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If you don’t like to erase your cache or you just don’t want Safari saving your browser history, then turn on Private mode. Along with that, you can also turn off the phone without the power button.  In this private mode on safari, your browsing history, cookies, and Autofill preferences will not be stored. Then, let’s find out about Private mode on safari- How to enable it or disable it.

Safari for iOS 15,  iOS 14 or iOS has a feature called “Private Tabs” that allows users to remain incognito when surfing the web. Safari’s Private Browsing Mode prevents the program from saving your search history, remembering the Autofill information you’ve entered, or storing the URLs of the websites you visit.

If you frequently use Safari’s Private Browsing Mode, you may have noticed that it behaves differently than the Private Browsing Modes of other browsers. In this article, we’ll discuss Private mode on safari- how to enable or disable it. 

What is Safari Private Browsing Mode?

safari private browsing mode

Before knowing private mode on safari- how to enable or disable it you should know what is the meaning of safari private browsing mode. Depending on the browser, the private mode is referred to by a variety of names, including Private Browsing, Incognito, and InPrivate. Similar to incognito mode on a computer, a private browsing session in a browser will prevent any data from being recorded or saved.

There’s more to this browsing approach than meets the eye, but we’ll go into the intricacies below. The idea is that if you want to browse the Internet anonymously, you can switch to Safari’s anonymous mode. Your accounts will be logged out and Safari will no longer remember your credentials. If you use Safari in private mode, the following won’t be recorded:

  • History of your online searches
  • Sites you’ve been to
  • Web page visits and other browsing data

However, there is a key drawback to using this program on Macs that you should be aware of: your browser activity is probably not as hidden as you might assume.

Your identity and browsing activity is still visible to the websites you visit. The topic is covered in greater detail in our article on incognito browsing. Additionally, Private Browsing activity on Macs is recorded in the Terminal history.

Private Mode on Safari- How To Enable Or Disable It

how to enable or disbale private mode on safari

 If you’d want to know about private mode on safari- how to enable or disable it. When you’re done, read on. Try out our free daily Tip of the Day newsletter to learn more helpful Safari tricks!

1. Launch Safari.

2. To open a new tab, hold down the Tabs button.

3. To make your current Safari window private, simply tap the Privacy button.

4. To switch to private browsing mode in a new tab, select New Private Tab.

5. Simply repeat the process of holding down the tabs Symbol to return to regular browsing.

6. You can leave Safari’s incognito mode by selecting Start Page or # Tabs.

Note: Keep in mind that you won’t be able to save passwords for subsequent use if you switch to private browsing mode. Leaving private browsing and returning to regular browsing is required if you wish to preserve a password.

This is all about how you can enable or disable private browsing mode on safari.

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 Is Private Browsing Mode fully Private? 

While in this mode, Safari will not record any of your browsing histories. However, your ISP and government agencies will still be able to track your online activity. This is done to prevent cybercrime and monitor suspicious activity. If your usage is strictly for personal reasons, though, you have nothing to worry about.

Where can I find Chrome’s “Private Browsing” option if I need it?

Unfortunately, this mode is restricted to iOS devices running the Safari web browser. On Chrome, though, you may switch to Incognito Mode for a functionally same experience. Chrome’s “More” menu can be used to enter Incognito Mode by clicking the button with three dots.

If you’re using Firefox, you may access the same options by selecting the menu bar’s menu button. Then select New Incognito Window.

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Is It Risk-Free to Use Safari’s Incognito Mode?

incognito mode2.0

Above we have mentioned private mode on safari- how to enable or disable it. Now, the question is it risk-free? Whether or not the Private Browsing mode is secure depends on how you understand the term. In sensitive situations, you can browse incognito with Safari’s Private Browsing mode. The same cannot be said for other potential dangers you may face while online.

You are not truly anonymous on the web even while using Safari’s Private Browsing mode or any other similar feature. Your online activities can still be seen by anyone who has access to the network, including your company, school, Internet service provider (ISP), and even hackers.

This final threat is also surprisingly typical on open Wi-Fi networks. It’s important to keep in mind that private browsing won’t shield you from malware (malicious software), nor will it shield your payment information or other sensitive data. You should seriously consider utilizing a virtual private network (VPN) if you care about maintaining your online privacy and if you want to increase the security of your online activities (Virtual Private Network).

Use of Virtual Private Networks in Safari’s Incognito Mode

If you use a VPN in addition to Safari’s Private Browsing mode, you should be able to surf the web with peace of mind. You will be harder to monitor and have more online anonymity if you don’t leave any digital footprints by not logging your browsing or search history. Find out more about VPN benefits by reading about them. Do you want to begin right away? The procedures that follow will only require a short amount of time:

1. Pick a VPN service and sign up for an account with them. If you’re unfamiliar with this, we suggest,  ExpressVPN is the best VPN service available among the 10 best VPN websites today, and we highly recommend it.

2. Get the VPN app, and set it up on your Mac. ExpressVPN has an iPhone app that you may install.

3. Sign in using the computer program or the mobile app.

4. Get connected through a VPN server in a location of your choosing. If privacy is your only concern while browsing the web, then it doesn’t matter where you are.

5. Join the remote network through a VPN. By connecting to a VPN, your IP address will be replaced with that of the VPN server. It’s perfectly secure, legal (in most countries), and, most importantly, provides significantly more protection than Safari’s inbuilt private mode on safari- how to enable or disable it.

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Wrapping Up!

So, this was all about Private mode on Safari and how to enable or disable it. By switching to private mode, your device will not save your browsing history or cookies. We’ll go over the settings for Safari’s incognito mode and how to switch it on and off.

Do share this article with your friends. Do comment in the comment section below. Till then stay safe and healthy.

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