List of most amazing football series on Netflix

List of most amazing football series on Netflix


From Romance to thriller, from horror to comedy, from autobiography to documentary Netflix has offered us a variety of series to watch during this Quarantine time. Are you feeling bored? Are you looking for something to watch? Are you a football lover? If yes, then today we think to do something different for you.
Today we have prepared the best football series on Netflix to help you in killing your time during this Quarantine. Here below e have mentioned the best football series on Netflix.

Here is a List of Most Amazing Football Series on Netflix



Undefeated is one of the best football series on Netflix. This series is an inspirational documentary that supports not only football but also teaches an important lesson that a team sport can teach. The plot of this series just changed as wee as reaffirm your mindset about your faith in human nature. The real problems and dreams reflect in this series make you love football even more.

Note: We highly recommend to all football lovers across the world to watch.

2.] LAST CHANCE U [ 2016 ]

Whenever we talk about the best football series on Netflix we can’t forget to mention the name of last chance u. last chance u is a very interesting look at the life of student-athletes. The plot of this series revolves around the group of young men, at East Mississippi Community college, training to become the future stars of the NFL.

Note: If you are a football fan then Last Chance u will keep you engaged from beginning to end.

3.] THE LAST WHISTLE [ 2019]

This sports drama series is written and directed by Rob Smat. The plot of this series revolves around a high school football coach named Victor Trenton.

Note: A must watch

4.] ALL AMERICAN [ 2018 ]

All American football series is inspired by the life of retired footballer Spencer Paysinger. He is the central character of this football series. The plot of the series revolves around his life. Earlier he used to be one of the star players of Crenshaw High School before he takes a transfer to Beverly Hills High.

Note: In this football, the series the story revolves around a football player Spencer Paysinger. A must-watch football-based web series.


5.] THE LONGSHOOTS [ 2008 ]

This one of the best football shows on Netflix. The story of The Longshoots is based on the life of Jasmine Plummer. Uncle of Jasmine Plummer who was a former footballer has not been able to make much of his life and career. Later he feels that his niece Jasmine has a talent when it comes to throwing a ball.

Note: A pretty much inspirational series to watch and is highly



A football documentary series that explores the world of youth football in Texas. Here in this series, we follow four kids who are under the pressure of their coaches as well as their parents to win and be the best. This series reflects a different side of our society which creates a controversy.

Note: An entertaining series that teaches you to give a different outer look to society.


7.] THE WATERBOY [ 1998 ]

The Waterboy is the story of a simple boy named Bobby Boucher who serves as a water boy for the college football team, surprised everyone with a talent. He becomes a member of the team when his coach discovers he can tackle people much bigger than him.

Note: The Waterboy script and humor are just perfect for a late-night


This series is a powerful movie about a high school teacher and football coach Charlie Wedemeyer who suddenly diagnosed with a Disease. This series shows how his life changed with the disease. With the great support of his wife Lucy, the teacher remained leading his football team.

Note: Based on true events. Highly inspirational series to watch.



Triumph of the heart is the story which tells the relationship between a Football star and a disabled boy. This shows how the young boy becomes an inspiration for such a star player when he is suffering from a disease at the peak of his carrier. The unconditional love and bond that they shared are truly reflected in the movie.

Note: Triumph of the heart is a truly inspirational drama to watch.


The above-mentioned article is based on the List of most amazing football series on Netflix. We hope you like this collection of us. Also, let us know about the other things you want to know about. Do like, share and comment.


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