Maxwell Drever analyses the best programs for converting hotels into affordable housing units

Maxwell Drever analyses the best programs for converting hotels into affordable housing units

Various properties and hotels have fallen out of business, with travel and tourism stuck in the doldrums. Governments and policymakers are looking at it as a chance to take advantage of the sector to help individuals counter the problem of homelessness.

• If you look at the western world, you will see that various erstwhile apartments and properties got converted into residential units in the post-pandemic scenario.

• It’s because the workforce population who serve the society in different capacities do not have the resources to grab hold of luxurious apartments.

• As a result, they depend upon government grants and initiatives to get food, clothing, and shelter. In such a scenario, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a new struggle for these individuals.

By converting hotels into supportive housing, people are trying to experiment with available resources and helping these individuals fight homelessness.

  • What are the underlying possibilities of hotel conversion? 

Now it is a million-dollar question. Why must an individual undertake hotel conversion? The answer is quite evident: the smooth flow of revenues. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a severe economic blow on the hospitality sector, various hotels are on the verge of sale.

As a result, Maxwell Drever says the repurposing of hotel rooms into affordable workforce housing can provide easy returns every month. The motivator compels every individual to take up the proper planning and execution of converting these rooms into residential shelters.

  • What’s the role of the government? 

In the last few years, housing policies have been continually changing. However, policymakers have to look at the issue from a different angle. If you look at the late 19th and early 20th centuries, you will see that the distinction between hotels and housing was clear. However, the post-pandemic scenario has blurred this distinction.

Moreover, a few years back, there was no strict regulatory requirement on which houses had to qualify for quality, size, and features. However, things have changed lately. Today, living conditions and housing construction programs have undergone severe changes. Whether boarding houses, rooming houses, or other areas of the hotel, they have to adhere to a few strict protocols.

  • Significant steps to take for converting hotel rooms

If your hotel is at an appropriate location, you can think of recycling the same into a residential unit in the city centers. If your hotel can provide easy accessibility and is close to the job location, nothing like it. It’s because you will get a smooth flow of visitors.

Proper analysis and examination are necessary before you engage in this process. Maxwell Drever states that you must research the local code of law and building construction protocols so that your conversion process does not get obstructed. You have to pay attention to the industrial standards and strategies for the transfiguration of hotel rooms.

Remember that every property is different. Hence, if you desire to ensure that your hotel rooms get a smooth flow of guests, you must pay attention to the commercial building codes and regulatory framework.


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