15 Best Completed Romance Manga To Read | Highest Selling

15 Best Completed Romance Manga To Read | Highest Selling

Are you also looking for the best romance manga to read or which are the best of the time? then, you are in right place. These novels ensure that the romance begins immediately, unlike most romance manga which typically plays coy with the relationship of the main characters. One of many fans’ guilty pleasures is romance manga.

Some deconstruct stereotypes and make them feel novel, while others share the same cliched premise. One such story device is when characters in romantic anime and manga fall in love but hold off confessing their feelings until the very end of the chapter or episode. No of the circumstance, romance is a genre that will never go out of style.

Every series or drama, whether it be an anime series, a Turkish series, or a well-liked high school movie or drama, feels a little empty without a romance genre. From youngsters to middle-aged folks, it is adored by all demographics. Typically, we are left with nebulous conclusions that leave no one happy. However, certain manga has lately appeared where the characters remain consistent throughout all volumes.

It has succeeded in being on the top list for many manga experts or lovers because of its engaging and distinctive plot. Based on the MAL ratings, we’ve rated the anime here and also some of the best 15 romance manga to read. So without further ado, let’s get started with the subject.


 15 Best Romance Manga To Read | Best of All The Time


A fluffy and jovial genre, romance frequently has two or more characters who are in love with one another. However, certain characters are unable to say it when necessary, which makes the show drag on for many volumes or even years, aggravating the fans.

While these hazy emotions are frequently employed as a story technique in romantic comedies, there are instances where the protagonists start dating or even end the series with a more fulfilling romantic extravaganza, like marriage. Here is the topmost and best romance manga where the protagonists not only declare their love but also go on dates!


1. Daily Butterfly

Best 10 Romance Manga Of All The Time

Sou Morishita created the Daily Butterfly and wrote and illustrated it. Suiren Shibazeki is known for being stunningly beautiful and distant due to her exceptional beauty, which renders her mute.

Kouha Kawasumi is the only boy, nevertheless, who does not treat her the same as the other boys. Due to this, Suiren starts to fall in love with him, and they start dating in the middle of the manga.

2. Inu X Boku SS

top 10 romance manga of all the time

Cocoa Fujiwara wrote and created the illustrations for Inu x Boku SS. Most people were surprised by this one because the anime doesn’t go past them admitting their love for one another. In contrast, Ririchiyo and Soushi start dating following the manga’s “prologue,” which is what the anime adapts.

Since they are both atavist, they both descended from youkai. Soushi is descended from a nine-tailed fox, whereas Ririchiyo is descended from a powerful demon.

3. Absolute Boyfriend

top 10 romance manga of all the time

Yuu Watase wrote and illustrated Absolute Boyfriend, or Zettai Kareshi as it is known in Japan. This manga series was so well-liked that it was adapted into dramas in Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea.

High school student Riiko Izawa orders Night Tenjou, a cybernetic guy to be her lover, and he ends up becoming her boyfriend.

Since they are regarded as boyfriends and girlfriends throughout the manga, it doesn’t matter if he’s a human or a robot. Despite the absurd plot, it has a way of touching people.


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4. Good Morning Kiss

top 10 romance manga of all the time

A follow-up to the legendary shoujo manga Good Morning Call is called Good Morning Kiss. The follow-up has been continuing strong since 2007, and Yue Takasuka wrote and drew it.

The two protagonists are at their core. When Nao eventually succeeds in persuading her parents that she can live independently, she becomes caught up in a con and is forced to live with Hisashi Uehara, the most popular student.

The second series depicts them dating with the possibility of marriage, whereas the first series ends with them as a couple.

5. Love So Life

top 10 romance manga of all the time

In the world, love has the potential to manifest itself anywhere. People do not only find their better halves in places like temples, halls, and schools. We also have certain hidden locations, like childcare.

