Secret City Season 3

Is There Going To Be Secret City Season 3 (2022) When Is The Release Date?

The Australian mystery TV show Secret City produced by Matchbox Pictures is one best political drama shows of all time. But with a hot season, 2 fans are eagerly waiting for secret city season 3 as well. The secret city was first aired on showcase on June 5th, 2016 with its gaining popularity the spy thriller was picked up by Netflix and released globally on 26th June 2018. There is no official statement regarding secret city season 3, but we have a few rumors and assumptions to give. This article is all you need to know about season 3 of the secret city. So, here is what we have discovered for them so far.

Has Netflix Announced Secret City Season 3 Release Date?

Secret City Season 3

Ever since its launch of the first season, the political thriller has managed to make a space in the Hearts of its viewers and also the critics. The show has scored 7.4/10 stars on the IMDb while whopping 100% critics ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. The second season was dropped on  Netflix on the 6th of March 2019 and it did justice to the previous ratings as well. The final episode of the first season of Secret city was aired on 3rd July 2016 and the 2nd season on 6th March 2019. All credits go to Netflix because of which we watched such an amazing series. And now it’s almost two years since the last season aired and now fans are getting impatient about the third season but the showrunners haven’t shared any progressive details about season 3 so far.

The series is famous all across the world, it is one of the most renowned spy thrillers internationally and fans are now curious to know when secret city season 3 is releasing? Trusted sources had predicted last year that season 3 would be out by March 2020 but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to fetch any official details regarding Secret City Season 3 from Netflix, therefore, we can’t tell you when will the third edition of this political drama arrive.

Here’s the Secret City Season 3 Plot

In the first season of Secret city, we have seen Harriet Dunkley who is working as a political reporter in Canberra for Daily nation. In her job, she finds out hidden harmful plans in her exploration for truth. In that process, some of the dangerous confidential warned her for her life as well as her career. The entire plan disturbed the pattern of living of all the citizens of Australia. In the first season, the major part is consumed by developing stress between China and America.
Whereas in the second season, Harriet comes to jail and accidentally gets involved and trapped in a political and army cover-up and it is assumed that Carolina Bailey is involved in this sin. The Attorney General and Minister of Justice in the first season Bailey, Becomes Minister of Home Affairs in the second season. Layer on you will discover that Bailey was a traitor and was working for the Chinese. That Clearly mean Bailey was involved in harming the army of Australians to a certain extent. We can also see Harriet coming back to politics and the lands of power with the purpose to expose an Army program secretly do that even the prime minister doesn’t get any clues regarding his task. By all this, we can say that with the comeback of season 3 Secret city we can see a dramatic storyline with regard to Australian politics which is facing and experiencing a turbulent time in its entire history.
As season 2 of the Secret city comes to an end and everyone including us is not eagerly waiting to see How the entire thing works out for the leads and how the political histories take their turns. No official synopsis of secret city season 3 is shared by the production yet so we might need to wait a bit longer before our favorite political drama hits the screens.

Who Will Be Part Of Secret City Season 3 Cast?

Just like we have mentioned above we don’t have any official information or Hits about the upcoming season 3 of the secret city but we can definitely assume a few things for you in case of reoccurring casting.
We can see our beloved Anna Torv playing the character of Harriet Dunkley who is the beating heart of the entire series. It will be quite impossible to think of season 3 without her. She has managed to portray her character beautifully with her commendable acting skills. She also has managed to bag a huge amount of appreciation for impeccably playing her role effortlessly.
Other than that other actors have also done an outstanding job in the case of acting and we are quite positive to see the former actors in the upcoming season 3 of the show. We are also looking forward to new castings as well in season 3 and how new dimensions they will be adding to the show. New stars will be given fresh roles while former actors will replicate their previous roles.

The cast of The Secret City

  1. Anna Torv will play the role of Harriet Dunkley.
  2. Jacki Weaver will be seen as Catriona Bailey.
  3. Marcus Graham will deliver his role of Andrew (Griff) Griffiths.
  4. Sacha Horler will portray the character of Ludie Sypek.
  5. Justin Smith will display the character of William Vaughn.
  6. Aleks Mikic will present the character of Thomas Maher.
  7. Danielle Cormack will deliver her role as Karen Koutoufides.
  8. Laura Gordon will be seen as Caroline (Cal) Treloar.
  9. Rob Collins will play the role of Lieutenant Joseph Sullivan.
  10. Don Hany will portray the character of Ewan Garrity.
  11. Joel Tobeck will display the character of Jim Hellier.
  12. Robert Rabiah will present the character of Sami Al Masi.
  13. Louisa Mignone will be seen as Mina Al Masi.
  14. Tom Wren will play the role of Alex Berezin
  15. Benedict Hardie will portray the character of Declan Boyd.
  16. Other than that stars like Michael Denkha, Di Adams, Christopher Kirby, Frederick Du Rietz, Dalip Sondhi, Fiona Press, and many others can also be seen in the upcoming season.

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Is the trailer of Secret City Season 3 out yet?

As no hints are put out by the creators of the show for its release and its trailer so we can predict the show is far away and as a fan, you might have to wait for a while to see the show once it is confirmed officially. There are many other outstanding releases this month on Netflix we have listed down some upcoming new releases on Netflix just for you to watch until then.

You can also watch the Secret City season 2 trailer inserted below-

Wrapping UP!

We hope that the makers of Secret City come up with a new season as soon as possible. As the fans of the show cannot wait anymore. This was all we know so far about the show and once the official statement of the release of season 3 with be out we will notify you. Do let us know in the comment box if we missed any latest updates.
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