Latest Stars Align Season 2 (2022) – Will There Be Stars Align Season 2?

Latest Stars Align Season 2 (2022) – Will There Be Stars Align Season 2?

Stars Align also known as ‘Hoshiai no Sora’ directed by Kazuki Akane, is one of the most reputable sport-oriented Anime show that revolves around the game called soft tennis. Without a doubt, such sports dramas have really reached out and are loved by many people across the globe, and Stars Align is one of them. With its successful first season, Anime fans are curious to know about the release date of Stars Align in 2022. So when Stars Align season 2 will be released? What will be the plot of Stars Align season 2? What are the characters of Stars Align season 2? In this article, We will cover all these questions and will tell you all we know about the fantastic sports drama anime Starts Align so far. So without any further ado, Let’s get started

Stars Align season 2 is highly requested by Anime fans all across the globe and not only that they need to see much more than a few episodes. Despite having a monotonous and ordinary game storyline Stars Align has successfully made many loyal fans for the show. With its hit season 1. Now Evey one is eagerly waiting for Stars Algin season 2. So will there be any chances of continuation of Stars Align? If yes then When will Stars Align season 2 be released? Continue reading to know

Stars Align Season 2- What All We Know? Release Date And Much More

The Japanese Anime series Stars Align is composed and coordinated by Kazuki Akane at Studio 8bit, the unique Anime series released its season 1 on October 11, 2019, and concluded its very first season with the twelve-episode on the 27th of December in 2019. The show holds a score of 7.57 on MyAnimeList at the hour of composing.

The director of the series, Kazuki Akane announced in a very short period of time that the initial series was arranged as a Two-Cour and there will surely be a Stars Align Season 2. And in comparison to many sports Anime available, Starts Align has done really well and has received many good reviews.

The show does have a noble cult following and to be specific it is loved in North America and many other countries across the globe. After season 1 of Starts Align, the director of the show kind said that there might not be a season 2 of the show but after that he changed his statement and with the help of his Twitter handle is assured that there will be Stars Align season 2 which turned out to be a piece of good news for all the Anime lovers.

As said Stars Align was supposed to have 24 episodes in its first season but due to some reasons and unwanted changes it was cut down to a runtime of 12 episodes This was confirmed and tweeted by the director of the show Kazuki Akane. In his tweet, he also confirmed that the anime will have season 2 in some form or the other and asks fans for their support and patience.

By this we can they there will be surely another installment of the anime, you can certainly expect ‘Stars Align season 2′. So it is surely a piece of good news for every fan eagerly sitting out there and waiting for Stars Align season 2.

Stars Align Season 2 Plot – What would be the plot?

Stars Align Season 2

The show revolves around the middle school’s soft tennis club and due to students’ lack of interest, the club is on the verge of shutting down. The sports Anime is majorly about the boys’ soft tennis team and the central character names as Maki is a child from a broken and abusive household. He decides to join tennis enthusiast Toma and enlivens his school’s declining soft tennis club. Other than that the show does not really revolve around the soft tennis club but it successfully puts light on each of the boys’ personal lives and how they deal with stuff in their teenage.

The soft tennis club was mocked by everyone in the central school because they were not able to bag enough wins for the school in comparison to the girls’ group. They were considered languid, entitled, and weak which highly affected the group chief Toma Shinjo. Toma Shinjo is highly baffled by his colleagues and their performances. With that, he was devastated to know that the team will not perform well and will never be financed by the school with such terrible performance.

The soft tennis club was unable to bag a win in any one match at the late spring competition and they’d been nothing but a group in the past. Due to all these reasons, Toma is genuinely upset, and he works hard for making something happen in the team’s favor. Jis then when his childhood acquaintance moves back to the town and is now having some commendable skills which bring Toma relief. Then the story revolves around both of them trying and struggling to make things work around in their favor. The fans can anticipate the same plot to run further in the Stars Align Season 2.

Characters Of Stars Align Season 2: Who All Would Be Part Of iI?

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1. Maki Katsuragi voiced by Justin Briner

He is the lead character of the show and we will surely see him in the forthcoming Stars Align Season 2. He is a newly admitted student in the Shijou South Middle School and has recently moved back to his town. He has some very promising tennis skills which are highly admired by Touma Shinjo. After the separation of his parents, he lives with his mother and helps her out doing family errands.

