70+ Checkout Savage Baddie Instagram Captions that shows you look bold

70+ Checkout Savage Baddie Instagram Captions that shows you look bold


We all have somewhere felt some unwanted kind of feeling where we feel humiliated by other persons as they considered us for granted and they think without them we are nothing, we don’t have our own existence, all we do or all we have done is worthless and we are of no use.

You know that kind of behavior people use just to make to feel down and low about yourself because they know you are much more than that but they do because they feel by doing this they might look cool, inferior towards others. But all we have to do is don’t give a shit about them. You are alone enough for you. You don’t need anyone’s appreciation, opinion to do things that you like.

The moment when they realize you are no more affected by their useless talks it started troubling them. Just be happy who you are. So what if you are not perfect there is nothing wrong with this. Nobody is perfect I repeat nobody. So whenever you feel you are facing that situation where people make you feel low about yourself just answer them in their tongue. For that, we are here to give you some Best Savage Baddie Instagram Captions to make their mouth shut for long.


Here are the 70+ Savage Baddie Instagram Captions that shows you look bold


1.] “Don’t tell your man about me he might become a fan.”

2.] “But baby diamonds don’t crack they cut.”

3.] “Hating me doesn’t make you pretty boo!”

4.] “Forget me I am too dangerous for you.”

5.] “Hotter than your ex. Better than your next.”

6.] “She looks like heaven but she’s born to sin.”

7.] “Too smart to play your stupid games.”

8.] “You ain’t me sis! Relax.”

9.] “Oh sweetie I’m too pretty to mess with.”

10.] “Bitch, please! Your man is a fan.”

11.] “People will stare make it worth their while.”

12.] “Honey! You can’t beat the devil in his own game.”

13.] “I read the rules before I brake them.”

14.] “Oh wait! I just realized I don’t care.”

15.] “They stare at me as they have never seen a goddess.”

16.] “Oh darling too complicated for you.”

17.] “I’m everything you can’t control.”

18.] “Beautiful but dangerous.”

19.] “Too hot to handle too cold to hold.”

20.] “They wanna be me but they can’t be a boss.”


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21.] “Feed your own ego, I m busy.”

22.] “Need new haters the old one became my fan.”

23.] “Quiet but not blind.”

24.] “People hating on me that’s a trend.”

25.] “Never believed in miracles until I realized I was one of them.”

26.] “Fire in her eyes. Ice in her words.”

27.] “Smart and pretty that’s a deadly combination.”

28.] “But darling I chase goals, not people.”

29.] “She’s everything you run away from.”

30.] “Trust me, honey! I know how to make the devil’s cry.”

31.] “Jealousy is a disease get well soon darling.”

32.] “But it’s my softness that will kill you.”

33.] “Lit with you or without you.”

34.] “I didn’t kill anyone, jealousy did.”

35.] “There is always a wild side to an innocent face.”

36.] “Ask me no questions and I’ll tell no lies.”

37.] “They told me not to make a scene so I made a whole damn movie.”

38.] “I would roast you but my mom said not to burn trash.”

39.] “I heard you’re playing nice to meet you. I’m the coach.”

40.] “Keep your head high and your middle finger higher.”

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41.] “Throw me to the wolves and I will come back leading the pack.”

42.] “I always act like I don’t care, but deep, deep down I still don’t care.”

43.] “So close yet so far.”

44.] “Meaner than my demons.”

45.] “Nigga please, my cigarette lasts longer than your relationships.”

46.] “Ain’t sure I loved you anyway.”

47.] “Oh darling, go buy a personality.”

48.] “Raindrop drop top all I do is slay non stop.”

49.] “I won’t cry, my mascara is too expensive.”

50.] “Queen doesn’t compete with hoes.”

51.] “Too many fish in the sea to miss.”

52.] “Catch flights, not feelings.”

53.] “New day, new slay.”

54.] “Didn’t they tell you that I was a savage?”

55.] “Life is tough babe, but so are you.”


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56.] “I can’t face the problem if the problem is your face babe.”

57.] “Why to be fake when being real takes less effort?”

58.] “Forever is a lie.”

59.] “You couldn’t handle me, even if I came with instructions.”

60.] “Stupidity is not a crime, you are free to go.”

61.] “Sorry if I’m interested I’m not.”

62.] “Revenge? Naah, let karma fuck you up.”

63.] “My excuse is that I’m young.”

64.] “Alexa play with everyone who played me.”

65.] “Oh honey life is full of mistakes, and you are the biggest one.”

66.] “Fuck feelings, be a bitch.”

67.] “Never mistake my kindness as a weakness.”

68.] “Well, funny you’re the broken one but I’m the only one who needed saving.”

69.] “I got prettier every time a man disappoints me.”

70.] “If I was a bird, I’d know who to shit on.”


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The only purpose here by sharing this Savage Baddie Instagram Captions is to make you feel good about yourself and giving replies to some badass people. There is no more need to tolerate any of their bullshit just give them an answer in their own tongue and stop them. If you thinking for more Savage Baddie Instagram Captions then click here.

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