How To Fix Macbook Air Won’t Turn On 2023? | 6 Effortless Tricks That Works!

How To Fix Macbook Air Won’t Turn On 2023? | 6 Effortless Tricks That Works!

Imagine one day you wake up, but your MacBook Air doesn’t. What will you do if your MacBook Air won’t turn on even after pressing the power button? Come let’s see what we can do to fix this problem! There might be lots of reasons why your MacBook Air won’t turn on but our prime motive is to bring the Mac back to its life.

And for that, you can try simple techniques like checking your power connection, getting your Mac in Recovery Mode, or performing a quick power cycle. However, if nothing works you can turn to Apple Support and report this issue. In case, you wish to resolve this problem, you need to go through some of the other easy and quick guides.

But, one of those ways is first to go and shut down your mac>unplug the power cable then, plug in>press the Shift+Ctrl+Alt+power key>power cable flickers, and restart. If your MacBook Air won’t turn on that doesn’t mean the problem is with the whole system. So, let’s move forward to the article to know more about how to fix MacBook Air won’t turn on!


How to Fix the Macbook Won’t Turn On Problem In 2023

Most likely there is one part or component which is creating glitches in your MacBook and that’s the reason why your MacBook Air won’t turn on. But I am here for the rescue. Before getting all panicked check a few things mentioned below:

1. Check if your MacBook has Power

Check The Power

Did you check the battery last time you used your MacBook? Many times users forget to charge their MacBook or maybe it is not plugged in correctly, or maybe you forget to turn the switch on. If your MacBook won’t turn on try unplugging and then plugging the charger into the Mac.

One thing you have to make sure of is to use only Apple cables for the long life of your MacBook Air. Apple cables are expensive but worth the price. They keep your Mac safe and don’t affect the life span.


2. Disconnect The Accessories

Disconnect them

If you have connected any accessories like a USB or keyboard to your Mac, unplug them. There is a possibility that these accessories are creating a problem and are a reason why your MacBook Air won’t turn on. Also if you have installed a new RAM or hard disk check if it’s compatible and working correctly or not because it can cause your MacBook Air won’t turn on issue. Or just try to re-install the older hard disk. It might help solve the problem of the MacBook Air won’t turn on.


3. Perform a Power Cycle

perform power cycle

If your MacBook Air won’t turn on you perform a power cycle which is claimed to fix this problem. But this only works if there are any signs of life in your Mac. To perform this task, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Press the power button to shut down the Mac and keep pressing it in case your Mac is a desktop, all you have to do is unplug the Mac for at least 10 seconds.

Step 2: If any power cables are connected to your Mac, unplug them.

Step 3: Now again hold the power button for 10 seconds.

Step 4: You can restart your Mac as usual.

If this works, you can use your Mac as usual but if it doesn’t and still, your MacBook Air won’t turn on, jump onto the next method.


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4. Turn on the Recovery Mode:

Turn on the Recovery Mode

You need to boot up your Mac if you want to perform this task. Recovery Mode is one of the best options if your MacBook Air won’t turn on. Follow the steps to use Recovery Mode:

Step 1: Simply press the command + R and hold it and keep pressing it during the whole process.

Step 2: Make sure that you hold them as soon as you hear the chime sound. This way your Mac gets into Recovery Mode after booting.

Step 3: You will gain access to “Disk Utility”, after restarting the Mac. Now click on it.

Step 4: Locate the drive of your Mac which is probably Macintosh HD, and then click on it. Now select the “First Aid” option.

Step 5: The Disk Utility performs an operation named fsck (file system check) so that you don’t have to perform this function manually and remove all the errors occurring in your MacBook Air.

This method is supposed to work but if your MacBook Air won’t turn on, there might be some other issue.


5. Check the File System

mackbook air won't turn on

This is an interesting method to perform when your MacBook Air won’t turn on. Wondering why? Come, let’s see:

Step 1: Shut the Mac while pressing the Cmd + S keys. This way Your Mac will be launched in Single User Mode. Release the keys when you see a black screen with white text.

Step 2: Wait until you see the command-line prompt and all the texts are scrolled down. Now you have to type fsck-fy and press the “Return”. Now wait for a few minutes and be patient because it can take longer.

Step 3: After five checks you will see either of the two messages on the screen; “The Volume [your Mac’s name] appears to be OK” or “FILE SYSTEM WAS MODIFIED”.

Step 4: If you see the first message then type reboot and tap on the Return button.

Step 5: If the second message appears on the screen then you have to run the fsck-fy command all over again and then you can retype the command and press the Return button or you can press the Up arrow and then press Return.

If this doesn’t work and still your MacBook Air won’t turn on you can move on to the next method. Fun method! Right?


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6. Reset SMC

SMC stands for System Management Controller. You may need to reset the SMC in some situations like this where your MacBook Air won’t turn on. This is the last method you could use to bring your Mac back to life again. Here are the steps to perform this task:

On a Mac Laptop: 

Step 1: Shut down the MacBook Air. Unplug the power cables and then plug them in.

Step 2: Now press Shift + Ctrl + Alt and power key at the same time and also release them at the same time.

Step 3: Now on the power cable flicker, you will see a light.

Step 4: Now you can restart your Mac Laptop.

On a Mac Computer: 

how to fix macbook air won't turn on

Step 1: Shut down the computer and unplug the power cables.

Step 2: Now press the power button and hold it for 5 seconds.

Step 3: Now plug in the Mac and turn the computer on.


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MacBook Air Won’t Turn But Charger is Green

how to fix macbook air won't turn on

Have you ever come across a situation where your Mac was not fully charged but the color was green? Well, this is an indication that something is off with your Mac. However, you can perform the SMC reset to fix this problem.

After doing it, the color will turn green for two seconds and then turn into amber or orange. In case this doesn’t work you can disconnect the logic board and then re-connect it. This can help to resolve this problem.


Wrap up!

Black screens are very annoying and hard to deal with. Usually, MacBook rarely disappoints users, but if your MacBook won’t turn on you can try out the methods discussed in the article. And if nothing works you can report your issue to Apple Support.

But most probably this problem will get resolved by applying the methods mentioned in this article. I hope you get answers to your questions through this article and that it helped you solve your problem. Thanks for reading!


Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. How to force restart a MacBook Air? 

Ans. Press the Cmd + Ctrl keys along with the power button and keep holding it until the screen goes black and your Mac restarts.

Q2. Why is my MacBook Air screen black and not responding?

Ans. This might happen because your Mac has gone to sleep to save energy, or maybe it’s out of power. But if neither it has gone to sleep nor the power is out, consider getting help from Apple Support.

Q3. How to turn on the Mac without the power button?

Ans. If you want to turn on your Mac without the power button you can use some key shortcuts like Ctrl, OTHER & DELETE. 

Q4. How do I fix the “MacBook Air won’t turn on” problem? 

Ans. Press the power button and hold it for 10 seconds and then release it. Now immediately press Cmd + R and you will see an Apple Logo. If this doesn’t work you can go through the article for more details.


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