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If you’re decided to relocate abroad, you’re probably wondering whether it’s best to buy a new car upon arrival or transport your car to your destination. Because the costs of purchasing a new car are quite high, it’s often best to move your car abroad with you. 

But with this, you might be wondering how to go about choosing the best car shipping company. There are likely quite a few questions running through your mind, and the lengthy list of car transportation companies out there can make selecting the best one a pretty confusing process. 

So, we’ve rounded up some of the most practical tips to help you select the best car shipping company with absolute confidence. 

Look Into The Top Rated Companies

Even though you can find the cheapest company out there and save substantially on shipping fees, this is definitely not the best decision. Unfortunately, there are quite a few risks involved in shipping vehicles abroad, so it’s best to rely on a renowned company with excellent service ratings. 

The best auto transport companies offer high-quality services. You won’t need to worry about shipping delays, damages to your vehicle, or any other relevant risks. 

Read Service Reviews

Even though you’ll be selecting a company from a list of top-rated service providers, it’s still worthwhile to read service reviews. 

Service reviews will give you accurate insight into the customers’ experience. You’ll be able to rule out companies that have too many customer complaints and lingering issues. 

Compare Shipping Costs

Next, compare the shipping costs relevant to each company to determine which company offers services that best suit your budget. Not all services will charge the same fees, so it’s best to make a comparison before making a final decision. 

With this, when comparing costs, it’s also worthwhile to look into different shipping options offered by each company. Some companies can have your vehicle shipping in a hurry for a slightly higher fee, while others offer standard transportation times. 

Consider Shipping Insurance

Many car shipping companies will also offer an insurance deal that’s exclusive of the shipping fees. It’s wise to opt for insurance because things can go wrong even when relying on the best auto transport company out there. 

Find out what the car shipping insurance policy covers and compare coverage with all your candidate companies. 

If you decide to go with a company that doesn’t offer insurance, it’s best to shop for this type of insurance with a third-party insurance company. 

Give Yourself Some Time To Decide

Once you have all the relevant information about each company, give yourself some time to make a final decision. It’s never best to make a hasty decision, especially when moving an asset as valuable as your vehicle. 

Do as much thorough research as possible on each company and take your time making a decision. 

Once you have selected a company with confidence, you will need to start preparing your car for the journey. The shipping service will likely recommend that you photograph your vehicle beforehand for insurance purposes, and it’s wise to clean the car as well to identify potential minor damages better. Moreover, it’s also wise to remove all items from your car and leave no more than a quarter tank of fuel before it’s collected for shipping.

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