Longest Answer Wins Roblox Answers List 2023 | Win Now!

Longest Answer Wins Roblox Answers List 2023 | Win Now!

Roblox has the most diverse collection of online games, everyone from children to adults is addicted to the game, including me. So, today we will talk about the longest answer wins roblox answers. When I first thought of playing the game I thought to myself how hard it can be. I’m a writer, and I know words, so this should be a cakewalk for me.

But boy was I wrong. This game tests your knowledge of the english language and things get even tenser when you are competing for the top prize with other players. Longest answer wins is a fun quiz game that has been developed on roblox and has become quite popular on the platform.

It seems like a normal quiz game but is very different in reality. It tests your knowledge of the english language and comprehension. You are asked a question and you have to give an answer with the longest possible spelling.

The long spelling will create a bridge for you to climb on and eventually win the game. If you have played the game but are having a hard time thinking of long words to answer then here is a list of the longest answer wins roblox answers that you can use to win.

Longest Answer Wins Roblox Answers List 

Here is an extensive list of some of the longest answer wins roblox answers and we have included the longest possible answers to each of the questions here. Hope this proves to be helpful for you and helps you win your next game.

Easy Level

Longest answer wins roblox answers

  1. Sound You May Heard In The Farmyard – Leaf Blower
  2. Another Word For Garbage – Rubbish
  3. Best Place For Someone To Study – Coffee Shop
  4. Building Seems To Be Cold – Doctor Office
  5. Color Of Rainbow – Orange
  6. Common House Color- Yellow
  7. Activity You Wear Gloves In – Construction
  8. Sports That Are Usually Played By Teams – American Football
  9. Superhero – Captain America
  10. Objects In The Bathroom – Toilet Paper
  11. Outdoor Activity – Photography
  12. Planet In Our System – Neptune
  13. Things Your Mom Tells You To Do Before Dinner – Callyoursiblings
  14. Eat At The Movies – Sour Patch Kids
  15. Example Of A Thing That Is Cold – Refrigerator
  16. Famous Video Game Character – Sonic The Hedgehog
  17. Find In A Pencil Case – Pencil Sharpener
  18. Game You See People Playing In The Park – Hide And Seek
  19. Month In The Year – September
  20. 2D Geometric Shape – Parallelogram
  21. When Do Kids Close Their Eyes – Horror Movie
  22. Popular Car Color – Silver
  23. Princess Of Disney – Sleeping Beauty
  24. Put In The Freezer – Chocolate Ice Cream
  25. School Subject – Home And Consumer Studies
  26. Shake Before Using – Salad Dressing
  27. Someone You Might Ask For Directions – Traffic Enforcer
  28. When You Get Home From School – Play Video Games
  29. Ice Cream Flavor – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream
  • Something
1. You Wear On Your FeetI. High Heels
2. You May See Out On The OceanII. Coconut Tree
3. You Might DrinkIII. Watermelon Juice
4. You Put In A BathIV. Rubber Duck
5. You Might Ask For Directions V. Traffic Enforcer
6. In Hamburger VI. Mayonnaise
7. In Your MouthVII. Wisdom Tooth
8. On The Road VIII. Traffic Cones
9. People Do While Watching FireworksIX. Take Pictures
10. That Younger Brother Wants To DoX. Play Sports
11. To DrawXI. Coloring Pencils
12. When U Feel Happy XII. Whistle
13. With Roots – VegetablesXIII. Vegetables
14. You Can ClimbXIV. Climbing Frames
15. You Can Sit On XV. Rocking Chair
16. You Feel XVI. Disappointed
17. You Find Near The BathXVII. Rubber Ducky
18. You Have To Charge RegularlyXVIII. Electric Bike
19. RoundXIX. Watermelon
20. Shouldn’t Do While EatingXX. Drinking
21. That Goes UpXXI. Hot Air Balloon
22. That Has PairXXII. Chopstick
 23. That SharpXXIII. Razorblade
  • Things
24. You’d Find In A Kids BackpackXXIV. Pencil Case
25. That Women Wear That Men Do NotXXV. Extensions
26. That You See OutsideXXVI. Mountains
27. You See In The ClassroomXXVII. Whiteboard
28. Your Mom Tells You To Do Before DinnerXXVIII. Callyoursiblings
29. You’d Usually Store In Your WalletXXIX. Driver’s License
  • What
30. Desserts Do Kids Like?XXX. Chocolate Ice Cream
31. Do You Find In The North PoleXXXI. Santa Claus
32. Do You Miss About SchoolXXXII. Classmates
33. Does A Dog DoXXXIII. Play Fetch
34. Would You Find In A Haunted House?XXXIV. Appliances
  • Main
35. Character From FrozenXXXV. Kristoff
36. Characters In SpongebobXXXVI. SpongeBob SquarePants
37. ColorsXXXVII. Yellow Orange
  • Parts
38. Of The BodyXXXVIII. Large Intestine
39. Of The HeadXXXIX. Forehead
  • A
40. Day In The WeekXL. Wednesday
41. Month With 31 DaysXLI. December
42. Reason You’d Wake Up In The Middle Of The NightXLII. Lifestyle Choices
  • You
43. Bring On A Camping TripXLIII. Emergency Kit
44. Keep In The CarXLIV. Drivers License
  • Name
45. Of Santa’s ReindeerXLV. Rudolph
46. Of Seven Dwarfs In Snow WhiteXLVI. Bashful
  • Place
47. Do We Find An ElevatorXLVII. Office Building
48. You Are Told To Keep QuietXLVIII. Movie Theater
  • Animal
49. That Starts With The Letter BXLIX. Bactrian Camel
50. Animal That Moves Very SlowlyL. Elephants
 51. That Has HornLI. African Buffalo

