Math Online: Learn Math in Real-Time

Math Online: Learn Math in Real-Time

A drastic change is observed in the mode of education in recent years. The online class has become a practice worldwide allowing teachers and students to participate in classes that are conducted through the online platform using various digital tools and applications. Math online classes are conducted using the internet connection through audio and video facilities as an alternative to face-to-face interactions. The online mode of learning allows students to access the course materials, interact with teachers and fellow students, and submit assignments. The teachers guide students through the virtual classroom on various mathematics topics as per the course requirements. The students attend the online classroom sessions using video facilities available in the apps. The online platforms provide facilities for students to practice and submit assignments, view results, and track their progress through the learning management applications just like in-school sessions.

Learning Mathematics Online 

Mathematics is a subject that can be made interesting through some innovative learning methods. It is necessary to get proper guidance to understand the conceptual things in an easy and simple way. In the present scenario, the students and teachers need to get adapted to digital methods of learning. The learning management apps apply easy-to-use digital tools that provide both students and teachers with a comfortable environment for learning and feedback. The audio and video facilities help students to get a feel of live classroom sessions. Online classes allow students to enjoy a relaxed and flexible schedule while learning. Apart from live sessions, there are facilities to go through the recordings or uploaded contents for reference. Online classes are becoming popular as various coaching and training institutes are offering online classes to help students continue their studies with the flexibility of location and time. 


Math Online Classes Benefits

Math online classes focus on developing confidence in students to handle mathematical assignments simply and conveniently. The classes are conducted by top teaching faculties who guide students on a variety of topics relevant to their requirements. The students are allowed to learn multiple methods of problem-solving techniques to handle difficult assignments in school, college, or competitive examinations. The students get valuable guidance from teachers to work on their weak points and improve their performance. Mathematics online helps students develop a strong foundation in mathematics and build analytical skills that facilitate their success in course of time.

Completing the Square: A Method to Solve Quadratic Equation

A quadratic equation is a polynomial with a degree of two. The solution of this type of equation involves finding two values of the variable, which satisfy the equation. One of the methods to derive the value of the variable in a quadratic equation is completing the square method.  A completing the square is a method used for converting a quadratic expression given in the form of ax2 + bx + c to the vertex form a(x – h)2  + k 

Application of Completing the Square Method

The standard form of a quadratic equation is ax2 + bx + c = 0

In a simpler form, we can take a =1 so that the equation becomes x2 + bx + c = 0

Now, the above equation represents a combination of three parts:

  • The area of a square having each side equal to x
  • The area of a rectangle having length x and width b
  • A square having areas c.


The method then involves adding half of the area of the rectangle with the square on each side making each side equal to x+b/2. 

The next step involves adding an area of a square with each side equal to b/2 which is taken from the area c thereby leaving an area c – b2/4

So, the given quadratic equation takes the form of (x + b/2)2 = -(c – b2/4). 

Cuemath app provides an easy way of understanding this concept with simple examples in a fun and interesting way.


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