Checkout Top 15 Quick Certifications That Pay Well In 2022

Checkout Top 15 Quick Certifications That Pay Well In 2022

We all know that Having certification included in a CV is beneficial for getting a good job with High wages as well as promotions as well. Certificate programs can help you develop the skills and experiences necessary for a particular job. And if you are looking out for quick certifications that pay well you are at the right place. In this article, We have compiled a list of Top 15 Quick Certifications you can do that Pay Well. So without any further ado Let’s get started.

If you have limited time due to your ongoing school or job but still need to build up a strong CV you can easily do it by opting for Quick Certifications programs. In this era where Covid 19 hit the world like a disastrous Strom, we all can not sit ideal at home and do nothing about our life.

So we can complete a certificate course from a reputable university even in the comfort of our homes without having to quit our current job. In this article, We will be highlighting some of the Top 15 Quick Certifications That Pay Well and can help you to get more wages according to your skills. You can pick any certification according to your profession and interest from the list given below. So continue reading to know about the Top 15 Quick Certifications That Pay Well

Why should we enroll for quick certifications that pay well?

The best part about such certification programs is that they won’t consume your time and allow you to go on with your current job as well. In short, you are Hain knowledge as well as saving your time to earn money as well. Quick certification programs are also light on your pocket and still very beneficial to earn more money. They can be completed in a very short period within weeks or some months and you are done. They can help you to get a promotion or even help you start a new career in an entirely different field.

Here Is The List of Top 15 Quick Certifications That Pay Well In 2022

Some of the Top quick certifications that pay well are listed below:

1. Makeup Artists (Theatrical and Performance) (Salary: $106,920)

Checkout Top 15 Quick Certifications That Pay Well In USD

If you have a very keen interest in make-up and you think you can brush up your make-up skills to make a carrier out of it then you can go for Makeup certification programs where you can work in theatrical and performance settings and apply makeup to performers to reflect the setting, period, and situation of the roles. Makeup artists’ (theatrical and performance) median annual wage is $106,920 while the top earners make more than $157,680 a year. The makeup industry is large and if you wish to be a freelance makeup artist then you can go ahead with such certification programs to learn more make-up skills and bag more customers for yourself.

2. Radiologic Technologists (Salary: $61,900- $92,660)

Checkout Top 15 Quick Certifications That Pay Well In USD

You can get yourself a high-paying hospital job with this certification. One can become a Radiologic Technologist without any kind of bachelor’s degree but you might need an associate’s degree. There are also postsecondary education programs that lead to graduate certificates that can help you to become Radiologic Technologist. Your job will be to perform x-rays and other diagnostic imaging examinations on patients using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners.

3. Flight Attendants

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You can apply for a certification plan to become a Flight Attendant which takes way less time to be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). If you love to travel and wish to visit different countries and continents then this one is for you. By being a flight attendant you can have countless opportunities to visit different countries and continents across the globe all you have to do is serve aircraft passengers food, and drinks, and provide necessary assistance during flights.

4. Web Development (Salary: $69,430 per year)

1 103

In the era of the internet, web development certification can help you throughout. It is one of the most common certifications yet helps you to make more money. Your job as a web developer is to create and design websites. As a web developer, you also need to maintain the site by constantly checking the website’s performance, speed, and capacity. Web developers have access to a wide range of job options.

5. Physical Therapy Assistant ( Average Salary: $45,290)

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If you are interested in the medical field and wish to have a job at a hospital then doing a Physical Therapy certificate program will be the best for you. It can help you to make a career out of it with minimum schooling. All you have to do as a physical therapist is to assist patients in recovering from illness or injury. You work in hospitals, nursing homes, home healthcare services, outpatient clinics, and doctors’ offices as a physical therapist.


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6. Electroneuro diagnostic Technology (Salary: $41,070)


This certification program is one of the quickest among all. It requires only 17 months. Your job as an Electroneuro diagnostic is to help calm down patients undergoing neurodiagnostic tests as they explain Electroneuro diagnostic Technology and the procedure and also monitor patients during surgery.

7. Behavioral Technician Specialists (Salary: $31,522 per year)


In this particular program, you can opt for a career as a Behavioural Technician Specialist. Your job will be to work with mental health facilities and help them with mental health patients. Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBA) will have to supervise them as they carry out their duties to create the most impactful effect on their patients by planning and executing the suitable therapy according to their disorders and syndrome. They develop language and communication skills, daily life skills, etc. while recording and analyzing data. You can complete this program in 11 weeks.

8. Phlebotomy ( Average Salary: $32,710)

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If you want to work in healthcare settings and hospitals then this certification can be great for you. As a phlebotomist, your job will be to draw blood from people and collect blood for donation, personal testing, or research, and as simple as it sounds but can help you earn more money if you have good skills and experience.

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9. Industrial Engineering Technology (Salary: $55,460 per year)

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As an Industrial Engineering technologist, your job will be to assist senior engineers in the modification of the various operating methods in the various industries and fields.

10. Professional Coder (Average Salary: $32,670)

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You can get yourself certified as a professional coder within 20 weeks. In the era of gaming App coding has become a popular skill that everyone needs to master. So it can be wise to take up a certification program where you can learn the skills of coding.

11. Electrician (Salary: $52,720)

1 106

If you are good with wires and circuits then you can become a certified electrician within 4 months. You can work in the power sector or energy sector. Your job will be to install or maintain stuff related to electricity and wires and fucking them. This is one of the quick certificate programs that pay well.

12. Emergency Medical Technician(EMT) and Paramedic (Average Salary: $32,670)

1 107

You can become an Emergency Medical Technician within 3 months. Your job will be to handle high-stress environments, then one of the best deals is for EMTs and Paramedics.

13. Carpentry (Average salary:$43,600)

1 108

It might be surprising but Carpentry is a typical high-paying job and if you are good at it you earn a good amount of money with just your skills. You can build houses and frames for other types of structures or you can also repair the broken stuff.

14. Welding (Average Salary: $39,390)

1 109

You can get yourself a welding certification within in 9 months and you’ll get high returns as well. You can be a part of various industries be it be construction industry or any electrical industry.

15. Personal Trainer (Average Salary: $38,222)

1 104

You can easily become a personal trainer at a gym and it doesn’t require much education. You just need to be a certified personal trainer and have knowledge of various fitness techniques and exercises. Many Personal Trainers have strong backgrounds in nutrition, exercise science, or other related fields.


Having a professional certification that pays you well can be very helpful for you. It can help you grow in your field of work or you can make an entirely new career out of it. We hope our list of the Top 15 quickest certification programs that pay well will be helpful for you to choose your desired certification program.

If our article was helpful enough please leave us feedback in the comment box below If you have any other queries you can always reach us by commenting in the comment box below. We will be happy to help!

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