25 Less Stressful Jobs for Retired Teachers | Best In 2022

25 Less Stressful Jobs for Retired Teachers | Best In 2022

Are you peeking for the less stressful jobs for retired teachers as you are retired now? Or are you possibly about to retire and looking for work you can do after retiring from the education field? Thankfully, whatever the case may be, there are tons of choices. You can use the mastery you formulated as a teacher in a new career.

Whether it’s part-time work, new full-time employment, or freelance work you can do from home, there are many ways that former teachers can earn money. I’ll wrap 25 less stressful jobs for retired teachers in today’s article for both men and women.
And if you haven’t retired yet, some of these jobs can truly be some of the best summer jobs for teachers.

Here Is The List Of Less Stressful Jobs for Retired Teachers:

Less Stressful Jobs for Retired Teachers

1. Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is a considerable one of the paid online less stressful jobs for retired teachers. There are various freelance websites where you can procure writing jobs from different businesses examining to hire good writers.

To stand the possibility of obtaining a gig as a freelance writer, you should attempt to equip yourself with good script and communication skills alongside the efficiency of using computers and laptops. Among other locations on the net to get writing gigs, Upwork.com and Fiverr are the most suitable to look out for.

2. Tutors

With academics being the only priority in the twenty-first century, teachers have been sought after because they help learners attain academic superiority in college and during academic years.

Therefore, the demand for parents and learners is to get one who gives proper attention and above receives good grades. It is one of the less stressful jobs for retired teachers as it pays you hourly and depends on you, how many hours you are working?

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3. Translator

Carrying on a translator or interpreter position is also an advantageous part-time job and indubitably one of the less stressful jobs for retired teachers. Different organizations based on international offices hire translators straight or through third-party agents to aid in translation.

Fluency in more than one tongue other than your prior language, acceptable syntax skills, and good grammar are demanded .

4. Mentoring

Being a mentor presumably comes inherently to teachers because that’s what teachers do every day for their pupils. You might have retired from teaching, but you can always be a mentor, not to your students but to other teachers who are currently teaching so they can acknowledge their full potential.

A mentor ought to be capable of reassuring, inspiring, providing feedback, and giving new teachers advice. If you think you’re up to the challenge, you can look for mentoring schedules in your local school district or straight to the schools.

5. Author

You can also think of an author, it’s plenty of work, but it can also be very rewarding. A book you write now could have you earning money for the rest of your life!

To be an author, you will need to write a book, edit the text, publish it yourself online, and then sell your book so that people can purchase it from you. It is an interesting and hectic job as it needs a lot of mental energy. Still, it will for sure helps in sharpening your mind, gaining a lot of knowledge, and learning new vocabulary.

6. Research

There’s no shortage of online research jobs for retired teachers; after all, research is another area you should have abundant experience. It would help if you were all too familiarized with the research procedure: how to vet your origins, determine which understanding is relevant, organize the information, and present it engagingly.

Relying on your expertise and preferences, you’re even free to select what broad region of research you want to go into, depending on your proficiency and picks. Proceeding into research also means you can take online or in-office jobs, whichever is open and whichever you select.

7. Baker

Becoming a baker is as comfortable as having friends order sweet delicacies that you then make and give them for their bash. This job easily kicks off the list of less stressful jobs for retired teachers.

Of course for this, you’ll need to love baking and have all the baking supplies; you ought to make everything from cupcakes and cookies to wedding cakes and more additional, but if you adore baking, this is the perfect job!

8. Caring For Children

This one is presumably not for you if existing around children stresses you out. But if you’re a regular Mary Poppins around children, being a babysitter or a nanny can be a suitable job for a retired teacher. Babysitting demands you to manage and care for children for a few hours while their parents are out on a date or doing other duties out of the house. 

Being a nanny is a tremendous responsibility; nannies are heavily involved in housework and tasks aside from childcare. You can also expect to do some grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, helping with homework, doing dishes, feeding pets, and other work around the home. Concerning the pay, you would anticipate nannies to get paid better than babysitters as it’s more hands-on and more consistent. 

Offering tutorial services to your customers allow you to make more money, taking on even more work. Still, if you love teaching kids even during your retirement, this is another choice you can consider.

9. Writing Coach

In a 2016 PayScale report, 44% of managers said that writing mastery was the most challenging skill that graduates lacked most. You can help switch this trend by functioning with students and corporate customers to perfect these essential skills.

As with tutoring, writing coaching concerts benefit from technologies such as video conferencing, which enables more than ever communication with students at a distance. These can also function as part-time online jobs for retired teachers.

10. Curriculum Developer

 Suppose you finished a lot of time in class. You comprehend what works and what does not function to teach your material. Use this understanding wisely and make a second career as a curriculum developer.

The primary job offers always have checklists for curriculum developers. These can also act as part-time online jobs for retired teachers. Some, like In fact, will permit you to purify home opportunities.

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paralegal professionals

11. Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is a broad term that encloses many different things. Different specializations will have different levels of demand. What a teacher can do as an entrepreneur after retirement will rely mainly on their work area. Therefore, it isn’t easy to specify exactly how teachers can become entrepreneurs.

Retired math teachers should be ready to bring various skills to the consultant role. They can analyze productivity data, review commercial data or provide quantitative analysis. Teachers with knowledge in places such as mathematics may find that their skills translate into the management of a firm in public. You can find gatherings looking for contracts with people with solid mathematical knowledge and locate work that way.

