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7 Appealing Reasons To Move To Miami

If you’ve never visited Miami, you might have a few preconceived notions about the region. But even though Miami is indeed home to some of the most breathtaking and enchanting beaches, the area also has so much more to offer. 

Miami boasts a mystifying art scene, multiple historic sites, and diverse culture. So, there’s a lot more to Miami than what meets the eye. 

Moreover, real estate in Florida is also plentiful, so you can easily find your dream home in Miami before relocating. 

But if you’re not entirely sure if Miami is a suitable new home for you, we’ve listed seven of the most convincing reasons to choose this beautiful region. 

Amazing Weather

If you’re after a life where pleasant weather is a given, Miami is an excellent choice for relocation. You’ll enjoy humid and sunny summers, mildly cold winters, and pleasant skies all year round. 

The hottest months of the year see temperatures of about 90 degrees, while during the coldest months, you can expect temperatures of about 77 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Mouth-Watering Cuisine

Miami is also home to some undeniably mouth-watering local cuisine. If you explore a bit further away from tourism hotspots, you’ll find renowned restaurants, food trucks, and a variety of cafes. The Cuban cuisine here is particularly popular, but you’ll also find cuisine from various other countries. 

No State Income Tax

If you’re more than slightly annoyed with paying high-income tax, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that there’s no state income tax relevant in Miami. Even though you’ll still need to pay federal income tax, there’s no state income tax. Moreover, sales tax is as low as 7.75%, which is substantially lower than most other states.

Reliable Public Transport

The public transport systems in Miami are safe and reliable as well. So, you can get around without owning a vehicle. You’ll find metro buses, Metrorail, and metro mover public transport systems available across the state. 

Vibrant Culture

Miami is a renowned vacation hotspot for so many reasons, and the vibrant culture found here is just one. The culture here is strongly influenced by the Latin-American and Caribbean communities. Visitors and locals can enjoy festivals, museums, and vibrant theaters which celebrate the diverse cultures found here. 

Some exceptional festivals that happen here include the Carnival Miami, the Miami International Film Festival, and the Calle Ocho Festival, to mention only a few. 


Miami is home to a lot of diversity. The Hispanic population and the city are highly bilingual, so you’ll fit right in wherever you’re coming from. Even though it’s advisable to know a bit of Spanish, it’s not essential. 

It’s A City On The Beach

If you wander off to the beach every time you get the chance, it’s worthwhile to move to Miami because it’s a city on the beach. This means you won’t need to travel far to soak up the sun on a breathtaking beachfront; the beach will be on your doorstep. Beyond beautiful beaches, you’ll also find several enchanting botanical gardens in Florida.

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