Living the high life in the most luxurious penthouses in Vegas

Las. Vegas. Two words that conjure all sorts of images in the mind. It’s the entertainment capital set in the heart of the Nevada desert. A place where millions flock each year with the hope of excitement, adventure and, hopefully, a big win or two as well.

For the lucky few with the money already to enjoy it, it’s also a place where they can enjoy luxury to match anywhere else in the world. Sure, it may not be included in many of the lists of the best American cities to live in. But as a place to visit for a few days with a stylish backpack, it’s simply unbeatable.

One of the great things about Vegas is that it’s somewhere that you can enjoy whatever your budget. So if this is limited then there’s no shortage of hotels away from the Strip. In fact there are a total of over 143,000 hotel rooms in the city.

But if money’s no object then a penthouse suite near the heart of the action is the place to be. As we’ll see, there’s no shortage of choice here either. The only difference is that you’d need a casino jackpot or two to be able to afford to stay in even the smallest of them.

Luckily, this may be something you might be able to pick up from an online casino before you go – and, at the very least, you’ll be getting in some gambling practice before you do hit The Strip.

So here are seven different penthouses that you might want to put on your bucket list.

Planet Hollywood PH Boulevard Suite

Let’s start off with a suite that would make for the perfect base for the ultimate bachelor party.

The PH Boulevard Suite is part luxurious accommodation, part ultimate man cave. The décor is dark wood and plush fabrics with all the tech you could ever need at your fingertips. But it also has an amazing collection of table games too that make it like your own private sports bar. Air hockey, foosball, pool, ping pong, it’s got them all in its spacious 21950 square feet.

Mirage Lanai Villa

Why travel all the way to Hawaii when you can experience many of its delights much closer to home?

Close your eyes in the Lanai Villa and you could feel like you’re in Waikiki. Open them and you’ll see that you’re surrounded by lush indoor vegetation and cool sand-coloured flooring. Naturally it also has its own private pool lined with super-comfortable chaises longues.

But the real piece de resistance comes in the form of a private chef who will prepare whatever you desire while you stay.

Buildings Near Body of Water

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Aria Sky Villa

They’ve taken technology to the next level with the Aria Sky Villa. That’s because almost everything in the room is controlled by a dedicated table. Use it to adjust the air-con, lower the mood lighting, shut the blinds or find a TV show which is your favourite .

It’s also how you can book spa sessions or summon room service from your, very comfortable, bed. Plus, as the name suggests, the views of The Strip are spectacular from the floor to ceiling windows.

The Bellagio Presidential Suite

Water Fountain in Front of a Building

Source: Pexels

And you thought the legendary fountains were the most spectacular aspect of The Bellagio.

Well you’re certain to change your mind as you are whisked from the VIP check-in up to this suite that is, quite simply, fit for a president. Lavish comfort is all around you and there’s also a solarium complete with indoor fountain.

A butler is on hand to meet your every need and you can even relax in a whirlpool tub overlooking the city as you issue your instructions.

The Venetian Chairman Suite

If you thought a president trumped a chairman, think again. This amazing space on the 36th floor of The Venetian really is something to behold. Its 10,000 square feet is packed with so many artefacts that it might be a wing of New York’s Metropolitan Museum. It also has its very own spa, massage room, sauna and gym.

It’s so exclusive that they don’t even publish prices for this suite – because if you have to ask it’s 100% certain that you can’s afford it.

Caesars Palace Marcus Aurelius Suite

Caesars Palace is a little more open about its pricing  – and $40,000 a night gives you the chance to live like an emperor.

The suite is furnished like a grand Roman villa, but with all the mod cons that simply didn’t exist back in the day. Come up in its private elevator and you’ll be confronted with a giant fish tank as you enter the suite. Then there’s a grand piano if you fancy making your own entertainment or a cinema room if you want to leave it to Hollywood.

Add a huge outdoor space complete with fire pit and jacuzzi and you’ll wonder just why the Roman Empire ever did fall.

MGM Grand Sky Lofts

Let’s end on a penthouse that might just be in the reach of the ordinary Vegas visitor. The Sky Lofts at the MGM Grand are a modest 1,250 square feet but they still have a separate dining area, a wet bar and a spa tub.

Of course, another way to get a a taste of Vegas luxury is to see if an upgrade is available. It’s not always going to happen – but like everything in Vegas, fortune can favour the brave.

So you might just end up enjoying five star luxury at a three star price!


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