A 17-volume manga series called “Love So Life” was first out in 2008. Kouchi Kaede is the author and illustrator of it. In this manga, Nakamura Shiharu is a daycare worker who enjoys her job.

A young, attractive man called Seiji came to the daycare one day to pick up the two adorable kids she was spoiling at the time. She was shocked to learn that he was both of their guardians and wanted to take them both home.

However, neither of the twins let go of Shiharu and clung to her. Seiji urged Shiharu to take care of his children personally and promised to pay twice as much after observing his children’s level of admiration.

Shiharu accepts the offer, and they grow into a lovely family. This manga explores how relationships grow under covert situations.

You assumed you’d discover love in school, right? Well, Love So Life reminds us that there are other locations where you may get assistance.

6. Touch

top 10 romance manga of all the time

We will now briefly discuss the classics, ladies and gentlemen. Thanks to its superior storytelling, this manga left a lasting impression throughout the 1980s.

Did I also mention that it was authored by one of the top manga writers of her generation? Beginning in 1981, the manga series Touch has 26 volumes. Adachi Mitsuru is the author and illustrator of it.

The twins in the story are sort of pals with one another. But when a pretty girl appears at the side door, both of these boys fall head over heels for her, and their relationship changes.

Now, to further enrich the story, the author incorporates baseball and academic themes. Therefore, this manga is a top pick for fans of retro culture. For any Adachi Mitsuru lover, this manga is fantastic.

Her writings are consistently uplifting and enjoyable to read. They are enjoyable and worth your time because of the baseball components.

7. The World Is Still Beautiful

top 10 romance manga of all the time

Dai Shiina is the author and artist of The World are Still Beautiful. It was initially released as two one-shots, but due to its success, a complete serialized manga was created.

It centers on Nike Lemercier, the fourth Rain Dukedom princess, and rainmaker. She is surprised to learn that the Sun King is just a young boy when she is sent off to marry him.

Despite their many differences and the difficulties they encounter, they grow and learn from one another and eventually establish themselves as a committed pair.


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8. Re: Life

top 10 romance manga of all the time

Getting a second chance at life sounds wonderful, right? However, Re: Life will tell you that things aren’t always as simple as they appear to be. A 15-volume manga series called Re: Life first debuted in 2013. Yayoi Sou is the author and illustrator.

Arata Kaizaki is a devoted employee who has nothing interesting to look forward to. The best option for him seems to be to just have a high-paying job. He will have the chance to alter everything one day. He is asked to volunteer for the Re: Life experiment by an employee, and he will be given a great job in return.

Arata accepts the offer after agreeing with him, but the experiment comes as quite a shock. Arata is now transformed into a 17-year-old version of himself and is required to complete one year of high school. This is a pivotal time for him because his high school years were not very noteworthy.

What will happen to our high school graduate’s situation? With its story, the television series Re: Life delves more deeply into connections and interactions between people. The lessons and slice of life are so profound that they will constantly make you think.

9. His And Her Circumstances

top 10 romance manga of all the time

Masami Tsuda created the shoujo manga “His and Her Circumstances” sometimes referred to as KareKano in Japan. It centers on Yukino Miyazawa, a young woman who presents the image of being flawless in all respects, including her studies and appearance, and Soichiro Arima, the boy who liked her.

He continues to love her even after learning about her true nature, and they start dating. There are many relationships to choose from and enjoy in each way because it also follows the friends who are in their immediate vicinity and their life.

10. Kaguya Sama: Love Is War

top 10 romance manga of all the time

This is the manga about love that holds up the best out of all the wonderful and fascinating manga on this long list. And I’m sure in saying that it richly deserves it.

An ongoing manga series that debuted in 2015 is called Kaguya Sama. Akasaka Aka is both the author and the illustrator. One fact stands out above all others in the quest for love.

It is said that whoever confesses first will always be the loser. You must therefore make every effort to force the other individual to confess.

We reach Shuchiin Academy, a school for the affluent and privileged, by applying this theory. You must be extremely intelligent in order to enroll in this school.

