Letterkenny Is Back with A Bang With Its Season 10 | Here’s Complete Details About Season 10

Letterkenny Is Back with A Bang With Its Season 10 | Here’s Complete Details About Season 10

Letterkenny Is Back with A Bang With Its Season 10

The Canadian TV Sitcom Series Called Letterkenny is back in the news for making its comeback on the screens with its season 10 on Hulu. Just like its other 9 season Letterkenny season 10 is as hilarious as it can be. Letterkenny season 10 is going to give you a much-needed dose of laughter and comedy. It was like a Christmas reward when Letterkenny season 10 dropped down in the month of December last year.

And if you are were also one of you, desperately waiting for the comedy Sitcom then your Christmas wish did come true right? With another whole season, the drama show has made a huge success without any doubt! In fact every year the show’s product house used to come up with two seasons but this time due to COVID-19 they could only cater to us with one season, but the wait was worthwhile though! The show itself is enough to grab as much audience it can across the globe. And it was in a pandemic when everyone was inside binge-watching every show many of us discovered this hilarious show and from then there was no turning back!

What Is The Underlying Story Of The Sitcom?

First of all, if you discovered the show just now and eagerly want to know the entire plot and concept of the show we have got you covered! The Canadian TV Sitcom Series show tells us the story of the lies of residents who are living in the town of Letterkenny. In the show we can see all the residents of the town Letterkenny categorized into three kinds of groups. The three groups were named the hicks, the skids, and the hockey players. The hicks were a group of farmers whereas the skids were people who are goth addicts whereas the hockey players are just hockey players.
In season 10 of Letterkenny viewers will witness hicks having a sausage party and on the other hand skids and hockey players will be busy in a video game battle.

Where is season 10 Letterkenny going to premiere?

Letterkenny Is Back with A Bang With Its Season 10


The first episode of Letterkenny season 10 will be premiering as a Christmas gift for its fans, releasing on December 25, 2021, in Canada on Crave. And the first episode of Letterkenny season 10 will be premiering on Hulu on December 26, 2021. You catch the following episodes of Hulu. Letterkenny hit the screens with one episode every week on Sunday. So we can say Letterkenny Sunday will be a Funday!

If you do not have a subscription to Hulu you can obviously watch it on a 30-Day Free Trial of Hulu or you can also take up a monthly subscription for Hulu for just $6.99.

And if you wish to watch the previous episodes of Letterkenny they are also available on Hulu too. And if you think you’ll have to wait for the 11th season for a long time then we have a piece of good news for you, the 10th and 11th seasons of Letterkenny had their filming done together so you don’t have to wait for a very long time for the next season. Letterkenny season 10 dropped after an entire year, and season 10 was worth the wait. There will be 6 new episodes of new season 10 of Letterkenny.

Cast & Characters in Season 10 Letterkenny

Fans of Letterkenny will be seeing their favorite actors:
  • Jared Keeso in and as Wayne.
  • Nathan Dales in and as Daryl
  • Michelle Mylett in and as Katy
  • K Trevor Wilson will be portraying Squirrelly Dan.
  • Andrew Herr as Jonesy
  • Tyler Johnston as Stewart
  • We will also be seeing other special mentions including actors such as Daniel Petronijevic, Evan Stern, Mark Forward, and Tiio Horn.
Keeso serves as executive producer, creator, and writer while also staring in it. Tierney will also be an executive producer as well as director. Kaniehtiio Horn serves as a consulting producer with Mark Montefiore as an executive producer and Kara Haflidson as a producer for New Metric Media. Chris Kelley serves as production executive with Sarah Fowlie as head of the production, Carlyn Klebuc as general manager, Justin Stockman as vice president of content development & programming, and Karine Moses as senior vice president of content development & news for Bell Media.

Episode List and Their Names:

1st EpisodeKing of Suckers
2nd EpisodeDealership
3rd EpisodeDyck Meat
4th EpisodeProstate
5th EpisodeVidVok
6th Episode
Sundays are for Picking Stones
7th EpisodeInternational Women’s Day

Letterkenny Season 10 Plot

Season 9 of the Sitcom Letterkenny portrays digs into the lives of the residents of Letterkenny and some of the major breakthroughs that happened all around the town. We saw Wayne encountering his french ex-girlfriend Marie-Frédérique when the whole town was busy celebrating Tanis’s own energy drink.

On the other hand, Stewart and Roald successfully managed to launch their own deejay venture. And the entire town is in the show to witness the arrival of a big-chain restaurant called Breastaurant. Katy is exhausted with dating life and frequent dates one after the other getting dolled up but gets disappointed with everyone.

In season 10 of the Sitcom Letterkenny begins with the aftermath of Tanis’ energy drink launch and the constant effort to explore the ideologies of the residents of Letterkenny. We can also see townsfolk completing in a Caesar building contest. Wayne and McMurray will be getting engaged with each other.

We will be seeing skids clashing brutally with the hockey players in the video game battle. Few Letterkenny men and Wayne will be going through prostate examinations as a part of head-to-toe physical examinations. And after the battle between skids and the hockey players, they will compete again for VidVok fame. The hicks will also reach out to other townspeople to help them for picking up stones.


Season 10 of Letterkenny without a doubt will be one of the best seasons in the entire series. Season 10 will include drama, clashes, and comedy at its most. If you haven’t seen the show yet we recommend you to go watch it right now and tell you which episode is your favorite one.
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