How to put a secret message link on facebook Profile?

One of the most well-known social networking websites on the internet is Facebook. Additionally, it’s a popular choice for Secret Messages. Follow the step-by-step instructions provided below to get the tutorial for How to Put a Secret Message Link On Facebook Profile? from this post. You can communicate with people on Facebook anonymously by pasting a hidden message link on your profile. You can think of it as a private message from any of your Facebook pals.

Additionally, if you are a celebrity or influencer, you can allow your fans to contact you anonymously by using this hidden message link. Let us now explain how to Put a Secret message link On Facebook profile? if you find it intriguing. Your friends can communicate with you anonymously when and how To put a Secret Message Link in Facebook profile? 

Today in this article we are going to demonstrate the article How to put secret message link on Facebook profile? It’s fun to get secret messages from your friends, especially when you don’t know who sent them. In light of this, let’s look at how to put a Secret Message Link to your Facebook profile? 


How To Put A Secret Message Link On Facebook Profile?

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Below we are going to share with you four easy steps on how to put a secret message link on Facebook profile? let’s have a look below:

Step1: Visit your profile on Facebook after logging in.

Step2: Select “Edit Profile” from the menu.

Step3: Click the “Add another method of contact” link after scrolling down to the “Contact Info” column.

Step4: Choose “Website” from the drop-down menu of contact options, then enter the URL of your secret message.

You must create a link from in order to post and to know how to put a secret message link on  Facebook profile? You can make a secret message link using the SecretM.Me website.

Visit the website, type in a nickname, and touch “Create your Link” to accomplish this. You’ll be provided your login information after tapping “Create your Link.”

You can either copy and paste your login information into a secure location or snap a screenshot of it.

To check your messages in the future, you must enter your login information.

Next, click “Click to Copy” after selecting your secret message link.

Log into Facebook once more, then add the link to your profile.

Facebook Secret Conversations should be enabled.

Make sure this functionality is activated before using Facebook Messenger for a private conversation. The steps are listed below, and they are simple:

1. Choose a profile photo

Choose your profile image in the upper left corner of Facebook Messenger’s main screen.

2. To Secret Conversations, scroll below.

Scroll to the Secret Conversations settings from there.

3. Turn it On

Turn on the Secret Conversations function if it isn’t already. When it is, all of your devices will simultaneously be end-to-end encrypted for chats that occur in secret mode.

These are the four easy steps on how to put a secret message link on your Facebook Profile? Create a Facebook profile for the person you want to send a secret message to, then include a link to the message in the profile picture. In this manner, the message can be seen by your relatives and friends, but not by everyone at once. When it’s not permitted for you to communicate with someone online, you can use this tool to send hidden messages.

So, that’s all about How to put a secret message link on Facebook profile?

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What does a Facebook hidden discussion look like?

You can encrypt your communications using Facebook Messenger’s private conversation function. It uses end-to-end encryption, which ensures that only you and the recipient can read your communications. Not even Facebook’s staff, ostensibly. You could even put your communications on a timer to have them self-destruct, which would make them even more private and unrecoverable.

Group chats are not supported by this messaging tool, which was created for one-on-one talks only. The feature allows you to send images, videos, and voice memos but not money. Only your iOS or Android app will let you view your messages in the Facebook chat history. Facebook Messenger is not impenetrable, though, so you should still take some simple security precautions.

Even if your communications are scheduled to disappear, the person on the other end of the connection might still capture screenshots of them. Additionally, keep in mind that a hacker may access your friend’s app by using their old passwords. If the hacker already has access to your device or that of your receiver, they could see everything without even accessing the app.

How To Create A Facebook Profile?

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Before knowing how to put a secret message link on Facebook profile? You should know how to create a Facebook Profile? 

1. Go to Facebook and sign in.
2. Enter the name of the person to whom you wish to send a hidden message.
3. To access the message, click the link.
4. The message will be visible to your relatives and friends, but not everyone will be able to see it simultaneously.

That’s all about how to create a Facebook profile?


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Use The Secret Message Feature To Send Secret Messages?

Above we have explained how to put a secret message link on Facebook Profile? Now we are elaborating on how to use the secret message feature to send secret messages.  You can send hidden messages using Facebook’s secret messaging feature. Just make a Facebook profile, upload a photo, and provide a link to the hidden message. In this manner, the message can be seen by your relatives and friends, but not by everyone at once. When it’s not permitted for you to communicate with someone online, you can use this tool to send hidden messages.


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Q1. How Do I pin a secret message on Facebook?

Utilizing the “pin” feature offered in messages is how you pin messages on Facebook. There are two independent steps: click on “message” first, followed by “respond” and “pin.” The message will appear as a notification to all of your friends and be pinned to the top of your messages.

Q2. How do you make a secret message? 

Using codes—in which letters are replaced by numbers, words are typed phonetically, or code words are used—is one way to create a secret communication. For the communication to be decoded, a so-called “key” is required.

Q3. How does secret chat work on messenger?

Users must use the “secret chat” option in order to communicate privately. The recipients’ recent conversations list does not display the chosen messages, and their sent messages will not sync between devices. Open Messenger, tap the contact’s name and then select “Secret Chat” from the menu that appears.

Q4. How do you see hidden messages? 

When an advertisement deceives by taking advantage of the limitations of human perception, that is an example of a concealed message. This is seen in the promotion of high-fructose corn syrup-containing soft drinks. It can be challenging for people to decide how much sugar they should consume because substances like high-fructose corn syrup are frequently difficult to recognize and can be masked by artificial sweeteners or other chemicals.

Q5. How Do I Add a link to my Facebook profile? 

By using the procedures below, someone can use the link to their Facebook profile. If they’re using a computer, they can open the browser and go to Facebook Inc.’s website by typing “” into the address bar. After clicking the “sign in to your account” button at the top of the screen, the user must log in using their username and password. After entering this, click “continue.”

Q6. What are the keys to the secret message? 

Emoticons and emoticons that stand in for different icons are used as the private messenger app’s keys. One key can represent an open door, while another might represent a heart. Because they only appear when they respond to the user’s emotions, these keys are regarded as being secret.

Q7.What is a profile link on Facebook? 

On Facebook, a profile link is a link or button that leads visitors to a specific person’s profile page. The link’s objective is to disclose details about the user, such as interests, acquaintances, family members, marital status, dating status, degree of education, and employment history. The user can update anybody who sees their profile about significant life events like a new job or marriage by using the profile link.

Wrapping Up

All of this relates to the article on how to put a secret message link on Facebook profile? Now that the secret message link is visible to everyone on your Facebook profile, anyone can tap on it to send you a hidden message. Utilizing the login credentials from the snapshot you took, you may read those messages on the “” website. Hope it’s useful to you. Here in this article, we try our level best to provide you with all the information regarding how to put a secret message link on Facebook profile? hope you will like it.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comment section. Don’t forget to like, share and comment if you really like this article about How to put a secret message link on Facebook profile? Till then stay safe and healthy.

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