17 Best Places That Hire At 15 And Pay Good In USD [2022]

17 Best Places That Hire At 15 And Pay Good In USD [2022]

If you are 15 and wish to have some financial independence or help out your parents financially by doing a part-time job then this article is all you need. We have enlisted places that hire at 15 in the article below which will help you to find the perfect place to work as a teenager. So without any further ado Let’s get started.

Working as a teenager can be hard as you will have to maintain a balance between school and work as well, which is why it is important to pick up a student-friendly place that hires at 15. You can start working as you step into your teenage but it can be a bit limiting to find jobs for a 13-year-old the moment you turn 15 many restaurant chains and grocery store opens their doors to appoint a responsible 15-year-old as their worker. So what are the best places that hire 15-year-olds? In this article, We have listed down the Top 17 places that hire at 15 so continue reading to know more.

Here Are The Best 17 Best Places That Hire At 15 And Pay Good In USD

There are many types of businesses that give younger people employment opportunities including fast-food restaurants, entertainment venues, amusement parks, water parks, survey companies, and grocery stores. With that, we have categorized each of them into 3 categories. The three main types of businesses that are willing to hire younger workers are:

  • Restaurants
  • Grocery stores
  • Entertainment venues

Many restaurants like pizza hut or McDonald’s or KFC gives opportunities to younger people to work with them and earn money. Not only that there are also many well-known grocery stores and Entertainment venues like Giant Eagle, safe way, or Paper Route that appoints 14- and 15-year-olds. Read the entire list below to know all the other places that hire 15 year old.

Restaurants That Hire At 15

Without any doubt, many large restaurant chains hire 15 year old and are great places for young job seekers to find employment.

1. Baskin Robbins

17 Best Places That Hire At 15 And Pay Good In USD


Many children don’t like to sit ideal during their summer vacation and if you are one of those working at Baskin Robbins can be best for you. It is one of the best summer jobs for a 14 or 15-year-old. It has over 3000 branches in almost all states which means that there is almost every other Baskin Robbins store that can be near your home or school. You need to serve fresh ice cream, cakes, and frozen yogurt or you can also help at the cash register as well.

2. Pizza Hut

17 Best Places That Hire At 15 And Pay Good In USD

Another well-known American restaurant chain Pizza hut is famous for its Italian-American cuisine menu, including pizza, pasta, desserts, and side dishes. To work at Pizza hut you need to have a worker’s permit and your parent’s approval, the minimum hiring age is 15. You can work as a pizza hut team member where you can sever or take orders from the hungry customers.

3. Boston Market

17 Best Places That Hire At 15 And Pay Good In USD

Boston Market also hires staff from the age of 15 but you can only work as a kitchen crew and counter staff. It has over 450+ locations nationwide, You have to prepare food, serve customers, and take orders at the registers. If you wish to apply at Boston Market you can browse their website or visit your local store in person to find out if there’s a vacancy.

4. Arby’s

17 Best Places That Hire At 15 And Pay Good In USD

We all know Arby’s, it’s a quick-service fast-food restaurant chain famous for its premium Angus beef and slow-roasted turkey sandwiches. It has over 3300+ branches, where you can Apply as a crew member. You have to clean tables and counters, prepare food, and take food orders.

5. KFC

17 Best Places That Hire At 15 And Pay Good In USD

The fast-food restaurant chain famous for its variety of fried chicken, KFC is Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, it’s the world’s second-largest restaurant chain after McDonald’s, with over 4200+ restaurants distributed across all 50 states. You can work as a KFC team member which means you can work as a cook or customer service attendant at the restaurant.

6. McDonald’s

17 Best Places That Hire At 15 And Pay Good In USD

We all know McDonald’s at it is one of the best places to get a job as a 15-year-old. It has over 14000+ branches in the United States, it is arguably the most prominent restaurant. Though the restaurant policies change according to the location they do hire teens in states that allow it. You can be hired to serve, cook, or clean the restaurant.

7. Ben and Jerry’s

17 Best Places That Hire At 15 And Pay Good In USD

Ben and Jerry’s has a minimum hiring age of 14 and 15 for some positions. You can work there as the chain has over 4000+ branches in the United States, which is great as one of them can be near your home or school which can help you save up your time and energy as well.

8. Dairy Queen

17 Best Places That Hire At 15 And Pay Good In USD

Dairy Queen has over 4000+ branches, and the restaurant varies by location. You can expect to find jobs like cleaner or cashier and the minimum hiring age is 14+ at most of the Dairy Queen restaurants.

9. Burger King

17 Best Places That Hire At 15 And Pay Good In USD

The American Global fast-food chain, Burger King is known for its specialization in hamburger fast food. Burger King usually hires 16+ years old but the policy is not that strict. They sometimes also consider applicants as young as 14 depending on job availability and permit requirements.