12. Teaching Materials Provider

If you already have your teaching materials purified by years of trial and error in the classroom, why not convey that wealth of knowledge and make sure that your hard work pays off simultaneously? Teachers Pay permits you to share your lesson plans, activities, classroom decoration, and more and earn money.

You presumably do not make capital on the site, but you could earn a few cents more additional per month, which is very useful when you initiate a post-class career: some agents seem to be okay.

13. Test Scorer

The Educational Testing Service constantly explores test markers online, and on-site for TOEFL, GRE, and other examinations, usually a part-time and cyclical job since the requirements vary throughout the year, which can also function as part-time online jobs for retired teachers.

It undoubtedly falls in the list of less stressful jobs for retired teachers as in this working hours are less and are somewhere dependent on your will.

14. Educational Consultant

Educational consultants advise school districts or function in these districts for various purposes. These retired teachers can have comprehensive experience in different types of technology and be acquainted with the current state of teaching techniques that incorporate everything from computers to mobile tablets. Some advisors can advise communities on how to integrate technology sufficiently.

It is a nasty little mystery of professional life that consultants often earn more than employees who offer a comparable experience. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you can make a company that will notify teachers and administrators.

Determinate that this work is inadequate, as you should probably consult clients instantly. However, being your boss demands a lot of flexibility.

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15. Online Tutor

Whether you proficient in ESL, computer science, or SAT practice? Online tutoring can be the best way to make a living from residence or spend your wages at work every day.

Technologies such as Skype and other video conferencing software make it more manageable. To copy an in-person tutoring session and reduce travel time, also serving as part-time online jobs for retired teachers.

16. Child and Family Social Worker

Many educators are naturally compassionate people, which makes them very good at seeking a career in social work, particularly those that cover vulnerable children from harm and help families get the essential help they need.

You can be like a true guardian angel with a practical impact that lasts a lifetime on each person you help.

17. Personal Trainer

Are you passionate about exercise and healthy eating? Why not direct your education in this direction? Fitness clubs and private clients are always peeking for natural motivators and coaches who comprehend how to plan pieces of training and assess a person’s progress.

Also, it does not take prolonged to be certified in this zone.

18. Sales Representative

Would you agree with the following comment? To be an influential teacher, you must involve people separately and in groups. Now, believe in what it takes to sell something.

Considerable former teachers are excellent sales representatives because they know how to communicate and convince others of their enthusiasm, knowledge, and interpersonal skillfulness. Can you see the parallels?

19. College or University Academic Advisor

Retired teachers usually know what students need to navigate their academic requirements. Therefore, an educational adviser is generally suitable for individuals who have left the teaching profession but do not want to leave the education sector.

And individually, the postsecondary institution has specialized personnel to help students in this aspect of university life.

20. Coach

Do you have substantial experience in any sport or recreational sports? Many young people and social organizations need quality people for coaching positions.

As a teacher, you probably have a natural ability to teach, instruct and motivate people. Therefore, he could be a promising candidate for many coaching jobs as a former teacher, particularly if he has received training in physical education or sports and recreation direction. There are many sports that can pay you well but for that you need to be proficient in your field.

21. Museum Educator

Many museums systematize educational programs, events, and activities. With the teaching experience, you can help supervise the development of these schedules, advise volunteers or even hold academic conferences or excursions for the masses.

Here is an option that authorizes you to contribute to the cultural vitality of your community.This is one of the most suitable and less stressful jobs for retired teachers.

22. Blogger

Bloggers can earn money online if their blog gets famous and is liked by the viewers. It can also be delightful to write about something you know about and are curious about.

To make money as a Blogger, you’ll need to compose blog posts often that are impressive so that people will keep seeing your site. Then, you’ll be able to make money via advertisements and sponsors from companies.

23. Logo designer

A logo designer functions with a business to create an excellent, customized logo that will define the company. It is indubitably one of the less stressful jobs for retired teachers but for this, you need to be creative.

You’ll have a creative and artistic mind and be very good at all directions to be a logo designer. Many businesses are very particular about their logo because it is an integral part of their business.

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24. Mobile App Developer

Anyone can learn how to create mobile apps, and once you do, you could make a lot of capital as a mobile app developer. It can be a one of the less stressful jobs for retired teachers but once you get to know all about this direction.

You might be developing apps for businesses so individuals can find out more about them or make apps that you can either sell or get money from advertisements. Being a mobile app developer can be challenging but rewarding work. To be one, you have to memorize complete knowledge, and then you can think of this job.

25. Petsitting

Petsitters are commonly responsible for overseeing pets while their owners are away, which could be for one or two evenings a week or an extended period if the keepers are on holiday.

Pet sitters may feed animals such as cats, dogs, or fish. They may also confirm the pets take any essential medication. Also, pet sitters may walk pets or take them out to exercise or to play. You can even feel by reading the above lines that it is not much stressful and burdened. It is one of the most comfortable and less stressful jobs for retired teachers.


Once they leave the profession, teachers have many opportunities. If they want to resume education in any capacity, they can become tutors or act as consultants to schools and districts. Retired teachers have several essential skills that they can involve in diverse ways. There are number of less stressful jobs for retired teachers.

 Retired educators can also use their acquired skills and apply them as entrepreneurs, trying to start their own business and find a job. Nonetheless, of the chosen path, former teachers can be sure that they supply high-demand skills to numerous roles and can probably find engagement through this knowledge and accumulated experience.

Hope this article is valuable to you and you are easily able to pick one of the jobs for you.

Thank you for reading.

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