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2. Touma Shinjo voiced by Josh Grelle

Touma Shinjo is the captain of the soft tennis at the school and it before Maki joined him he was the only one in the entire team who took the sport seriously and was good at it. He always tried to give out his best in each match.

3. Itsuki Ameno voiced by Derick Snow

Itsuki is the shortest player on the entire tennis team at the school. His way of talking is very stern and when it comes to being a part of a team and playing soft Tennis is barely showed any kind of interest.

4. Rintarou Futsu voiced by Garret Storms

Rintarou is the vice-captain of the tennis team who always tries to look out for all the members. He is portrayed as a caring person and has regard and care for everyone around him which get a little bit annoying at times to other members as well. He got a little bit jealous when Maki Joined the team and showcase his extraordinary skills. Due to that he lost his confidence and doubted his abilities to lead the team as a Vice-captain.

5. Shigo Takenouchi voiced by Adam Gibbs

Shigo is the elder brother and has been portrayed as a vibrant character. He is always having a smile on his face and he is a playful person and always tried to make everyone laugh on the team.

6. Tsubasa Soga voiced by Rico Fajardo

Tsubasa is a cold heart character and lacks warmth and regard for others. At times when he is provoked beyond his limits, he is losing his control and cannot hold himself back. But at the same time, unlike Itsuki, he cools off quite easily.

In addition to these, Nao Tsukinose is voiced by Matt Shipman, Taiyo Ishigami is voiced by Dallas Reid, Yū Asuka is voiced by Brandon Mclnnis, and Kanako Mitsue is voiced by Rachel glass, Kei Takada is voiced by Madeleine Morris. Kaori Kasuga voiced by Tia Ballard, Aya Katsuragi voiced by Mikaela Krantz, Kenji Kyobate voiced by Brandon Potter, and Toma’s mother voiced by Kristin Sutton are anticipated together on the show as well.

Stars Align season 1 review: Why is ‘Stars Align’ Season 2 Worth Watching?

Stars Align season 1 is refreshing and with its take on realism, the show is worth watching. Soft tennis is placed as a backdrop to showcase the drama and hardships of various Characters. The overall vibe was very appealing and it can make you hooked on the show really long. The characters are portrayed as carefree towards the sport but at the same time regardful towards each other. It puts a light on the idea that everyone has to deal with some shit in their life big or small and how can you overcome all of that. The show has brilliantly showcased the struggles of a teen group trying to excel in life and also acknowledging other aspects of their life and how they deal with them. A large emphasis is given to parent-child relationships that are rarely discussed. The show has an ambitious tilt and It explores many relationships that youth have with adults, often resulting in problems they may or may not be able to control.

One of the characters in the show is non-binary and successfully discusses the experiences of the LGBT community and gender equality. With that, the show is LGBT-friendly which is like a cherry on top. Stars Align season 1 is just the beginning and there is a lot more you can see in Stars Align season 2 which will certainly be airing real soon. So overall we can say that Stars Align is a refreshing anime original that puts light on youth problems very well and let’s hope Stars Align season 2 will be even better than its season 1. 

Stars Align Season 2 Trailer – Is The Trailer Out Yet?

It was on April 19 2021 that The Stars Align Season 2 was confirmed by Akane. As it’s Anime and every part of it requires a lot of work, time, and energy to produce even a bigger masterpiece than season 1, therefore, Trailer of Stars Align season 2 is yet to be released. And since the Stars Align season 2 is confirmed and verified we can expect it to be out in the nearest future. So don’t worry We’ll keep you updated in the article once we have the latest news regarding season 2 of Stars Align. You can watch the Trailer of Stars Align season 1 below.

Wrap up!

So in a nutshell we can say that though the dates are not confirmed yet we are definitely getting Stars Align season 2 any time sooner this year. Kazuki Akane, the director of Stars Align also known as ‘Hoshiai no Sora’ has given this news out loud through his Twitter handle as now we just have to wait for a while to get the most love sports Anime Stars Align. we’ll return to you with another detailed review and news about Stars Align season 2. Till then stay tuned with us and if you have any other queries you can always reach us by commenting in the comment box below. We will be happy to help!

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