Payment Revision Needed on Amazon

Payment Revision Needed On Amazon: 3 Ways To Solve it Now

No doubt Amazon is one the best e-commerce company but due to some issues, many amazon users face errors while doing a payment on Amazon. So if we talk about the reasons why this Payment Revision Needed on Amazon occurs, there are some reasons and due to that you may face this issue and some are like having insufficient balance on Amazon account or not using a valid card or maybe Exceeding your daily limit on Amazon.

Getting a payment revision message might be irritating sometimes. You’ve recently provided your card details and are anticipating getting notification that your things will be dispatched soon. But sometimes this error might be caused by your bank side. You can contact your bank and ask for help too.

So today in this article we’re going to discuss Payment Revision Needed On Amazon and How exactly can you solve it?


What is Payment Revision Needed On Amazon?

Payment Revision Needed On Amazon

When a payment fails or a transaction cannot be completed, you will receive the message “payment revision needed on Amazon.” The meaning of this message is amazon won’t be capable of charging your card or bank account for the things you want to purchase.

So, in the end, it will tell you to change your payment method. So there are a variety of reasons that amazon is failing your payment. Like insufficient balance or not Entering correct card details.

So also an expired card can also cause payment-related issues and may be declined by Amazon. So before you do payment with your new card you must update your new card details on Amazon to do a Transaction with ease.


What are some Reasons for Payment Revision Needed on Amazon error?

Here are some reasons behind the Payment Revision Needed on Amazon error below:-


  • Due to a technical or network fault, your payment may be accidentally interrupted.


  • If the user refreshes the page or presses the backspace button before completing the payment, this error will appear.


  • It may be due to your credit card validity being expired.


  • Credit/Debit card information is incorrect.


  • Caused by a lack of funds in your bank.


  • Maybe your card may have been blocked.


Note: I know it’s annoying to get this message while doing the payment, so below we’ve discussed some methods you can follow to fix the Payment Needed on Amazon error.

How To Fix Payment Revision Needed On Amazon?

Step 1:- To see which card or bank is displayed as your default payment method, sign in to your Amazon account and tap on the Payment option.

Step 2:- If your payment information is correct, go to your purchases, repeat the payment option, and finish the transaction.

Step 3:- If your payment information is wrong, make the necessary changes.


So if you’ve followed the above guide to fix the error and still didn’t work then this error might be caused by your bank, try to contact them and it may help you to fix the error.


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What To Do After Receiving The Payment Revision Needed Message?


1. Check whether the mail is sent by Amazon or a Scammer

So Inside your Amazon app, you need to check whether it’s from Amazon or from a scammer to get your card details.


2. Check payment Revision Notification on your Amazon app whether its from Amazon or somewhere else

So whenever you receive a Payment revision notification you must Check whether it’s from Amazon or not.


3. Don’t try to click on Spam or unknown links texted you on Messages sent by the name of Amazon

You need to make sure that your message is not filled up with spam or scammer’s link that try to steal your information. Just delete the link and don’t try to open it.


4. Don’t click on any emails that look like spam

There are lots of Genuine emails you’ll get from Amazon and also there are some that look exactly like Amazon’s official email, so you have to check which mail is correct or not. If you find the mail as spam then just delete it.


Wrapping Up!

I hope the above information helped you to fix your payment Revision Needed error on amazon. We’ve given some good reasons that may be causing the error. So if you really liked the article do let us know your thoughts in our comment section down below.

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