Miyuki Shirogane is the latter, and Kaguya Shinomiya is the former. Shirogane is a diligent student who puts in a lot of effort to support his struggling family and academic endeavors.

Kaguya is a brilliant girl who excels in a variety of extracurricular activities and speaks numerous languages. Shirogane and Kaguya, who together serve as the student council’s president and vice president, are head over heels in love.

The person who confesses first, nevertheless, loses. In order to get the other person to profess their love, these two student council members will do all in their power, together with Chika Fujiwara and Yuu Ishigami.


 5 Best Romance Manga With Female Leads

1. Horimiya

Topmost 5 Romance Manga With Female Leads

In contrast to her depressing classmate Izumi Miyamura, Kyoko Hori is a popular and upbeat high school student. They both, however, have contrasting personalities outside of the classroom: Kyoko enjoys dressing down and taking care of her home, whereas Izumi has numerous piercings and a tattoo.

They become good friends as a result of their agreement to keep each other’s true personalities a secret. This is a romance manga with a solid plot that you should read without a doubt. One of the purest and funniest rom-com is Horimiya.


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In addition to being open about their love, Kyoko and Izumi’s interactions are particularly adorable. No confusing terminology or illogical protags! And no, the three-episode OVA is not included.

2. Last Game

top 5 romance manga with female leads

Due to his affluent parents, Naoto Yanagi has a good social standing. He is also quite popular because of his attractiveness, intelligence, and athletic prowess.

However, when he first encountered Mikoto Kujou in middle school, his ivory tower was shattered. She outperforms Naoto in academic performance, athletic competition, and popularity despite being underprivileged and unattractive.

Naoto develops an unhealthy, 10-year one-sided rivalry as a result of her obsession with beating Mikoto once in everything. Naoto wants Mikoto to fall in love with him while he is still in college so he can break up with her.

It’s his final opportunity to “win,” but things don’t turn out how he had hoped. A prettier and more enjoyable version of Masamune-Revenge Kun’s is Last Game.

3. High School Debut

top 5 romance manga with female leads

Haruna played softball throughout her middle school years, but now she wants to date since she enjoys shoujo manga. She must get a “love coach” because, regrettably, she lacks grace and style.

Yoh, who is reputed to be a master of style, agrees to train Haruna if she doesn’t make an effort to fall in love with him. Watching this anime is a must if you’re seeking a romantic comedy with a dashing male protagonist.


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4. Our Happy Time

top 5 romance manga with female leads

The musician Juri Mutou has made three suicide attempts and has developed bitterness toward her mother. Juri is given the opportunity to see a death row inmate by his aunt Monica, a prison chaplain.

Yuu, a death row inmate who was convicted of killing three people, has made attempts at suicide to avoid being put to death. As a part of a clergy program, he receives letters from Monica, which he regards as pity.

Yuu chooses to agree to a meeting with Monica so he may ask her to stop writing letters, but he runs into Juri. These two people, engulfed in depression and thoughts of suicide, set out on a new path in search of comfort and hope.

5. Seven Days

top 5 romance manga with female leads

Although Shino is very attractive, his bitter personality has caused many failed relationships. Although Seryou is a well-liked ladies’ man, he has a rule that he ends partnerships after seven days.

His prior partners usually claim to feel unique throughout this brief time. Seryou joyfully agrees to Shino’s lighthearted invitation to go out for the following week after learning about this news.

A fantastic snapshot of two people falling in love after spending the majority of their school years in meaningless relationships can be found in Seven Days.


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Summing Up!

You should read this manga if you even somewhat appreciate romance or the romance subgenre. It’s unbelievable! That’s it, you cretins, you’ve got it! These were the top 15 best romance manga of all time that is available for a romance fan like you to read.

We hope that at least one new manga was added to your list of books to read. Thank you very much for reading, and till then, Sayonara!

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