7 Steps To Make An Oculus Account Without Facebook

Are you also one of those people who hate sharing their gaming scores with their family, friends, and, relatives. But do you know you need to connect your Oculus account with Facebook to play games with the headset? As long as Facebook won’t permit you to proceed further. So here I’m with How To Make An Oculus Account Without Facebook?

This is not very good news for reserved people but incredible news for those who share each and everything on social media. But what about those people who are not very comfortable sharing their gaming experience with the world? If you are one of them then this post is surely for you, you must read it to solve this issue to get rid of posting every detail of the game online.


How To Make An Oculus Account Without Facebook Easily (2022)

In September 2020, Facebook/meta announced its next headset, the Oculus Quest 2. In spite of this, it revealed that the device needed a Facebook login –  it stated that you can no longer use and access the headset if you are not registered with Facebook.

Now, I’ll show you the steps in detail to smoothly skip the irritating [Create a Facebook Account] message and how you can continue using your Oculus account. For that, you must have an android smartphone or mobile, an android tablet, and an Oculus account. After you log in, you will be able to see all the apps available in your account. And, when you click on the social icon, it will ask you to connect to Facebook.

Here are the steps-

  1.  First of all, Go to Oculus.com and click on My Devices. Make sure that you have not added Oculus Quest 2 to the list here. 
  2. Clear your Oculus app from your android phone. Also, remove all stock or cache and associated data first.
  3. You will also have to delete your Facebook account and Facebook app from your android device.
  4. Then restart and set your device on auto-update.
  5. Then download the Oculus app and version v36., which you can find on Apkmirror.
  6. Now, download the app on your android device and permit the installation from unknown sources and click on okay.
  7. When the installation is over, log into your Oculus account and put your phone aside.

Process of Making an Oculus account without having a Facebook Account!

  •  First of all, Click on the My Devices icon on the Oculus app.
  • Also, remove your Facebook account and the app from your phone.
  • Moreover, you’ll need to restart your device and start updating the OS.


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What is the need of creating a Facebook Account for Oculus?

With an operational Facebook account now required to download and set up the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset, you will not be able to access an acquired device through Amazon’s Play Store due to the ongoing Facebook outage.


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What are the things that you cannot do without a Facebook Account from Oculus?

  •  You will have no access to any social feature.
  •  Oculus 2 will vanish from the list of your android devices.
  • Sometimes, it may not even show up on your phone
  • You cannot start streaming on Oculus through a remote.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. If I merge my Facebook and Oculus accounts, can this be undone?

No. Once the accounts are linked, you will be required to use your Facebook account on all of your Oculus devices.


2. How do I log into my merged Oculus account?

Step 1- Select the “Experimental Features” tab in your Oculus Quest/Quest 2 headset’s “Settings.”
Step 2- Scroll down and check the box next to “Multiple Accounts and Library Sharing.”
Step 3- Return to “Settings” and click the “Accounts” tab.
Step 4- To link a second, third, or fourth login, click “Add Accounts.”


3. What happens if you don’t have a Facebook account for Oculus?

Unfortunately, it was also announced that the headset required a Facebook account – without a Facebook login, the headset cannot be used or accessible. Any new 1st sign-in on an Oculus device will be required to use a Facebook account.



So all these things you have to do from your headset. And these were the ways which would help you know How to make an Oculus account without Facebook. I hope this information helped you and solved your issue. If you have any queries we would love to answer them. Kindly ask them in the comment section. 

Till then Happy Learning!

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