How to get rid of dry plus oily skin at home | Natural practices to prevent dry & oily skin

How to get rid of dry plus oily skin at home | Natural practices to prevent dry & oily skin

Get rid of dry plus oily skin at home | Natural practices to prevent dry & oily skin

Everyone wants clean and skin and it is possible. We should know how to manage the skin because there are three types of skins-

1) Very oily skin

2) Very dry skin

3) Normal skin

Now when you are in a very cold climate, skin becomes dry and in a hot climate, you will find skin looking very oily, you are sweating and more oil on your skin, all that is a natural phenomenon. But we should know how to handle these things because skin definitely gets affected because of the weather, climate. But once attend it, it would be very perfect, it will look beautiful in all the weather.

Causes of dry skin –

Let’s understand the causes of dry skin-

1) Poor nutrition


get rid of dry plus oily skin at home


If nutrition is not correct, if your body does not have natural oil, then the skin will become dry.


2) Genetics


get rid of dry plus oily skin at home


Hereditary, you are born with that type of dry skin but no worries it can be handled.


3) Temperature


get rid of dry plus oily skin at home


Extreme temperature, absolute heat outside, absolute cold outside, creates problems that lead to dry skin.


4) Pores of the skin


get rid of dry plus oily skin at home


Because skin has lots of pores through which secretion takes place, where even dead bodies were thrown out when pores get clogged because dead cells remain on the pore and don’t come out as we are not taking bath properly and so this also creates dry skin.


Causes for oily skin –

The causes for oily skin includes that excess opening pores where sebum is secreted, sebum is a natural oil which is secreted from our skin, so oiliness and stickiness are felt. And then because of that even acne are there and all causes oily skin.


Yoga treatment to prevent dry skin-

According to Ayurveda, they say when VAAT becomes too much then the skin gets dry.

Well, now what we are supposed to – PRACTICE YOGA. By following the yoga path, what happens all our tridoshas VAAT PITT and KAPHF, they all come into balance and so naturally the excess VAAT because of which the problem is there is taken care off. With yoga, toxins are released very easily, managed very easily, circulation is very perfect, so when all this happens our skin which is sometimes oily and sometimes dry also neutralizes and becomes healthy.

Well, here I’ll recommend atleast two asanas which may help you prevent dry skin-


1) Sarvaang Asana

It ahead low pose and this asana really help to release tension from all the facial muscles. It helps in good circulation and helps the skin of your face in any case.


2) Haal Asana

This asana is again a very good circulation on the face region. The whole angle really helps in keeping your body spine totally flexible as well as the circulation on the face and the entire abdominal compression. So the digestion is also fine, absorption assimilation is also fine.

So these two postures should be done regularly.


3) Jalneti

The technique called Jalneti really helps a person cleansing from inside also improves the circulation on the face region. Jalneti should be practiced regularly as it is a fantastic technique to cope with external stress and tension, external infection, and pollution.


4) Sheetali & Sitkari

The second thing we should do as pranayama is Sheetali and Sitkari. Both these pranayamas bring little coolness into your system. The word itself is Sheetali, Sitkri cooling into our system and when our system gets cooled the VAAT Dosha in our body is handled very well.


5) Abhyangistan

In Ayurveda, they mention that what you should do is called Abhyangistan. If you guys remember for a baby we give a massage of oil, and then the baby is kept in sun for some time and the baby is given a bath and children also pick up health. So Abhyangistan is nothing else but using coconut oil, almond oil, sesame seeds oil, castor oil. These are very healthy oil and we can use any of them. Just warm this oil and apply it to your body. Massage your body with your own self your hands, your face, your neck, back front everywhere you massage this oil and let it stay for some time say half an hour or one, and then take a bath. So this is the best way to handle your dry skin.

So if you find that your skin is still dry and flaky, so after the Abhyanga bath again before wiping your body take a little oil and rub on your hands and legs. This will help you overcome your dryness.

This is much better than any body lotions ad this is natural oil.



Natural and homemade packs to prevent dry skin-

Besides these yoga techniques, there are some homemade packs that will easily help you prevent your dry skin. I have mentioned the best one. You can choose anyone which you might find easy.


1) Aloe vera, Sandalwood, Honey

Mix these three things, remove fresh aloe vera gel and put a little honey in that, and mix a little sandalwood powder to make a paste. Apply the pack to your face and neck. Keep it for 15 – 20 minutes. Wash it out with warm water.

Now such pack you may apply on your skin, massage it for some time, keep it for some time once or twice in a week.


2) Almond, Oats, honey, yogurt

Another pack is a combination of these 4 things. So soak 5-6 almonds overnight, remove the skin, put it in a mixture, make a paste of these four ingredients. Apply it on your face, massage it and keep it for 15-20 minutes and then wash it out.

Now, this could be done every 4-5 days and is a very good pack. Almond has the good property of tightening your skin. Yogurt also tightens your skin and helps in making your skin more radiant. It also has whitening quality.



Natural and homemade packs to prevent oily skin-


1) Tree oil, Multani mitti, rose water

Tree oil is anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory, so it helps to reduce acne. This oil is mix with clay that is multani mitti. Even you can add rose water to it. So make this nice pack and apply it to your face and neck for some time. Use this pack every third day to get good results and that would really help in managing your oily skin. This multani mitti helps in drying the skin and removing and reducing acne also. So try and have this pack and it is very simple and you’ll be able to help yourself.


2) Besan & yogurt

Well a very common household treatment to help prevent your oily skin is channe ka atta ( Besan) and Dahi ( yogurt). Whenever you feel too oily around, put a little besan and dahi and make a paste. Apply it on your face and keep it for 10 minutes and wash it out. This really helps in that excessive secretion of sebum, that oil of our body and yogurt is a good moisturizer, good tightener and this combination will really help to maintain your skin oil. This whole combination even brighten your skin tone.


3) Neem, turmeric

A combination of both these things is antibacterial, anti-fungal. It would remove the infection from your skin. So naturally, acne is also removed thus preventing oily skin. It would really give you healthy and glowing skin. Take few leaves of neem, make a paste out of it, put a little turmeric over there, and make a paste nicely. If it is too thick add water and make a paste. Apply it on your face and keep it for 15-20 minutes and wash it out.

This is itself very good, sometimes on your skin you also feel that your body needs anti-fungal treatment. Then you should try and boil neem leaves in water and use that water for your bath.



End of the line-

For healthy skin, we should be keeping ourselves well hydrated, so internally also we should have good hydration. So see that you have better water, eat food that is watery and so comes the place of fruits and vegetables like cucumber and such things. Try and see you apply water on your body and leave it as it is to dry or just pat it but don’t rub your skin because that irritates. So keep your skin very healthy. Food like cucumber, watermelon, different salads, radish all these things are required. So salads, fruits, and vegetables are the main food which we should have to have a healthy dry and oily free skin. Always avoid packeted food and oily food that would definitely not be good for the skin.

Well, all of you should know wherever there is a problem solution is there itself. So when these small face problems come, you should know how to manage them. And it will disappear, it’s temporary management. So try and see that you have a healthy routine, healthy food habits and the problem will be taken care of. Don’t let the problem go to your heart or head, just enjoy life and keep a smile. So just be joyful and happy!!

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