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The world is surrounded by things and each and everything has its own beauty. We have a lot of mesmerizing creatures around us and among all these beautiful creatures we have humans. Humans have the capacity to attract and can be attracted. Specifically, if we discuss women they have a high desire of having a handsome man in their life and to be loved by one of them.

Our world is full of handsome man but some guys are just classic as exactly how they look especially Australian men. We can see each and every year at least two or three Australian men included the list of top 10 most handsome men in the world and in this article I have created the list of most handsome men in Australia.  Let’s check them out. On the top of our list I have Xavier Samuel and then on the second top I have Liam Hemsworth and then the count begins and in the last spot, I have Sam Worthington.

If we are talking about Handsome man, in my opinion, most of the man is handsome but Australian man holds a very soft place in every woman heart their one intense look can melt any women’s heart so here I am creating a bunch of Most handsome Men in Australia.

Here is the list of Top 8 Most Handsome Men In Australia 2022


1.] Xavier Samuel




Age37 years 1983
CountryHamilton, Australia
IMDB rating7.4/10

Xavier Samuel The first one on our list is Xavier Samuel you might recognize Zapier Samuel from his breakthrough role in Twilight Saga. Samuel grew up in Adelaide where he graduated college in 2001 he made his Australian debut on the TV show McLeod’s Daughters. Xavier received his first award nomination and when due to his role in the Twilight Saga Eclipse. He also appeared in the 2011 movie anonymous.


2.] Liam Hemsworth




Age31 years 1990
CountryMelbourne, Australia
IMDB rating8.5/10

Liam Hemsworth Number three Liam Hemsworth. He is an actor who starred in the famous The Hunger Games movies as Gale Hawthrone. His two brothers Chris and Luke Hemsworth are also actors. During filming the movie the Last song he began a relationship with his co-star, Miley Cyrus, in the summer of 2012. The couple announced their engagement which was called off in 2013. In 2016 He was named Pettus sexist vegetarian celebrity.


3.] Chris Hemsworth




Age37 years 1983
CountryMelbourne, Australia
IMDB rating8.7/10

Chris Hemsworth: on the number third spot we have Chris Hemsworth. Chris Hemsworth is known for playing Thor from the Marvel Comic book. He is an Australian-born actor. He was born in 1983 in Melbourne and attended high school at Heathlands College. His acting career started in 20020 and when he started in the television series Guinevere Jones of King Arthur. He married Elsa Pataky a Spanish actress in 2010 and welcomed their first daughter India in 2012.


4.] Brenton Thwaites




Age31 years 1989
CountryCairns, Australia
IMDB rating7.3/10

Brenton Thwaites: In 1989 Brenton Thwaites is an actor known for his role we play a Gurren flight. He also starred in movies such as oculus, the giver, and blue lagoon the awakening. He was the lead actor alongside Gerard Butler in the movie god of Egypt blake graduated in 2010from the Queensland University of Technology and moved to the United States to pursue his dream of being an actor.


5.] Jesse Gordon Spencer




Age42 years 1979
CountryMelbourne, Australia
IMDB rating7.4/10
OccupationActor and musician

Jesse Gordon Spencer: He was born in 1979 in Melbourne. This actor is best known for the medical drama television series house. He has also starred in an Australian soap opera titles neighbors for six years as Billy Kennedy dodge. Spencer plays the violin BAM banned from TV alongside a former house co-star Hugh Laurie. He was engaged in 2006 to his health co-star Jennifer Morrison.


6.] Jai Courtney




Age35 years 1986
CountrySydney, Australia
IMDB rating7.2/10

Jai Courtney: he was born in 1986 Jai Cortney is an actor and former model. He was the first cast in a short film titled boys grammar in 2006. He has starred in many films and television series not one of his most known movies is in the divergent series as Eric Coulter one of the leaders of the faction Dauntless.


7.] Hugh Jackman


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Age52 years 1968
CountrySydney, Australia
IMDB rating7.6/10
OccupationActor, singer, and producer

Hugh Jackman: Hugh Jackman is another Australian actor who is known for his role as Wolverine in the X-men series. In 1991 he graduated from the University of Technology in Sydney with a bachelor’s degree in communications. In 1999 Hugh Jackman landed the role of Wolverine for the successful x-men series.


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8.] Sam Worthington




Age44 years 1976
IMDB rating7.8/10
OccupationActor and writer

Sam Worthington: At the age of 19 he began working as a bricklayer to work his way home that same year he auditioned for the National Institute of Dramatic art and God accepted dot his first major role in Somersault in 2004 and Macbeth in 2006. He really rose to fame after playing Jack sully in one of the highest-grossing films of all the time Avatar. He married his fellow Australian model Lara Bingle and welcomed their first son rocket buck in 2015.


End of the Line-

Here Above I have mentioned the bunch of most handsome men in Australia.  I hope you have gone through the whole list and finally you guys get want you to want to know the most handsome man in Australia.

I hope you people like this work of mine. If you are satisfied with my work then please do let me know by commenting your views, thoughts in the comment section. As comment sections are always available to you. Don’t forget to share with me the other things you want to know about.

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