What Is Snapchat Premium Solar System | Complete Guide 2022

What Is Snapchat Premium Solar System | Complete Guide 2022

What is the Snapchat premium Solar system, and how does it works? Snapchat premium Solar system allows you to check friendship status with your friend via Solar system. In this feature of Snapchat, you will be shown as the planets in your friend’s Solar system where your friend is the sun and you are one of the eight planets and vice-versa. This show that you and your friends are each other One of the eight closest friends and which no. you are in your friends one of the eight closest friends is shown by the Planets.

Snapchat’s paid subscription, Snapchat Plus, comes with a bunch of fun features. Snapchat’s planets are the latest obsession among its users. They’re using them to determine their friendships with other users. This new paid service provides users access to exclusive new features before anyone else. If you want to know how you can have access to it, we will let you know but before that, First, explore Planets and their meanings.

What Do Planets Mean In Snapchat’s Premium Solar System?

Snapchat’s advanced features always blew our minds, Here we are talking about another feature of Snapchat that is the Snapchat premiumSolar System in this feature your Friendship with others will be shown like a solar system. Let’s learn How!

Planets in the Snapchat Solar system identify how close you are to your friend and also how often you guys interact on Snapchat. The orders of planets are the same as that of the Universal Solar System. Hence, it is arranged as Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. However, to get access to Snapchat premium Solar system, you will have to subscribe to Snapchat premium/ Snapchat+.

Snapchat premium solar sytem

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How to Identify friendship Status via Snapchat premium Solar system?

Now the most Important Question Comes, How to Identify the Friendship Status via planets, Here you go.

If you are a Subscriber of Snapchat+, You will see a gold-bordered “best friend ” or “Friend” badge in your friend’s profile. The meaning of the Best friend badge is you and your friend both are of Each other’s one of eight closest friends and only Friends mean you are your friend one of eight closest friends but they are not one of your closest friends.

Snapchat premium solar sytem

When you will tap On the Badge appearing on your friend’s profiles, you will be able to see which planet are you in their Solar system.

If you are Venus and your friend is Sun, that means you are the second best friend of your Friend. Similarly, if You are mercury in your Friend’s Solar system, it means you are the first best friend of your friend and you are the one who interacts with them the most. Just like this the rest of the Planets tells On which no. you are on your Friend’s Solar system and you are one of the eight closest friends of your friend and vice-versa.

Likewise, Your friends can also see your Solar system by tapping on the gold-bordered ‘best friend’ badge, that which planet they are on your Solar system. In your Solar system, you are the sun and your eight closest friends of yours are the other planets.

Now, we hope you are clear with the Snapchat premium solar system, and its meaning and order, to use this feature, make sure you have subscribed to Snapchat premium.

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1. What does the “friends” badge mean?

Having a friend badge means that you are your friend’s one of the Eight closest friends but your friend is not one of your eight closest friends. And unless you both become each other one of the eight closest friends, you will not be able to see each other in your Snapchat Solar system.

2. How can I use the premium Snapchat account?

To use the Snapchat premium account, go to your profile, Tap on the Snapchat premium card at the top, and choose a subscription to start your 7- day free trial.

3. How to mute Someone on Snapchat?

To mute Someone on Snapchat, Go to chats>tap on the Contact>Tap on message notifications>turn it off. After this, you will successfully mute the contact you wanted and then you will no longer get any message notification from that person unless you will unmute them again.

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Wrap up!

In the above article, we have discussed what is Snapchat’s premium Solar system, What the planets mean and how can we check our Friendship status with our friends via our friend’s solar system. We hope that you now understand what it means and how it functions.

If this article helped you and you liked it, please let us know in the comment section below. Also, you can tell us what you want to know next!

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