subscription. Before using it you must check its ratings and services, as it might get you malware or can leak your privacy too. If you wanted to be safe then you can use a premium VPN too, but a free VPN is a good choice if you don’t want to spend money.

4. Immobilize Proxy

proxy server

As I mentioned above free VPN can sometimes cause you some problems like Malware or feeling anonymous activities on your computer without even doing anything, so this might be due to the Proxy server that you have been using on your Pc. You can immobilize  Proxy just by following the steps explained below.

1. Press “Win + I” to open Windows Settings on Your Computer.

2. Select “Proxy” under “Network & Internet”.

3. In the end Check whether “Proxy server settings” are turned off and automatically detect settings are enabled on your right side.

5. Check Time & Date Settings

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A security certificate that expires after a certain period of time is used to verify a secure website. Before the certificate expires, the website owner must renew it. By doing this, browsers are prevented from blocking their website. The browser compares this certificate with your system date when you visit the website.

So, In this way, a browser prevents the page from loading if the date and time on your machine are close to expiring. Therefore, constantly check that your PC’s system time and date are accurate.

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6. Delete Browser Cache

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In some cases websites won’t load due to caches and cookies saved in the browser, so to make your website load properly you need to clear the browser cache and it might help you fix websites not loading error easily. If somehow you won’t be able to solve it after using this method you can try flushing your DNS settings that I’ve already explained above.

7. Remove Unwanted Browser Extensions

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Browser Extensions are one of the best things to use in a browser like chrome, but sometimes it can be irritating too. Many people download ad use websites that are not secured just to get things done for free in very less time and due to this an unwanted extension gets installed in the browser and you’ll never know what it can do with your browser history, so if you’re having trouble in websites not loading you should manually check extensions and remove them which are not used, as it would definitely help you solve the error.

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8. Uninstall and Re-install Browser

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If all of the above methods didn’t work in solving websites not loading error, this is another way you can solve by simply vising the apps panel and find the browser tap on it and uninstall and try to search the website in another browser if it helped then the browser is creating the issue, so after sometime reinstall the browser again and see whether the websites loading or not.

9. Check Whether Javascript Is Allowed

how to enable js in chrome

Javascript is another main reason for your website not loading error, as there are many websites available online which only be used if your javascript is enabled. Also, it helps websites to load faster and securely. So before doing any other fixes you should check whether your javascript is enabled or not and you can do so by following the steps explained below.

1. Tap on Settings and click on “Privacy and security”.

2. Select “Website” settings.

3. Choose “Javascript” under Additional permissions.

4. Select Sites can use JavaScript if it has been modified. You can “restrict” the use of JavaScript to only certain websites if you want to be more specific.

10. Check HTTP OR HTTPS Connection

Difference HTTP HTTPS 1 0

HTTP is a secured Website and the HTTP is an unsecured network. So whenever you’re trying to open a website on your browser, so cross-check whether you entered the correct URL or not. Most of the time it happens when a user copy/past the URL and forgets to copy the HTTPS at the start and because of that it might show the error of websites not loading, so there only one way to fix it is to change HTTP to HTTPS.

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Wrapping Up!

I hope the above information helped you solve websites not loading error, as I’ve mentioned the 10 best methods that you can try and it would definitely help you resolve it very quickly.

So, if you really liked the article do share your thoughts in our comment section down below. Thank You!

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