Checkout 11 Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission 2022

Checkout 11 Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission 2022

I was travelling, and as soon as I got up, I could not find my phone. That’s when my friend told me about the phone tracker app, so I prepared a list of some of the best phone tracker apps without permission so that you do not have to face such troubles. Anyone with access to a phone monitoring app can snoop on an unaware person’s phone.

Given that it is difficult to understand how lawful these apps are, it is understandable that most people approach them with a healthy dosage of cynicism. Those detected utilizing these apps illegally in contemporary society face severe punishments.

There are now just as many ethical reasons to use spyware programs as there were in the past, despite the fact that we have utilized them for unethical purposes. They can be used, for instance, by worried parents to check on their children’s cell phone usage. You’ve arrived at the ideal location if you’re searching for the finest phone tracker app that doesn’t require permission.

There are several reasons why you might wish to be able to monitor someone’s phone without their consent, including being a concerned parent or trying to find out what your ex is up to. In order to use phone tracker applications like those we discuss below, you must be sure that you are following someone’s phone for ethical reasons because there are many other good reasons to do so.


List of 11 Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission For Android & iPhone


Checkout 11 Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

They could be used by law enforcement agencies to track someone using a cell phone number without that person’s knowledge. There is no need to go into detail, although some apps have more uses. Apps for tracking cell phone locations are allowed by definition.

Depending on how they are applied by various users at various times, they may or may not be lawful. In light of that, this post will introduce you to such programs that enable covert phone tracking. One of those technologies that are frequently disregarded by the vast majority of people is GPS technology.

In general, consumers perceive GPS as a technology that aids in accurate navigation. In addition to all of this, current users frequently use GPS for additional purposes as well. For instance, you can use GPS to identify a good restaurant, schedule a taxi, or track your location.

Anyone can spy on another person’s phone using phone monitoring applications. It makes sense that most people view these apps with a healthy dose of suspicion given how difficult it is to understand how awful they are.

In today’s environment, using these apps in violation of the law will result in harsh punishments. Although we have previously exploited them for nefarious purposes, spyware software has numerous beneficial uses. Parents who are worried about their children can use it to check on their mobile phone usage, for instance.


1. Floating Surveillance

Checkout 11 Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

Nothing is more traditional but practical than Hoverwatch when it comes to mobile trackers. Once installed this app functions just like every other app on our list.

All cell phone activity is tracked while being fully undetectable to the user of the phone being tracked. The app can simultaneously track up to 5 devices. The app’s excellent geolocation features are what really make it stand out.

To determine the precise location of a monitored device, the program makes use of Wi-Fi towers, GPS, and mobile towers. Even if the phone user switches SIM cards, Hoverwatch still tracks the phone. In actuality, you will be informed each time a SIM card is changed.

2. Cocospy

Checkout 11 Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

If you’re a worried parent who wants to make sure that your kids are remaining safe online, Cocospy is the greatest option for a cell phone tracker and one of the top phone tracker apps without permission possibilities.

They are able to assist you with both iOS and Android, and you will be able to remain in stealth mode so that your kids won’t be aware that you are watching what they do online.

You only need to create an account and gain access to the device you want to be able to track and install the program to get started with these people. This way, you may remain completely undetectable.

Once installed, all you have to do to observe their activities is log into the account associated with your device. One of the finest possibilities for you to covertly spy on a target device is to utilize one of these because they are simple to install and set up.


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They charge $49.99 for a one-month pack and $11.66 for a 12-month pack, so it stands to reason that the longer the subscription, the less you’ll pay.

3. Geofinder

Checkout 11 Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

The fact that GEOfinder is entirely web-based means you won’t need to download anything, making it one of the best phone tracker apps without permission possibilities. They have simplified the difficulty of downloading and installing apps, which may occasionally be challenging.

You don’t need to download anything because you can use a gadget through the Internet and track it using the phone number. It is very simple to determine a person’s position based on their phone number because they are compatible with the majority of network providers and mobile devices.

You may acquire a detailed location on a map and submit an infinite number of geo-location requests to find out exactly where the person is.

The only thing you need to do to make the most of this app is input the number that you want to track on the website’s main page, and you’ll have access to the target device’s position in a matter of minutes.

4. Wispy

Checkout 11 Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

One of the uncommon programs is WiSpy, which enables you to hear someone else’s calls as they happen. Furthermore, the app’s strong 360 live streaming feature enables you to listen to the environment around your phone.

There are also some more fundamental phone spy software capabilities available here. The program has several features, including the ability to hack call logs, track GPS location, monitor communications, and monitor social media activities.

The software operates stealthily around the clock to keep you informed of the most recent information in real-time. It also enables you to keep an eye on the phone’s apps and remotely disable them if you believe they are improper for your child.

