30+ Love Shayari in English | Romantic lines for your love

30+ Love Shayari in English | Romantic lines for your love

Love Shayari In English

Love is a beautiful feeling which can’t be expressed but felt, Sometimes, we often find ourselves struggling when it comes to confessing and expressing the inner feelings,

Romantic/Love lines for your love

Here’s a collection of some Love Shayari In English Language or Love Poem which will definitely bring a smile on the face of your special/favorite person and make your bond more strong.


Love Shayari In English | Best Collection Of Love Poem




“Love is in the air,
The reason why your name is in my prayer,
You seem like the reason of living,
You aren’t a drug, but for you, I’m craving.”


“They say love gets heartbroken,
But when I fell for you, I got my broken heart healed.”


“For a day be mine,
For a day make me feel I’m fine.”


“Loving you was the second best decision of my life so far,
Never giving up on you still remains first.”


“You seem like the fairy my mom used to tell me about in her stories,
You seem like the angel that brings happiness.”


“I don’t want to let you go,
You’re my lifeline,
Love of mine,
My life’s sunshine.”

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“I wasn’t having faith in black magic until I saw your eyes.”


“You are my soul,
My life as a whole,
Stay forever in my life,
Otherwise, it will become lol.”


“My life was surrounded by dark until you came and illuminated my life with your smile.”


“I promise to stay with you forever,
I will leave you? Never!”


“I will care for you more than me,
You’re the one who completes me.”


“Your smile sets everything right,
In my life, you’re the light that makes it bright.”


“You’re first thought of my morning and the last text of night.”


“Be mine forever,
Wanna spend my life with you,
Holding your hand, till my last breath!”


“Your presence makes me feel better,
Your smile is enough to light up my world.”


“The way you talk is what attracts me,
Your smile is what that distracts me
Your eyes hold my attention for a while,
Your smile is the reason behind my smile.”


“But if you think I’m gonna fall in love with someone new,
It will be you, it will always be you.”


“In love with you, in love with your presence,
In love with the sweet innocence,
In love with your eyes and your smile,
Which makes me forget everything for a while.”


“I promise to love you in every moment,
I will be by your side no matter whatever the situation will be.”


“I feel blessed for nothing except having you here with me.”


“When you look at me with that lovely smile,
You take away my heart every time.”



Above mentioned information is LOVE SHAYARI IN ENGLISH that you can write while posting your picture on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp or in Texting someone. And as you know nowadays people are more connected with social media portals so for your profile, we created these Romantic/Love lines for your love that you can use these LOVE Quotes in your bio as well as a post too and Also, let us know about other things you want to know about. Do like to share with your friends and comment. If You Have Any Quires You Can Comment below. Our Team will Try To Answer them.


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