Moderate Level

Longest Answer Wins Roblox Answers List

  1. Tell Me Something Many People Do Just Once A Week – Clean The House
  2. How Do People Move From One Place To Another – Transportation
  3. Objects That Start With Letter J – Jackstones
  4. Occasion That You Celebrate With A Party – Thanksgiving
  • Name
1. Some Types Of Coffee DrinkI. Vietnamese Iced Coffee
2. A thing Associated With WitchesII. Broomstick
3. Something HotIII. Fireplace
4. Something In A Fruit SaladIV. Strawberries
5. A House You Never Want To Be InV. Haunted House
6. A Pizza ToppingVI. Roasted Red Pepper
7. A Popular Board GameVII. Settlers Of Catan
8. A Precious GemVIII. Andesine Feldspar
9.  A Reason A Person Might Be RunningIX. Get Somewhere
10. A Reason You Might Be Late For WorkX. Traffic
11. Name A Brand Of TVXI. Panasonic
12. Name A Breakfast CerealXII. Corn Flakes
13. A Character That You Would See At DisneylandXIII. Sleeping Beauty
14. Name A Country With A Lot Of IceXIV. United States of America
15. Name A Friend Of Mickey MouseXV. Minnie Mouse
16. A Green FruitXVI. Gooseberries
17. Name A Hairstyle – Medium LengthXVII. Medium Length
18. A Shellfish That Someone Might EatXVIII. Crayfish
19. A Shoe BrandXIX. Blowfish Malibu
20. A Soda DrinkXX. Mountain Dew
21. A Source Of ProteinXXI. Poultry
22. A Sport Beginning With FXXII. Five Pin Bowling
23. A Word That Has a Key In ItXXIII. Keyboard
24. An Activity For Which People Wear BootsXXIV. Horseback Riding
25. Halloween Costumes That Are ProfessionsXXV. Police Officer
26. A Sport That Uses A BoardXXVI. Mountain boarding
27. A VegetableXXVII. Sweet Potato
28. A Winter SportXXVIII. Recreational Sports
  • Name Something
29. Little Kids Have Nightmares AboutXXIX. Slenderman
30. Or Someone That Has FangsXXX. Hippopotamus
31. People Do To Their ArmpitsXXXI. Deodorant
32. People Do While Riding A RollercoasterXXII. Close Their Eyes
33. People Like To Do While Listening To MusicXXXIII. Exercise
34. That Lives In A ShellXXXIV. Hermit Crab
35. That Makes You ItchXXXV. Mosquito Bite
36. You Can HangXXXVI. Christmas Ornament
37. An Animal That Doesn’t Have A Leg To Stand OnXXXVII. Caecilians
38. An Article Of Clothing You Can’t Wash In Washing MachineXXXVIII. Sweater
39. Kids Line Up For At SchoolXXXIX. Fire Drill
40. You Can Listen To Music OnXL. Wireless Radio
41. You Might BreakXLI. Cell Phone
42. You Sleep InXLII. Sleeping Bag
43. You’d Do In Front Of A MirrorXLIII. Check Outfit
44. You’d Find In A CaveXLIV. Stalactites
45. You Bring To a SleepoverXLV. Extra Clothes
46. You Spend Lottery Winning OnXLVI. Vacation
  • What
47. Are Things That Have WheelsXLVII. Roller Skates
48. Are Things You Can Develop?XLVIII. Relationship
49. Are the Materials Used To Build A House Except for Woods?XLIX. Concrete
50. Are the Types Of NutsL. Almonds Nuts
51. Can You Find On The Beach?LI. Cuttlefish Bones
52. Do People Usually Lose Or Misplace?LII. Phone Charger
53. Do People Usually Take With Them To The Beach?LIII. Beach Blanket
54. Does A Wrestler Not Wear During A Match?LIV. Glasses
55. Are Some Holidays Where You Can Dress UpLV. Christmas
56. Are The Things That Women Do To Their Hair?LVI. Straighten
57. Are The Words That Rhyme With Election?LVII. Incomprehension
58. Are Things Children Believe In That Don’t Exist?LVIII. Easter Bunny
59. Are Some Sports That Involve Water?LIX. Swimming
  • Something
60. That Takes People Into The AirLX. Hot Air Balloon
61. You Use To Eat With – Cocktail StickLXI. Cocktail Stick
  • Example
62. Of Household PetLXII. Hamster
63. Of a Kitchen ApplianceLXIII. Washing Machine
64. Of A COVID-19 VaccineLXIV. Johnson Johnson
65. Of A Popular Edible MeatLXV. Molluscs
66. Of A Social Media PlatformLXVI. Instagram
  • Can You
67. Give Something That Is Made Of Milk?LXVII. Milkshake
68. Think Of Something A Vampire Is Afraid Of?LXVIII. Sunlight
69. Think Of One Real Thing That You Can Not SeeLXIX. Gravity
  • A
70. Board You Can Write OnLXX. Whiteboard
71. Character From MarioLXXI. Princess Peach
72. Farmyard AnimalLXXII. Donkey
73. Word That Rhymes With HorseLXXIII. Reinforce
  • Give
74. Another Word For BookLXXIV. Paperback
75. Fast-food RestaurantLXXV. Kentucky Fried Chicken
76. Me A Word That Rhymes With BuckleLXXVI. Knuckle