Grocery Stores That Hire At 15

Many well-known and reputed national grocery store chains tend to hire Teenagers from the age of 14 or 15. And finding a job at a grocery store can be helpful for you to balance work and school life because they have extended hours and they can be fitted easily with your school hours. You can work as a cashier, cleaner, or grocery bagger. expect to earn a minimum wage of $7.25/hour. Below is the list of the grocery store that hires at 15.

10. Giant Eagle

17 Best Places That Hire At 15 And Pay Good In USD

Giant Eagle branches appoint 14 and 15-year-olds for different positions according to their potential. The store has its branches in over 400+ branches in 5 States namely-West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Indiana. You can be appointed as a shopping cart attendant or a bakery clerk. You can check in your nearby Giant Eagle store for available job information.


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11. Safeway

17 Best Places That Hire At 15 And Pay Good In USD

Safeway can be the best place that hires 15 year old. There are around 894 safe way locations in the United States that hire 14 and 15-year-olds for a selected set of positions. You can be a customer greeter or you can do jobs like cart runs, bagging items, etc.

12. Giant Food

17 Best Places That Hire At 15 And Pay Good In USD

You can work at Giant Food as a bakery associate, stocker, bagger, clerk, or cashier. It has over 150 stores spread across the eastern part of the US – Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia. They all hire Teenagers who are 15 years old or above. If you wish to work at Giant Food you can get vacancy details from the nearest local Giant Food store.


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13. Kroger

17 Best Places That Hire At 15 And Pay Good In USD

Kroger has over 2700+ branches in the United States, many branches of the store appoint 14-year-olds as baggers or stockers. Kroger owns other stores like Fry’s, Smith’s, and King Scoopers you also check in there for vacancies.

14. Publix

17 Best Places That Hire At 15 And Pay Good In USD

Publix is a great store for a 15-year-old to work at. It has over 1100+ branches in 7 states – Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina. You can be appointed as cashiers, baggers, or service desk clerks at Publix.


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15. Winn Dixie

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Winn Dixie also appoints 15 year old at their employees as the store is widely spread throughout the states with 500+ branches in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi you can work at Winn Dixie to earn some extra money as a teenager. If you wish to work at Winn Dixie you can Check-in with the nearest office in your area to confirm whether or not they’re hiring.

Entertainment venues that hire at 15

There are a few entertainment venues that appoint 15 year old as their employees. The list is given below

16. AMC Theaters

17 Best Places That Hire At 15 And Pay Good In USD

Who doesn’t love movies? Adult or a teenager we all are very interested in watching movies and eating popcorn and if you are one of them this can be the perfect job for you. AMC theaters have over 600 theater locations in the US, and almost each one of them does hire 14 or 15-year-olds. You can work at an AMC theater as a cashier, concessionist, or usher. You just need to check in with the nearest AMC theater office whether they’re hiring or not.

17. Six Flags

17 Best Places That Hire At 15 And Pay Good In USD

Who doesn’t love rides and Amusement parks right as a teenager all are intrigued by them? You can work at Six Flags to make your wish come true. It has over 25 water parks and amusement parks in North America. Your job and the offered money may vary from season to season. You can work as a game attendant, food service employee, host/hostess, lifeguard, or merchandiser at Six Flag.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What are the Labor Laws That Apply To 14 and 15-year-olds?

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has many laws in place specifically to protect workers under 16. The law state that any child can work from the age of 14 legally in many non-agricultural jobs available. The federal rules for working teenagers are stipulated in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). This Act protects employees from unfair labor practices by their employers. They can work in many commercial places like grocery stores or restaurant chains and even work in non-hazardous family-owned businesses.

Q2. How Many Hours can a 14- and 15-Year-Old Legally Work?

According to FLSA if you are under 16 years old you cannot work shifts during school hours. As a 14 or 15-year-old, your working hours are limited to:

  • Non-school hours.
  • Eight hours on a non-school day.
  • Forty hours on a non-school/vacation week.
  • Three hours on a school day.
  • Eighteen hours in a school week.
  • Between 7 a.m.-7 p.m. per day, except for June 1st, where you can work from 7 a.m.-9 p.m.

Q3. What are the Benefits of Working at age 14 or 15?

Well, there are numerous benefits of Working at the age of 14 or 15 some of them are listed below:

1. You can learn about the work ethics and the responsibility of work which can cultivate your sense of responsibility towards yourself and your society as well

2. You can learn money management and the value of money in totality.

3. You can save money for your future studies or goals or you can help out your parents financially.

4. As your expenses might get higher with age you can financially support yourself and be independent.

5. You’ll get fantastic experience in all aspects of running a business.

Wrapping up!

So we hope by now you know what are the Top 17 Places That Hire At 15. You can work in many renowned restaurant chains like McDonald’s pizza hut burger King. You can also work at any local grocery store like Safe way or Giant Eagle.

We know It can be challenging to create a balance between schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and work so we recommend you not to be hard on yourself and get the job you are interested in and can help you throughout. If our article was helpful enough please leave us feedback in the comment box below If you have any other queries you can always reach us by commenting in the comment box below. We will be happy to help!

Thank You For Reading!

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