5 Easy Hacks To Mark a Message as Unread On Instagram (2022)

5 Easy Hacks To Mark a Message as Unread On Instagram (2022)

How To Mark a Message as Unread On Instagram?

Right now Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms among teens and tweens and now and then Instagram tries to evolve for the better by giving out new features to its users for a satisfactory experience. Initially, the platform is restricted for users to just share and interact over pictures and videos but eventually, Instagram added an option to message other users called DM or Direct Messages.

Though messaging is just an add-on feature and not the sole purpose of the App but Instagram is fixing the gap and trying to provide everything their users ask for.

A direct message is one way of doing so, we can directly message anyone on Instagram and chat for hours but even you might have been stuck in a situation where you don’t want to have a conversation with the person and they are still trying to message you and God forbid if you accidentally open their chat and now you have to reply because they know you’ve seen the message and it will be rude for you to not reply. Don’t worry we’ve got your back this one is just for you! You can escape the situation if you know how to unread a message on Instagram.
In this article, We will show you how to unread a message on Instagram. So without any further ado, Let’s get started

Does Instagram Allow You to Unread Messages?

First of all, you need to know that you need to have a business account on Instagram if you want the in-app function to unread messages other than that if you have a personal account for your own use unfortunately Instagram doesn’t provide you with any in-app function to unread messages on Instagram. But there are certain hacks you can use if you have a personal account to unread messages on Instagram. For the Instagram business account users, there is a feature that allows you to unseen your business messages from the app only. The feature was launched recently and now probably is one of the most used features of the social media platform

Note: If you have an Instagram business account, you’ll see two tabs in your inbox named primary tab and general tab.

Primary Tab- It includes the users who are important to you be it be your family or others close to you. In short, a primary tab is for your family, relatives, friends, and others close to you. And you will receive a notification every time someone from the primary tab tries to send you a message.

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General Tab- If you wish to put a user in a general tab then you’ll not get a notification if they message you. And the best part is you can keep the message in the inbox for as long as you want and you can open and reply to it whenever you wish to do so.

The best part of having a business account is that the primary tab is open by default in your inbox, so there is no way you will read the general messages unwillingly. The unread feature arrived in the year 2020 to business accounts.
And if you get a DM on Instagram from a user who is added in the general or primary section here is how you can unread the conversation easily:

How Unread messages on Instagram?

Unless you’re running a business account, there’s no official way to unread messages on Instagram. Once you open a conversation, that message is marked read, and the other person will see a small ‘Seen’ notification under the last text they sent.
The unread feature arrived the last year 2020 to business accounts as well. However, if you’re using a personal account, there is a workaround you can use.
But what if you don’t have a company or a business account with them? The good news is that there are a few techniques that will allow you to mark your Instagram direct messages as unread and return to them at any time. That’s what we’re going to talk about today. So keep reading for further information on how to unread your Instagram DMs.

How to Unread messages on a business account?

As we’ve mentioned above Unless you’re running a business account, there’s no official way to unread messages on Instagram. Many of us are actually unaware of the feature as it was added back in 2020 in the official app. That is why we will explain it in detail here.

If you have an Instagram business account, you may designate your messages as unread by following these steps:

Step 1: Open Instagram and Go to your DMs by tapping on the icon placed at the upper right corner of

Mark a Message as Unread On Instagram

Step 2: Choose the conversation you wish to mark as unread on Instagram and tap and hold the conversation you want to mark as unread.

Mark a Message as Unread On Instagram

Step 3: By doing that you’ll see a few options popping up on your screen Tap on the ‘Mark as Unread’ option from the drop-down menu. And with that, we are good to go, by following these steps you can successfully mark any conversation as unread.

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Note: 1.) This applies to both the General and Primary inboxes that you see on business accounts.

           2.) This functionality is also not yet accessible on the desktop version.

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How Unread messages on a personal account?

There are many people who use Instagram for personal purposes and just prefer not to have a business account. And as we know the in-app feature to unread messages is only provided to the business account holders on Instagram and if you have a personal account this can be a bummer for you. But we do have some hacks for regular Instagram account holders to Unread messages on the app. Yes! Actually, there is an in-app solution for this as well.

So, If you are using a regular account on Instagram unfortunately you cannot unread messages but what you can do instead is to restrict the other person from messaging you, by doing this the significant other will not be able to see the ‘Seen’ notification from their messages, it also restricts you from messaging them unless until you revert the change or wish to do so.

Also, note that when you’ve restricted someone on Instagram every time they DM or message you on the platform the messages will be marked as ” message requests” and the best part is even if you read them they will not be marked as read. This is the simplest way to escape from annoying messages people send you without really blocking them.

Form this the question arises How can we Restrict an Account on Instagram? Actually, there are many ways to complete your task of restricting an Instagram account continue reading to know steps in details

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How to restrict an account on Instagram?

METHOD 1: You can Restrict an account directly through a profile:

Step 1: Open and log in to your Instagram account through your Android or iPhone.
Step 2: Tap and open the profile of the person you wish to restrict
Step 3: On the right-hand side you’ll see three dots Tap on them
Step 4: You’ll see a few options find and select the restrict option by tapping on it

Note- If you wish to un-restrict the person you can follow the same steps and just tap on the unrestricted option to revert the change.

METHOD 2: You can restrict someone straight from the Direct messages/ DM

Step 1: Open Instagram and On the top right corner you’ll find a Direct message or messenger icon tap on that to open your inbox
Step 2: Find and open the chat of the person you want to restrict and tap on the person’s name present right at the top of your chat
Step 3: You’ll see many options find and select restrict usually present third from the last.

Note: If you are a member group with the person you’ve restricted you will probably get a warning beforehand that you will see a restricted account’s messages. You can choose to stay in the group or leave the group or you can also make a new group on instagram by following few simple steps.

You can restrict or un-restrict someone through your settings:

Step 1: Open Instagram and Tap on your profile picture present in the bottom right In order to go to your profile
Step 2: On the top right tap on the three-line icon
Step 3: From the given options find and tap settings and then tap privacy
Step 4: Just below the connections you’ll find Restricted Accounts tap to open it.
Step 5: Search for the account you wish to restrict and tap Restrict next to their username, and if you want to unrestrict then you can tap Unrestrict to un-restrict, someone.

Wrap Up!

In a nutshell, we can say that one can unread messages on Instagram just by using the App. Though if you have a business account Instagram does provide you an easy to use the in-App feature but if you have an Instagram account for personal use then there are ways to do so. We hope our article with be helpful for you to mark your messages on Instagram as unread. Check it out for yourself and if you know any other hacks kindly comment down in our comment section we would love to connect with you and expand our knowledge.
Thank You For Reading!

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