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The 5 best platforms to watch live sports 

Sports events are shown live on a number of stations and online. If you are a true sports enthusiast, you must be aware of streaming services.

Sports channels are essentially the channels where we can watch live sports. They air sports-related content like sports news and shows that the people enjoy watching when there are no live matches scheduled.

Only a few cable TV service providers provide affordable and dependable services, despite the fact that many of them offer live sports channels like NFL Network, ESPN, etc.

You can utilize a stream TV app from some cable TV service providers, like rcn en vivo, on any smart device. You can choose RCN if you want additional entertainment channels in addition to the live sports channel and streaming app. 

You can choose any plan that meets your needs and budget from a variety of packages with various channel lineups. To quickly see whether RCN is available in your region, type “RCN cable near me” into Google. Choose a different cable TV provider or a streaming service if this provider is not an option.

What makes a streaming service better for me?

A few decades ago, when television was introduced, we essentially had to wait a lot to watch our best-loved films, TV shows, football matches, and also the news. Nevertheless, times have changed now, technology has evolved, and so now, you can enjoy your most favored seasons as well as cricket matches whenever you like all thanks to the streaming facilities. All you need is your smartphone or any smart gadget, a reliable internet connection, and of course a streaming platform affiliation. 

Streaming services bless you with countless perks and benefits. To begin with, streaming services are cheaper than cable TV so you don’t have to worry about being penniless at the end of the month. 

With the advancement of technology, increasing amounts of people are utilizing streaming facilities. Even though you may not have access to all the attributes of streaming services, you will probably still appreciate them if you do not watch a lot of television.

There are several streaming services present online that will enable you to watch your favorite matches from the comfort of your home, that too in amazing quality. We have enlisted the prominent streaming services that support live sports below. You can look at the pros and cons of all these streaming services and then make a decision. 

1. Live Soccer TV

This streaming service will win your heart if you are a huge fan of soccer. With the help of Live Soccer TV, matches can be conveniently streamed on your Television, mobile application, and also the radio. 

This service notifies you of the latest score trends, match figures, analysis as well as alerts for the several matches showing your best-loved teams. No unauthorized link streams are accessible. The cherry on top is that you can sign up and play your favorite sport for free.

2. Facebook Watch

We are all aware of Facebook. This platform introduced Facebook Watch as a means to set foot in the conventional video streaming market. A variety of big sports networks has granted streaming rights to the social media juggernaut for a number of sports channels. Facebook users from anywhere in the world can enjoy live sports using Facebook Watch Sports.

To avail this facility, you will be required to log into your Facebook account and choose ‘watch’, followed by ‘Search video’. After this, you will be required to select ‘Sports’. If you activate the live option, you can stream any sporting event that is currently taking place. 

3. ESPN+ 

We have all heard the name of this popular streaming service. ESPN+ is a streaming facility that will without any doubt, bless you with a wide array of sports feeds. You can conveniently download the application on iOS and also android devices. 

You can then select a package according to your requirements. That package can be free or even premium. Using a mobile device or your web browser, you can stream in high quality. 


This streaming service provides you the facility of streaming games for no cost at all anywhere in the world. It also comes with a ‘DVR’ solution, which gives you the convenience of videotaping your favorite matches and watching them later. 

This means that you can easily record the match and watch it when you find time so you do not miss out on anything. The basic subscription is free, but upgrading will cost you roughly $5 and provide you access to other features like the ability to rewind and view in HD.

Wrapping up

Every service has its pros and cons. Yes, streaming services have their drawbacks; however, their perks outnumber the cons. However, if you have several people using streaming services at home, then speed issues will definitely arise. And if speed becomes slow, you won’t be able to stream properly and your picture quality will also be compromised. 

If you do not own a stable internet connection, then we would recommend you to get your hands on an affordable cable TV package, this way you will be able to watch your favorite sports without any interruption. Nevertheless, if you are tired of paying heavy cable bills and prefer convenience to anything, then streaming services would be your best bet. So make a decision based on your needs. 


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