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Hard Level

  • 10
  1. Countries With Largest Population
United States of America
  • Animal
  1. From Chinese New Year
  1. Whose Legs Are Featured On Restaurants Men
  • Atheletics
  1. Event
  • B
  1. Bad Job For Accident-Prone
  2. Ball That’s Smaller Than A Baseball
  3. Batman Character
  4. Birds That Can’t Fly
  5. Brand Of Toothpaste
  1. Construction Worker
  2. Ping Pong Ball
  3. Detective Ethan
  4. Inaccessible Island Rail
  5. Doramad Radioactive Toothpaste
  • Country
  1. In Asia
  2. In The European Union
  3. That Hosted Olympics
  4. That Speaks Spanish
  1. United Arab Emirates
  2. Czech Republic (Could be: Republic of Cyprus – Need confirmation!)
  3. United States Of America
  4. United States Of America
  • Countries
  1. That Speak French
  2. With Stars On Flag
  1. Luxembourg
  2. Federated States Of Micronesia
  • C
Casino GameSlot Machine
  • Example
  1. Of Continent
  2. Of a Martial Art
  1. South America
  2. Kickboxing
  • E
  1. Emergency Service
  2. Exotic House Pets
  1. Mountain Rescue
  2. Hedgehogs
  • F
  1. Food Many People Are Allergic To
  2. Form Of Identification
  1. Peanut Butter
  2. Social Security Card
  • Give
  1. A Dinosaur Name
  2. A Major Religion
  1. Micropachycephalosaurus
  2. Rastafarianism
  • Greek
Gods NameHephaestus
  • House
In HogwartsHufflepuff
  • Item
You Might Buy In A Souvenir ShopKitchen Accessories
  • Musical
  1. Genre
  2. Instrument
  1. Progressive Rock
  2. Electric Guitar
  • Name
  1. A Condiment
  2. A Nursery Rhyme
  3. A Pokemon
  4. Something That Runs
  1. Datu Puti Vinegar
  2. London Bridge Is Falling Down
  3. Fletchinder
  4. Refrigerator
  • Natural
DisasterTropical Storm
  • Ocean
NameNorth Atlantic Ocean
  • On
Of The Deadly SinsGluttony
  • One
  1. Of The 10 Longest Rivers In The World
  2. Of The World’s Largest Countries
  3. Thing That Is Made From Coconuts
  1. Mississippimissouri
  2. United States Of America
  3. Coconut Water
  • People
  1. Buy To Show They Are Successful
  2. Who Have Walked On Moon
  1. Smartphone
  2. Harrison Schmitt
  • P
  1. Pixar Movie
  2. Place Where You Need To Wait In Line
  3. Profession That Starts With T
  1. Monster University
  2. Amusement Park
  3. Offensive Tackle
  4. Travel Counselor
  • Roblox
Game GenreTown And City
  • Soccer
PositionAttacking Midfielder
  • Something
  1. At A Wedding
  2. From The Disney Movie
  3. Guests Do At A Wedding Reception
  4. In A Desert
  5. Living Underground
  6. People Decorate
  7. That Happenes Ones Every Few Years
  8. That Starts With Chow
  9. With Webbed Feet
  10. You Dont Leave Home Without
  11. You Eat With Crackers
  12. You Find In A Toolbox
  13. You Recycle
  1. Videographers
  2. Snow White And The Seven Dwarves
  3. Take Pictures
  4. Jackrabbits
  5. Groundhog
  6. Christmas Party
  7. Presidential Election
  8. Chowhound
  9. Albat Rosses
  10. Smartphone
  11. Peanut Butter
  12. Phillips Screwdriver
  13. Plastic Packaging
  • Specific
Card GameTexasholdem
  • Sport
