8 fantastic Online Free Games Like Roblox (2022) | Roblox Alternatives

8 fantastic Online Free Games Like Roblox (2022) | Roblox Alternatives

Online Gaming Industry is booming right now! Today Lots of players prefer online gaming over physical games like Cricket, Football, Volleyball or tennis, etc. Roblox was created by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004. It also features a Voice chat option when if enabled helps you to listen to your mate’s sound in the game too. Online games come up with a variety of categories like arcade games, adventure games, racing games, and royal battle games.

If anyone is skilled and is an expert in any game and wanted to earn money too there are lots of platforms online available too. If you are a school student or wanted to play games online without downloading you should check out these games like Unblocked games 66 EZ, and  Unblocked games 77.

But if you’re done using Roblox for a very long time you don’t have to worry from now. As we have decided to provide you with Top 8 Online free games like Roblox which might be different from Roblox but almost works the same as Roblox.

Here Are The Top 4 Online Free Games Like Roblox (2022)

1. Trove

8 fantastic Online Free Games Like Roblox

Trove is one of the best multiplayer online free games like Roblox in which you will act as a fighter has to deal with lots of battles. After you choose your class from Knight and Dracolite you can go further and start a battle. This game gives you lots of high-quality areas to explore and you can collect treasures and other things.

You’ll get better fighting pieces of equipment and defending items after defeating enemies in the game. If you want to try this exclusive website to play some exciting adventurous games you can go through the link given above.

2. Brawl Stars

article image brawlstars 1.0

Supercell’s Brawl Stars is a multiplayer online free game like Roblox and a third-person hero shooter video game that was created in Finland. It was published globally on December 12, 2018. There are several game types in the game, each with a distinct goal. Brawlers are characters that may be controlled using on-screen joysticks in a gaming match, and players can choose from a variety of them.

The game is engrossing and entertaining. It has a 177MB file size. This is one of Supercell’s most enjoyable games.

Note: Brawl Stars is available both on App Store and Play store where you can download games easily and start playing.

3. Terraria

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Terraria is another best online free game like Roblox which is somehow the same as Roblox as they both feature multiplayer mode when players connect from all over the world and start playing.

This game features a theme like a sandbox which is quite similar to Minecraft. To build a good building you have to fight, explore and collect items to build up a beautiful ecosystem. This game is a 2D game but worth playing at any low-end spec Pc. To make this game interesting you can do lots of things with the servers in the game.

Note: You can directly play this game on the given link above.

4. Fortnite


Fortnite is another great multiplayer game like Roblox where players play games with players from all over the world. Fortnite is so well designed game even 3 to 4 million players regularly play this game.

Fortnite is also known as a competitive game where players fight for many prizes and trophies which makes this game more interesting and appealing.

On the other hand, this game is totally free to play and has no age restrictions. A player can spend lots of leisure time in this game very efficiently. If you’re new to this game then you should give it a try. 

Note: You can easily download this game for free from the app store and Play store.

Here Are The Top 4 Games Like Bloxburg on Roblox (2022)

1. Sunset City

download 7 1

Sunset city is one of my favorite games which is truly stimulated by the GTA auto series. This game is also a free game where you can do whatever you like and can also create troubles for others in the game to enjoy thoroughly.

If you look at its UI design you’d be definitely impressed by its design and user experience. To make this game more interesting and wanted to play it for long hours you can simply do some cool missions and robberies where you can earn money too. By using that money you can buy clothes and many more illegal things to help your character move freely outside!

Note: If you want to know how to make millions in GTA 5 you should check out this link here

2. City Horizons

download 8 1

City Horizons is another great game like Bloxburg on Roblox. The best part of this game is its user-friendly behavior and its works very smoothly on any low-end pc. As a player, you’ll get your own piece of land where you can design that land according to you and this game pretty much look similar to sim city. 

One other thing that I liked most about this game is they frequently update city horizon to make this game more appealing and bugs-free. If you’re a Minecraft-like games fan you must give it a try.


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3. Don’t Starve

2396880 dontstarve

Don’t Starve is really an interesting game very well known as an open-world survival game where players need to survive in the game by collecting food, and weapons to protect themselves from outsiders.

This game is so addictive even anyone can play this game for long hours and you’ll see its best performance on a high-end pc if available, although it works very well on low-end spec pc too.

If you start playing this game you’ll see lots of versions and all of them works similarly to others. 

It will take around 30-46 hours to complete this game and in between if you die you have to start again from scratch. 

It also comes up with Rooms where you can play with 2 friends at a time and if you’re playing online you can add up to 6 players.

Note: You can play this game on steam after purchasing and it will cost you around $4.68

4. Pony Style Box

Pony Style Box 2

The pony style box is a very interesting and fun game that lets you dress up the horse pony in different styles and there are thousands of ways you can dress.

In this game, you can choose your favorite pony from 5 different ponies and make it look beautiful by cutting, coloring, and saddling them up. One of the best parts of this game is its different styling accessories like hairspray, stickers, colors which will help you create some cray pony designs. 

You can play this game without the internet and can be played by anyone, anytime with boundless possibilities of customization. 

Note: The pony-style box is available for both the app store and the play store.


As I have mentioned above some of the Top 8 Online free games like Roblox and games like Bloomberg on Roblox (2022). All of the games listed above is the best we have picked up from thousand of Roblox similar game. If you really liked the blog please let us know which game you liked the most. Thank You!

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