The Right Best Time To Use Tinder Boost 2022 | According To Data

The Right Best Time To Use Tinder Boost 2022 | According To Data

Best Time To Use Tinder Boost. Tinder boost is a feature recently added by Tinder that allows its users to skip ahead of other profiles in your local area for 30 minutes from their profile. According to Tinder, you’ll receive up to 10x more profile views while boosting your account. This feature is an attempt to involve more and more users in making and meeting as many friends or live interests as they want. But with that, the question arises that when is the best time to use tinder boost and how can you actually make full use of the Tinder boost feature? Don’t worry We’ll cover these questions in more detail in this article especially if you want to know what is the best time to use Tinder boost and how can you maximize your Tinder boost potential. So without any further ado, Let’s get started

First of all, you need to know that Tinder boost only lasts for 30 minutes, and keeping that in mind you should know what time will be best for you to activate Tinder boost in order to maximize your potential, so according to our research and many users Between 6 pm and 9 pm on either a Sunday or Monday night is considered as the best time to activate Tinder boost, with that there are many other things you can do beforehand to maximize your potential on Tinder. We have elaborated the entire Concept of Tinder boost in this article so continue reading to know more about Tinder boost.

When is The Best Time To Use Tinder Boost?

If you are thinking of using Tinder boost to receive 10× times more profiles we recommend you to use it at night between 6 pm to 9 pm according to statistics it is the most prominent time when Tinder activity peaks so you have the most chances of matching. User activity starts to pick up around 6 pm and after 10 pm a drop-off in the activity can be noticed. As you have a certain amount of time to engage and maximize your tinder potential we recommend you to use it in peak timing which is around 9 pm to get more out of the feature because that’s when they tend to be most effective.

How can you activate the Tinder boost feature?

It is pretty simple to activate the Tinder boost feature. In order to activate the Tinder boost feature you have to

Step 1: Tap on the purple lightning bolt icon present on the main screen.

Step 2: Following that Tinder will recommend you to swipe whilst boosting for optimal results.

Step 3: With that, your time period (30min) will start and Tinder notifies you when your Boost has ended.

It also allows you to review the results as well in order to see whether it was successful, not not.

How Much Does Tinder Boost Cost?

Tinder boost is offered by Tinder as a subscription offering. The members of both Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus are entitled to claim a free boost every month.

With that, anyone is also eligible to buy a standalone 30-minute boost on Tinder as well but needs to pay for it. And the cost can fluctuate anywhere from $1.99 to $6.00. One can buy as many Boosts as they like and The cost is entirely dependent on the type of location where you wish to use and activate Tinder boost. Also, note if more people from a particular area may it be your local area are trying to give their Tinder profile a boost, the cost is going to increase. More the competitive location more the prices will hike and let us tell you it can be pretty expensive sometimes.

How Can You Boost To Maximize Your Matches?

According to us, there are 3 ways that can help you to make the entire Tinder boosting time and experience worthwhile. As you can use and buy as many boosts as you want but it will be a waste of time and money if you don’t make your potential matches swipe right. To put it in other words Tinder boost is not a magical fix it cannot make people swipe you right if you have a bad Tinder profile. So we have some tips for you to make it more certain for you that your potential match will swipe you right. Consider the tips given below.

1. Improve your profile Before Activating Tinder Boost.

As you know first impression is the last impression and this fits perfectly for the entire interface of Tinder if you are using Tinder boost you know 10 × more people will go through your profile and for them to swipe you right you must have your best profile you’ve ever had for them to see at the first place. Because let’s just put this straight and brutal you can activate your Tinder Boost or Super Boost at the most suitable time but if your profile is not that attractive, you are not going to get many matches. There is also a downfall to this as if in case you use Boost and instead of getting right swipes you’ll get more left swipe it will go out to tinder as a strong signal that you are not an attractive profile and you will be shown less frequently and to profiles that are also considered to be less attractive so we recommend you to fix your profile Beforehand in order to get maximum results out of the Tinder boost feature. We have some tips for you to make your profile more attractive Below:

  • Put your best profile picture: Putting up the best of you can actually turntable around. Prefer keeping a close-up picture as a profile picture because people what to see what you actually look like from your facial features. A majority of people opt for neutral tones in their Tinder photos, so a bright color pop really stands out we recommend you to try to make your profile picture brighter with some pop of color this will certainly be eye-catching for both males and females.
  •  Do not hide your eyes: Having eye contact can showcase how confident and comfortable you are in your own skin so we recommend you not to hide your eyes in your picture and let those eyes do some talking.
  • Have a good posture: If you are picking up a profile picture for tinder choose one with a good posture as again it will showcase your confidence and personality.
  • 4. Do not use too many filters: Using too many filters can sometimes smell like catfishing. The more natural and simple your profile picture will be the more people will see your true self and will certainly swipe right.

2. Have an honest and good Tinder bio

Here we might contradict our former point but we believe photos are not everything. Surely we agree that Tinder is largely focused on photos but here’s the thing – studies have shown that users who have a Tinder bio get more matches than users who don’t. And that’s particularly true for guys – it increases the match rate by a factor of 4.

And the key to a good Tinder profile is to add some attractive and highlighting qualities which you love to do and most probably will make your potential more interested in you. You can add your hobbies, your career, and what is your idea about life. This will also help the other person initiate a conversation with you.


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3. You can Send Messages Right After You Matched In A Boost

We recommend you send a message to your new match right away in order to initiate a conversation. Why? Firstly the sooner you text him/her there are chances that they are active and are more likely to answer your conversation starter. Secondly Tinder according to Tinder they don’t really like profiles that only collect matches but don’t have conversations with them, because they want their user to be active and engaging. So according to Tinder’s algorithm, it scans and detects if you are actively having a conversation or not, and if you fail to do you don’t be surprised if you find your match number decreasing, as it will be the sign of a Tinder penalty.

Wrapping up!

In a nutshell, we can say that Tinder wants its users to engage as much as possible and find as many matches as they want therefore Tinder boost is one way to do so. it is advised to use Tinder Boost between 6 pm to 9 pm in order to get the maximum potential out of your tinder boost time which is only 30 minutes. There are other ways as well to increase your potential on Tinder like putting up your best profile picture etc. We hope our article will be helpful for you and if in case you have any other quires you can always reach out to us by commenting in the comment section below.

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