Checkout Main Abominable Cast and characters | Full Review

Checkout Main Abominable Cast and characters | Full Review

Abominable(Also Called Yeti) is a 2019 animation movie developed by Dreamworks Animation and Pearl Studio. The movie got an IMDB rating of 7.0/10 with over 34000 reviews, while on rotten tomatoes the movie has an 82% score on TOMATOMETER and 95% audience score which ultimately resembles that Dreamworks Animation and Pearl Studio has done some exceptional work and it would be worth watching Abominable. 

The film received a great response from the audience and bagged itself a worldwide total of 189.7 million dollars and all the credit goes to the production unit, its director(Jill Culton), and co-director(Todd Wilderman). The film is a fiction of a mysterious creature resembling human or apelike characteristics. Abominable is a creature of a certain description, A giant fluffy creature that walks like a man. Abominable is claimed to be sighted in the great Himalayas. 

In the Film, A young Chinese girl named Yi encounters a big hairy creature Abominable(Yeti) on the roof of her flat in Shanghai. She titled him Everest and commenced on an adventurous quest to discover the magical creature along with his family and friends, Jin and Peng. To accomplish the great quest the trio of friends has to be very smart and fast as there is another man named Burnish who is a man of deep pockets aimed to capture Yeti(Everest) as he escapes captivity and meets a girl named Yi. Everest asked for YI’s Help to get back to his family. There’s a zoologist named Dr. Zara, the antagonist of the movie and helps Burnish across his quest to capture Yeti. So here’s the full main abominable cast and characters are given below:-

“Here’s the Full Cast and characters of Abominable movie”

  1. Chloe Bennet
  2. Albert Tsai
  3. Tenzing Norgay Trainor
  4. Eddie Izzard
  5. Sarah Paulson
  6. Tsai Chin

“Here’s the Main Abominable Cast and Characters”

1. Chloe Bennet

main abominable cast and characters

Chloe Bennet is an American actress and also a singer born April 18, 1992. Chloé Wang is her original name as professionally she is known as Chloe Bennet. She is been a part of some famous web series like Marvel’s Agents of Shield(2013-2020). At the age of 15, She started to pursue her singing career and was featured in the 2011 music video Tonight by Bigbang. During her acting career, She changed her name to Chloe Bennet because she was facing difficulties to be cast in American movies. In the year 2019, she was cast as the lead role as Yi in the animation movie Abominable. 

2. Albert Tsai

main abominable cast and characters

Albert Tsai is an American actor, born August 5, 2004, in San Jose, California, USA. He is a very talented and ambitious actor. Albert is featured in some binge-worthy American shows like How I met your mother. He gained popularity from a series by Disney called Coop and Cami Ask The World where his character name was Fred. At the age of nine, He is also featured in ABC’s Trophy nominated as a Best Supporting Actor from the Critics’ Choice Television Awards for his remarkable performance on ABC’s comedy series Trophy Wife. He is successful in his acting career and received some limelight during the past few years. He was also featured in one of Entertainment Weekly’s 12 Best Child Actors of 2015 for his work on Dr. Ken. Tsai played the character Peng, a friend of Yi in the movie Abominable(2019).


3. Tenzing Norgay Trainor

no matter what face he makes Jin is so hot

Tenzing Norgay Trainor is an American actor born in Plantation, Florida, USA. He portrayed his role as Jin who is a friend of Yi(main character). He is an exceptional actor and bagged himself an Independent Shorts award for best child/young actor. He was also a nominee in Annie awards in Outstanding Achievement for Voice Acting in an Animated Feature film.


4. Eddie Izzard


Eddie Lzzard is an English actor, writer, and activist. He was born in Aden, Yemen. She also performs stand-up comedy. You can find her content on his Website named She portrayed the character of Burnish, a wealthy businessman and head of Burnish Industries who wants to capture a Yeti. She is featured in some great movies like The Chronicles of Narnia and several other films including Ocean’s Twelve, Ocean’s thirteen, and Valkyrie. She won two primetime Emmy awards for Dress to kill and was also nominated for a Tony award for her performance in A Day in the Death of Joe Egg.


5. Sarah Catharine Paulson (born December 17, 1974)

Dr Zara from Abominable 2019 Min Yu Chang 1

Sarah Catharine Paulson is an American actress. She is portrayed as the character Dr. Zara a zoologist who helps Yi to find Yeti. She is best known for her performance in Ocean’s 8, Bird Box, Glass, and Run. She is the recipient of several honors, including a Primetime Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award. In 2017, Time magazine named her one of the 100 most influential people in the world in the artist’s category.


6. Tsai Chin

MV5BMjE0NTU3NzgzMV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTM4MjQwOA@@. V1 UY1200 CR10206301200 AL

Tsai Chin is a Chinese actress, singer, director, teacher, and author best known in America for her role as Auntie Lindo in the film The Joy Luck Club. She is also a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe television series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. the episode “The Only Light in the Darkness” (2014) as Lian May and the feature film of Marvel Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021) as Waipo. She is playing her role as Nai Nai in Abominable. Nai Nai is the maternal grandmother of Yi and a minor character from the 2019 film Abominable.

End of the Line:-

So, guys above I have mentioned the main abominable cast and characters and how they acted in this movie, and what’s the role of these characters explained above. Do share our reviews on it.

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