Latest Modern Family Season 12 (2022) | Checkout Here

Latest Modern Family Season 12 (2022) | Checkout Here

Have you heard about Modern Family Season 12?  Modern Family is a very famous and demanded American Television series. It is a mockumentary family sitcom. The series Modern Family includes comedy, drama, and romance. The series Modern Family is not renewed for the 12th season yet. The eleventh season of the series Modern Family was the final season, but it seems that Modern Family Season 12 will soon be confirmed. You will see that early.

Modern Family (originally titled My American Family) is an American Season television sitcom, created by Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan, which debuted on ABC on 23 September 2009. It was presented in a mockumentary style, the fictional characters repeatedly talk directly to the camera, having a lot of humor and drama.

This program is the story of Jay Pritchett, his second wife, his stepson, and their infant son. His two adult children and their families are in suburban Los Angeles. Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan conceived the series while sharing stories of their own “modern families“. There are eleven seasons total of the show.


Modern Family Season 12: Release Date?

According to now, the official release date of the series Modern Family Season 12 is not yet announced. If we get any update about the release date of Modern Family Season 12, we will instantly inform you without any delay. We can anticipate that the series Modern Family Season 12 will be released somewhere in 2022. It will be released on ABC. The series Modern Family Season 12 will also be released on the OTT platform Disney Plus Hotstar.

Have a look at the earlier series released dates:

Modern Family SeasonsReleased Dates
Modern Family Season 123rd September 2009
Modern Family Season 2 22nd September 2010
Modern Family Season 321st September 2011
Modern Family Season 426th September 2012
Modern Family Season 525th September 2013
Modern Family Season 624th September 2014
Modern Family Season 723rd September 2015
Modern Family Season 821st September 2016
Modern Family Season 927th September 2017
Modern Family Season 1026th September 2018
Modern Family Season 1125th September 2019

Who Are The Cast Of Modern Family Season 12?

If we talk about the cast of the Modern Family Season 12, it would be nearly the same as Season 11. As Steven Levitan did not attach new entries in season 2, so we can expect that not many new entries would be seen in Modern Family Season 12.


Modern Family Season 12

Source: Alpha Coders

Here are the following expected cast members you can anticipate:

  • Ed O’Neill as Jay Pritchett
  • Sofia Vergara as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett
  • Julie Bowen as Claire Dunphy
  • Ty Burrell as Phil Dunphy
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Mitchell Pritchett
  • Eric Stonestreet as Cameron Tucker
  • Rico Rodriguez as Manny Delgado
  • Nolan Gould as Luke Dunphy
  • Sarah Hyland as Haley Dunphy
  • Ariel Winter as Alex Dunphy
  • Elizabeth Banks as Sal
  • Jeremy Maguire as Joe Pritchett
  • Reid Ewing as Dylan Marshall
  • Beatrice the Dog as Stella
  • Pierce Wallace as Joe Pritchett
  • Adam Devine as Andy Bailey
  • Aubrey Anderson-Emmons as Lily Tucker-Pritchett
  • Fred Willard as Frank Dunphy
  • Dana Powell as Pameron Tucker
  • Christian Barillas as Ronaldo
  • Marsha Kramer as Margaret
  • Joe Mande as Ben
  • Kevin Daniels as Longinus
  • Nathan Lane as Pepper Saltzman
  • Spenser McNeil as Reuben Rand
  • Matthew Risch as Jotham
  • Rob Riggle as Gil Thorpe
  • Kasey Mahaffy as Dom
  • Chris Geere as Arvin Fennerman
  • Shelley Long as DeDe Pritchett
  • Andrew Daly as Principal Brown
  • Nathan Fillion as Rainer Shine

Here are all the expected cast members of Modern Family Season 2.

Here Are The Modern Family Season 12 Trailer-

You all should know that the official trailer of the series Modern Family Season 12 is not released yet. If we get any updates about the trailer of Modern Family Season 12, we will surely let you know without any hold. But let us tell you that it will soon be released.


Let’s watch the trailer of the series Modern Family Season 11 below. And enjoy:

Modern Family Season 11 A short Review

Modern Family Season 11 has got a tremendous response and people are eagerly waiting and are excited about the next season: Modern Family Season 12. As the viewers know at the end of the series of Modern Family Season 11, we have seen that Cam gives Gloria his letter as well as tells her to express her feelings on a card that she thought was directed at Manny, who leaves to pursue a film career.


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Alex and Haley want to annoy Luke one last time just by reloading the video that they made at the time when they were young. Alex and Haley wanted to prove that they can take care of a dog and they told what they would do to the dog, with Luke as the dog.


Modern Family Season 12

Source: Alpha Coders

Before everyone part ways, the family meets up at the house of Phil and Claire as well as they form a big family hug. The series Modern Family Season 11 ends with a voiceover of Jay featuring all three houses because the lights got turned off and also the screen turns black subsequently.


Q1. Did the Modern family Show cancel?

The Modern Family show has been discontinued. We can say that it is canceled but it might come afterward.

Q2. Is Modern Family worth watching?

Yes, definitely it is worth watching as it has got 8.5/10 stars on IMDb which is a very good score and you should give it a try.

Q3. Why did pepper leave Modern Family?

Because of her Gestation she left. And after that Valerie replaced her and did her role in the drama.

Q4. Where is Modern Family gone after Netflix?

As you know the series is now not available on Netflix. It has been shifted to Disney+ and Hulu. You can see all the 11 seasons there.

Q5. Who is the richest in Modern Family?

Sofia Vergara is the richest one among all the members of the cast. She is having a net worth of 160 million dollars.

Q6. Are Claire and Mitchell Twins?

No, but they are siblings and are good friends too. They share a very good bond with each other as they get notice always.


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Summing Up

If you have seen all the seasons of Modern Family, you must be craving its 12 parts but let us tell you according to the official announcement, it may not come. But you can hope for its occurrence. Its successful 11 seasons have won so many hearts and its next season happening is a must for the American industry.

So here was all about Modern Family Season 12 and we will let you know about its further updates immediately. We hope you all liked our content. If you do please like, share, and comment with your appreciating words, and if you have any queries or confusion you can still comment below. We will try to fix your problem. Thank you!

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