Most Expensive Chains Owned By Rappers

Are you also searching for the 12 most expensive chains owned by rappers? Rappers have collections of priceless chains that are ethereal, and there is a relationship between jewelry and hip-hop performers that extends beyond music.  Previously it was not much popular As it is now, hip-hop wasn’t always a popular genre. In order to leave a legacy, artists have to start from scratch.

For many years, becoming a successful rapper in the music business has depended heavily on acquiring cash. Rappers’ chains serve as a status symbol as well as a reminder of how far they have come as performers and this is why people are queries to know Which rapper wears the most expensive jewelry?

Purchasing expensive jewellery is the only way to flaunt enormous success. Rapper’s jewellery has evolved over the past ten years as performers have acquired bolder and wackier chains. Follow this article to know about the 12 Most expensive chains owned by rappers in the world.

Here Are The 12 Most Expensive Chains Owned By Rappers In 2022

Below we have mentioned some of the most expensive chains owned by rappers. To know what exactly these chains are made up of Is it Gold or Diamond, follow the article till the end.


1. Rick Ross( $1.5 million )


Rick Ross is renowned for leading a luxurious life as a successful musician, including his priceless jewelry collection and multi-million dollar property. In 2008, he raised the stakes by investing in a chain with a self-portrait pendant that had been iced over. He went one step farther in 2010 and made a pendant that resembled his self-portrait pendant for the absurd price of $1.5 million.

Rappers prefer to flaunt their accomplishments with the most extravagant works of art that have never been seen before, from silly artwork to profound historic pendants. Each chain has a unique design while still being great in its own right. It won’t come as a surprise if someone tries to outdo these pricey chains, which may even succeed in obscuring the music they create.

2. N.E.R.D Chain ($1 Million)


Multiple The Grammy-winning singer Pharell Williams currently has a solo career net worth of $200 million. When he was a member of the Neptunes band in 2007, he bought a personalized NERD gold chain with a medallion. The medallion included satirical representations of his bandmates fashioned out of diamonds and other priceless gems.

3. Crunk Chain ($500,000)

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Lil Jon paid $500,000 for the chain, which was listed as the most expensive chain in 2007 by Guinness World Records. It was a little sum to pay from his $30 million in wealth as the singer of hit songs. The 51 lb. chain included 3,756 diamonds set in yellow and white gold. Like his song, the chain has the words “Crunk Ain’t Dead” printed on it.

4. TAKEOFF: SOLAR SYSTEM( $500,000 )

Migos Wears Icy Chains

Takeoff, another member of the Migos, has earned a spot on our list with his ostentatious solar system chain. A spaceship medallion bearing the YRN emblem, the sun, stars, and three-dimensional planets is part of this unique neckwear. Over 200 carats of diamonds adorn every inch of this item, which has been seen on the rapper multiple times since 2017.



This extravagant heavy gold chain, worn by Gucci Mane in 2017, has 4,600 enormous diamonds totalling 165 carats. There are 1,800 diamonds in the two panthers alone, and a further 2,800 diamonds make up the rest of the neckpiece, which is made up of two panthers joined by three diamond strands.


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6. T-PAIN: BIG ASS CHAIN ( $410,000 ) 

t pain pets

T-Pain bought this bling in 2009; it has a large design with the words “Big ass chain” on it. It has 197 carats of diamonds, is over 10 pounds in weight, and is constructed of yellow and white gold. It’s interesting since the rapper just said he bought it on a dare and stated he now kind of regrets it! Check out our Self Made 9ct gold chain if you want to make a more understated fashion statement.


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7 Horus Chain ($300,000)

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Kanye West, a rapper, and astute investor has a net worth of $1.8 billion and is a music business billionaire. West is included in this list, as could be expected, given his substantial $300,000 gold chain. At the 2010 BET Awards, he wore it. The chain has a massive pendant crafted of 24-karat gold depicting Horus, the Egyptian deity of the sun, moon, and sky.

8.CAM’RON: HARLEM WORLD ( $250,000 )

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Cam’ron was spotted in the early 2000s sporting one of the flashy and distinctive gold chains of the era. This battery-operated piece included a 3D spinning globe that said “Killa Cam Harlem World” and contained 150 carats of diamonds. But in 2018, Lil Yachty, a rapper, purchased it and modified the pendant with the phrase” Yachty’s World.”

9. Ratatouille Chain ($250,000)

image 1

Rapper Quavo unveiled the $250,000 Ratatouille pendant at the 2017 MET Gala, which was created by Elliot Avianne. It made reference to his renowned hit Bad and Boujee and his phrase “Call me Quavo Ratatouille.” A mini-Rolex and QC chain was added to the amount, and the rapper, who has a net worth of $25 million, lavishly spent money on the purchase.


10. JAY Z: GOLD CUBAN CHAIN ( $200,000 )


At So So Def’s 20th-anniversary concert in 2013, Jay Z debuted his statement Cuban chain. This unique hefty gold necklace, which weighs 11 pounds and is composed of solid gold, was ordered by the rapper rather than choosing an encrusted pendant, earning it a spot in our top 12 most expensive chains owned by rappers.

11. MIKE JONES: ICE AGE ( $1,000,000 )


Mike Jones’ “Ice Age” design is ranked third. Over 100 carats of diamonds are set in this imposing chain, which is constructed of white gold. But in 2009, he discovered it had been taken from his house by a buddy when he woke up! He was able to file a claim because of the fact that it was fully insured.

12. Drake: Ovo Owl ( $120,000 )

Most Expensive Chains Owned By Rappers

Nearly 3 pounds of white gold and a 100-carat diamond owl are both present in one of Drake’s most recent massive gold chains. It was created specifically for the rapper in 2018 and finished in six weeks before being flown to him inside a custom bird cage. His previous owl pendant, which cost $120,000 and had pink sapphires along with yellow, blue, and white diamonds, is thought to be more valuable than this one.

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Wrapping Up!

The trend of becoming the best of one another and donning the greatest and blingiest chains is still practised by artists today. Here above in this article, we have mentioned some of the priciest chains that rappers own. This rivalry has inspired the creation of some of the most ridiculous and lavish pieces of jewelry.

We tried our best to provide you with all the details regarding the 12 most expensive chains owned by rappers.  We really hope You enjoy this article. Don’t forget to share your views with us by commenting in the comment section. Thank You!

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