Snapchat Class Action Lawsuit illinois | Checkout Here

Snapchat Class Action Lawsuit illinois | Checkout Here

For a few days, we have to hear about the Snapchat Class Action Lawsuit Illinois and this thing has also been raised in a lot of discussions. As we all know that Snapchat is a well-known application, but the question was what happened?

But have you ever thought that someone should save your personal snaps and make them viral on the internet? You can snap, save, and share your photos on your Snapchat account with a lot of fun. But it can be even worse if someone uses you for it or blackmails you.

And what should be done if this happens to any of you? In today’s article, we are going to tell you about this. So let’s read about the Snapchat class action lawsuit Illinois and see what was the story behind it?


Snapchat Class Action Lawsuit Illinois


We have heard that recently someone made private images of a 12-year-old girl viral on the internet without the girl’s approval. The victim says that her friend saved her biometric images without informing her and also made them viral on the internet without her permission. Shocking didn’t it? But just imagine, how many more such cases will be there?

This case also coincides with some Snapchat class action lawsuit Illinois. Everyone knows that Snapchat is a very well-known platform or a community where people from all over the world enjoy and share their snaps, short videos, and things like that. But after coming out of some such cases, Snapchat should also be read to take some strict steps.


How To File A Class Action Lawsuit In Illinois?

Snapchat Class Action Lawsuit Illinois

Now as recently as May 11, according to page 33, the allegation is that defendant Snap Inc. violated the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA). Plaintiffs Adrian Coss and Maribel Ocampo have both filed cases against Snapchat Inc. This Snapchat class action lawsuit Illinois alleges the sharing of personal or biometric information of Snapchat users with other users.

This Snapchat Action Lawsuit was currently recorded in Illinois Federal Court. Sometimes class action lawsuits are considered very effective for legal redress for some people who have seen the same problem with a company.

Now it comes to how we can file a class-action lawsuit in Illinois. If we want to file a class-action lawsuit in Illinois, then we have to take care of some very important things. You will need;

  1. A complaint
  2. Enough number of class members
  3. One or more representatives of the class
  4. A legal review
  5. Suitable settlement types
  6. State or Federal Court
  7. Knowledge of legal fees

Snapchat Class Action Lawsuit Illinois

Step 1: Whichever organization or company you want to sue, explain your complaint completely.

Step 2: In order to create an effective class action lawsuit, all victims must have the same problem they have gone through.

Step 3: Finds out whether the proposed class has enough potential members. There is no requirement for too many people, but remember that they could not properly bring their cases to court.

Step 4: Have an attorney specializing in classwork review the feasibility of your case. Some organizations also offer you free reviews as a preliminary step.


Note: Make sure to ask the lawyer before the case starts and also make sure that when the case progresses, we will charge.


Step 5: Make sure to give the name of one or more two people or companies so that you can be represented in the lawsuit.

Step 6: Determine which type of settlement will be appropriate for your case. Usually, the settlement that happens is in money, but it can also be compensatory services. A kind of judgment, on the rights and responsibilities of both the parties.

Step 7: File your case in the appropriate state or federal court, under the guidance of your legal team or your attorney. And done.

The Snap class action lawsuit holds that Snapchat uses technology that is subject to BIPA. According to the lawsuit, each breach of BIPA could result in damages of up to $5,000. According to BIPA, the company is not allowed to keep any of its users’ biometric information without giving them in writing and has no right to save, and not to capture it. And that is what is related to Snapchat Class Action Lawsuit Illinois and people’s demand for their privacy.


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How To Join Illinois Facebook Lawsuit?

Snapchat Class Action Lawsuit Illinois

More than a million Facebook users in Illinois are all part of the 7-Year Class Action Suite,(Snapchat Class Action Lawsuit Illinois) and it has been alleged on the company that the company is also storing their biometric information and their physical characteristics without their permission.

According to the suit, all 1.42 million users who have filed a case against Facebook will all receive $345 from $650 million payouts as a settlement. But to collect that check amount, you have to file the case on a certain date and meet specific criteria. Payments to members began to be sent by post on May 9, 2022.


Frequently Asked Question [FAQs]

Snapchat Class Action Lawsuit Illinois

Q1. Why Snapchat is facing an action lawsuit case in 2022? 

In 2022, a class action lawsuit has been filed against Snapchat, alleging that Snap Inc. has collected and stored users’ biometrics information and kept them unaware of it. No company can store or collect any biometrics information and it is subject to BIPA.


Q2. How to know when you will get a payout according to the Facebook class action lawsuit?

Like the Snapchat class action lawsuit Illinois, Facebook also had to face the class action lawsuit. According to the settlement website, Facebook users in Illinois, whose templates were stored and created, are now eligible for payouts.

In order to have a valid claim under Settlement, the user must have already resided in the state of Illinois for at least 6 months. The deadline for claiming the file was 23rd November 2020.


Q3. How to sign up for Snapchat Class Action Lawsuit Illinois? 

To sign up on Snapchat Class Action Lawsuit Illinois, you need to keep some things in mind and follow some important but easy steps. First of all, you have to confirm that you are a citizen of Illinois and you will have to register by visiting the official site ( Class Action Lawsuit.


Q4. Is there any other class-action lawsuit other than Snapchat Class Action Lawsuit Illinois?

Yes, Facebook had to face the same case as the Snapchat Class Action Law Suit Illinois. Facebook, like Snapchat, was accused of collecting or storing the biometric information of Facebook users, which is under BIPA.



So, we told you about Snapchat Class Action Lawsuit Illinois and why a class action lawsuit case filed against Snapchat happened in Illinois, and what was the reason behind it. The reason is quite simple, Snapchat inc. tries to collect and store the biometric information of the users, without letting them know about it.

We can say that the much-talked-about Snapchat Class Action Lawsuit Illinois has given people the right to know and demand their rights. According to BIPA, it is against BIPA to store or collect any user information.

However, we can say that the case was filled just because the actions taken by the company are against the BIPA. We hope that you will find our today’s article very informative. If you need more information or want to know more, then you can stay connected with our future articles.

If you have any other queries regarding our articles, you can ask us through the comment section box, we will be very happy to answer you. Don’t forget to give us your feedback till then stay happy.

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