5. UMobix

Checkout 11 Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

uMobix is a useful app to have on hand if you’re trying to utilize a phone tracker app without someone else’s consent. Whether you want to access their Facebook messages, their text messages, or who is phoning them.

You can do so with their assistance because they can help you see what’s happening on the target phone at every level. You may try them out right away or watch a live demo, as you can see on their website, giving you an opportunity to learn everything there is to know before signing up for anything.

If you don’t like the notion of setting up something hard, uMobix claims that it will just take five minutes. Once you are set up with them, you can also get real-time updates on what is happening with the target phone.

6. Family Where

Checkout 11 Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

In particular, based on the location of your children, this software is fantastic for finding people without their knowledge and being more exact. You may determine your children’s exact whereabouts using this technique, as well as whether or not they are being truthful about their location.

Knowing whether the kids have already left school with the help of this app allows you to rest easy knowing that they are still in school. A map that shows the precise position and real-time time of the location offers the possibility of learning the whereabouts of the children in great detail.

Furthermore, you can use it to find out a partner’s or relative’s GPS whereabouts secretly. You can still pay for the premium version of the program, which allows the user more initial options, even though it provides all these advantages.

7. Hoverwatch

Checkout 11 Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

Hoverwatch, which is listed as the second-best phone tracker app without permission on our website, is excellent if you want to monitor the target phone’s geolocation.

The best aspect is that you may monitor all activity on the target device while remaining entirely anonymous thanks to the fact that this program will function as soon as you install it.

Even five devices can be tracked at once with this app. This app stands out due to its amazing geolocating features, as we’ve already noted.

This makes it possible to pinpoint the location of the cell phone quite precisely, which is very helpful if you want to confirm that your child arrived at school without incident or that they are where they say they are when they ask you to go hang out with their buddies.

This is a highly useful tool that will cost you $24.95 per month for a personal plan, regardless of whether you intend to use it for parental control or location monitoring. This will only cover one specific gadget.

8. EyeZy

Checkout 11 Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

If you’re cautious about your budget but still want to make use of a full range of functions, the best phone tracker app without permission on our list is fantastic.

Because eye Zy can be placed covertly on a target device, the person you are trying to reach won’t be aware that you have put anything on their phone.

They run entirely in stealth mode, and you can use them to accomplish anything you would do with phone surveillance software.

You can even block specific websites through their 24/7 customer service, which is particularly useful if you’re keeping an eye on your kids’ online behaviour and don’t want them to view certain parts of the Internet.

9. Minspy

Checkout 11 Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

Another excellent iPhone and Android software that works with almost all models is called Minspy. Without jailbreaking or rooting your phone, you can install it to remotely access data while remaining totally undetectable.

You may monitor a variety of things with this app, including calls, SMS, GPS position, social media activity, and more. The ability for live remote access is this app’s biggest feature, though.

The program enables you to open, close, remove, or close an application to block, as well as remotely monitor the target phone’s screen, listen through the target phone’s microphone, and activate the phone’s cameras in an emergency.

10. Spyine

Checkout 11 Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

If you want to be able to take advantage of a location monitoring app like this without having to jailbreak or root the phone, Spyine is one of the best phone tracker apps without permission.

When it comes to phone monitoring apps, they are one of the top brands in the industry, and both iPhone and Android devices may quickly and simply be equipped with their capabilities. The nicest aspect is that you may use the device as is without having to jailbreak or root it.

The program will begin keeping an eye on the targeted device and sending you updates in real-time so that you can get these updates through a dashboard that is browser-based, wherever you are.

Text messages, social media conversations, and more can all be tracked. On the phone, you may also examine the call records, which contain crucial details like frequency, length, and timestamps. You’ll have to pay $16.66 per month for their premium plan.

11. Letmespy

Checkout 11 Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

If you use Android and the target device you wish to track is an Android smartphone as well, the next best phone tracker app on our list is pretty good.

Being extremely covert in how it operates, it will carry out its tasks in the background without drawing attention to itself to the target device’s owner.

It can be useful for monitoring both youngsters and workers, as well as for real-time location tracking. The best aspect is that they provide a three-step installation approach.



I hope the above information helped you find the best phone tracker app without permission. Sometimes it’s crucial to be able to monitor a target phone’s user and keep tabs on what the target phone is being used for. Maybe you’re a parent who wants to make sure your kids are acting as they say they will when they leave the house or you could also work for an employer.

Whatever the cause, all of the phone tracker apps without permission, we’ve discussed thus far are excellent at assisting you in keeping tabs on the target device, and the greatest part is that you won’t need anyone’s consent to do this.

We hope you find this article informative as well as helpful. For more updates on technology and other entertainment posts, stay tuned for future articles. Thanks for reading them out!

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