Sad Shayari In English | See How a broken-hearted person feels like

Sad Shayari In English | See How a broken-hearted person feels like

Sad Shayari In English

Sometimes in life, someone who’s close to our heart leaves us, We get distanced from someone who matters the most, whose smile is the most beautiful thing, whose voice is the sweetest melody and the person is the one who appeared to be the love of life and with whom we start to build our home of dreams, Love sometimes doesn’t find a way and sometimes gets away, Here’s a collection of some broken words, how a broken-hearted person feels like, the inner feelings, the thoughts revolving around the person’s mind.

Best Collection Of Sad Shayari In English | How a broken-hearted person feels like



1. “Every time I try to move on, my destiny puts me in the train of thoughts departing towards the past!”

2. “Everything in my life has an alternative except that someone!”

3. “You gave memories to my life while I was giving my life to your memories!”

4. “Lack of communication drew us apart,

The person I know became the person I knew!”

5. “On the way of chasing someone else,
He lost himself!”

6. “Lost myself for someone who wasn’t in my destiny!”

7. “I kept her starred in my priority list while she kept me archived in her’s!”

8. “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, not in case of love!”

9. “Saw her after a long time,
Neither her ignorance has changed, nor my love!”

10. “Pretending to be okay is better than explaining the situations hurting you!”

11. “It’s not the person whom we love hurts us,
Our own expectations over them get us hurt!”

12. “Let’s not talk anymore didn’t hurt me,
I don’t care anymore did!”

13. “You aren’t a stranger but why your behavior is!”

14. “She wasn’t a disaster but my heart fell prone to her memories!”

15. “While seeking a better future,
He again fell for his past!”

16. “The feelings aren’t mutual but my heart can’t think of loving someone else except you!”

17. Love changes love either by making it better or making it worse!”

18. What’s love?
“Don’t ask those who are in love but those who’ve lost their love!”

19. “The more we get convinced,
The more they lie!”

20. “Dear hope,
Stop entering human life and make them imagine unrealistic situations!”

21. “You moved on,
I kept memorizing!”

22. “While recalling those memories,
He again drowned himself in them!”

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23. “He was serious in love and she was playing seriously!”

24. “You deserve better, the heart said,
By leaving the best soul cried!”

25. “Every day, every moment,
Heart sighed, memories cried and destiny laughed!”

26. “She wasn’t a typographer but left Imprints in my heart!”

27. “Nights were sleepless, nights are sleepless,
Earlier texting and phone calls kept me awake,
Now the memories!”

28. “In my story of love,
Love didn’t find a way, but a way to get away!”

29. “The last time we met was the day we ever met!”

30. “You live your life with someone else,
Your memories are enough for me to live with!”



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