With GoalpostsGaelic Football
  • Star
  • Techniques
Used For SwimmingBreast Stroke
  • Term
That Starts With FairyFairy Godmother
  • Things
People Lie About On ResumesQualifications
You’d Find With A DoctorPrescription Pad
  • Type Of
  1. Bear
  2. Cheese
  3. Fuel
  4. Headache
  5. Insurance
  6. Metal
  7. Pollution
  8. Seeds
  9. Snake
  10. Transport
  11. Wood
  12. Chemical Reaction
  13. Communication
  1. North American Black
  2. Pecorino Romano
  3. Adrenaline
  4. Migraines
  5. Blackjack
  6. Stainless Steel
  7. Water Pollution
  8. Sunflower
  9. Rattlesnake
  10. Teleportation
  11. Brazilian Mahogany
  12. Decomposition
  13. Nonverbal Communication
  • U.S
State Beginning With AArkansas
  • Video
Game GenreFirst Person Shooter
  • W
  1. Way Of Sending Messages
  2. Which Creature Lays Eggs
  3. Wizard You Know
  1. Social Media
  2. Amphibians
  3. Harry Potter


What Is The Longest Answer Wins Game In Roblox?

If you read all the longest answer wins roblox answers without knowing what the game actually is about then here is the answer for that. The longest answer wins is a fun game developed by mega for fun. At first glance, it seems like a normal quiz game but it comes with a twist.

The game asks you certain questions and you have to give the longest answer to the question within a certain time limit. For example, if you are asked “name something you might break” then think of an answer that has the longest spelling.

Instead of answering glass, you can write a television set, cell phone, or windshield. The reason behind giving the longest answer wins Roblox answers is that the longer your answer is the longest bridge the words will create.

You see the game set-up is such that you are standing on a pedestal and the water is rising constantly below you, and the only way to save yourself from growing is to create a long bridge. The long bridge is created by the spelling of the answers you give, so the longer your answer is the longer your bridge will be and the quicker you can get out of there.

Note: If you like the game, you get a free hint.

Wrapping Up!

The longest answer wins is one of the most creative games on roblox, it’s fun, terrifying and educational at the same time. But it’s also very difficult to pass, so that’s why we are here to give you a little boost to help you win your next game. You can use these longest answer wins roblox answers to get ahead of your opponents and let them drown in the rising water.

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Frequently Asked Questions –

Q1. For which age group is the longest answer wins roblox answers suitable?

Ans. The longest answer wins roblox answers is suitable to play for all ages.

Q2. How many game modes are there?

Ans. There are three game modes, easy, normal and hard.

Q3. What do you get after passing each level?

Ans. A player can earn blocks after passing the levels which they can use to buy colorful block skins. They also get their names registered on the Roblox leaderboard.

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