Latest Dare Me Season 2 (2022) | Is Dare Me Season 2 Coming or Not?

Latest Dare Me Season 2 (2022) | Is Dare Me Season 2 Coming or Not?

Dare Me is an American thriller teenage drama inspired and based on the novel ‘Dare Me‘ written by Megan Abbott. The show is actually a cheerleading story about teenage girls named Addy, Beth, and Coach Colette and the drama that revolves around their personal and high school life. As season one was only halfway through the book fans are now waiting for the release of Dare Me Season 2. So is Dare Me Season 2 Really canceled or called off by the broadcaster? If not, what will be the expected plot of Dare Me Season 2? What is the expected cast of Dare Me Season 2? In this article, We will clear all your doubts about the renewal or cancellation of Dare Me Season 2 with the latest updates about the show. So without any further ado, Let’s get started

The show is developed by Megan Abbott and Gina Fattore which was premiered on the 20th of December 2019 on USA Network originally. The first season has 10 episodes in totality with a duration of 42 to 52 minutes each episode. As the show concluded it was speculated that the show will be renewed really soon for its second season. But sadly we might not get a second season of Dare Me really soon. Why? Read further to know what went wrong with the renewal of Dare Me Season 2. 

All We Know About Dare Me Season 2 So Far | Will there be Dare Me Season 2?

Dare Me is a dark thriller that depicts the story of high school cheerleaders Addy Hanlon and Beth Cassidy they are best friends who live in a small Midwestern town. The story largely puts light on their friendship and a new coach named Colette French enters the show in the beginning.

The arrival of the coach starts to bring about certain changes in the high school and the drama revolves around that. Colette French tries to keep Addy and Beth apart very tactfully and was indeed successful in doing so. Due to this both Addy and Beth started keeping secrets from each other which started a kind of war inside them.

Well, that’s just the beginning, the show gets even more complicated as it proceeds further when Colette drags Addy and Beth to the murder of Sarge Will. The choice created by Colette destroyed the friendship and regard between both Addy and Beth.

Due to the well-portrayed storyline, the show successfully bagged many praises and attention from its audiences and all the credit goes to the teenage drama combined with thriller crime aspects in the series love which is by everyone. When Dare Me was launched on Netflix, it successfully managed to take the place as one of the top ten most watched on Netflix. According to stats, IMDB gives the show 6.7 out of 10 scores. Meanwhile, Rotten Tomatoes gives Dare Me 85% of critics’ reviews and 79% average audience scores.

With such a great audience review Dare Me Season 2 was canceled. Unfortunately, back in April 2020, it was announced that Dare me season 2 is canceled and the sole reason behind it was USA Network’s shifted focus from fiction TV series to reality shows.

XUSA Network declined to Dare me Season 2 and it turned out to be devastating news for all the fans rooting for the show. But the bright side is Netflix picked up the series and was made it available for all to build up a stronger following. With that being said we still have a beam of hope for the arrival of Dare Me Season 2 if somehow Netflix changes its mind and will renew the show for its second season.

We don’t want to dishearten you but let’s be realistic it’s been almost two years now since the show was called off and the cancellation announcement was done, so there Might be very thin chances that Dare Me Season 2 will be produced or continues further. Nevertheless one can hope for the best.

Here Are The Dare Me Season 2 Expected Plot

Dare Me Season 2

As the show is based on the Novel ‘Dare Me’ it is natural that Dare Me Season 2 will take its source material from the Book itself for season 2 of Dare Me. As the first season only gets through half of the book we will most likely be seeing the conclusive ending in Dare Me Season 2. In Dare Me Season 2 we can see how Sarge Will was murdered. we can conclude that Sarge Will didn’t kill himself and that Colette and her husband were involved in his death.

It will be a real thriller to know how Addy and Beth will handle all that is going around in high school and how they overcome the false murder allegations. Well, we believe that Dare Me fans do deserve to Dare Me Season 2 since there are so many questions that haven’t been answered. Unfortunately, maybe we have to start to accept that some things will always be a mystery.

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Dare Me Season 2 Cast: What is the Expected Cast of Dare Me Season 2?

If somehow Netflix decided to produce Dare Me Season 2 who would we be seeing on Dare Me Season 2?

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Well, there are high chances that we see some familiar faces in Dare Me Season 2 from the previous installment, but as the broadcasting partner has changed there are some chances that we might see some fresh faces in season 2 of Dare Me. Though it is quite likely that the main cast from the first season will return in the second season which includes

  • Willa Fitzgerald in and as Coach Colette French
  • Herizen Guardiola in and as Addy Hanlon
  • Marlo Kelly in and as Beth Cassidy
  • Rob Heaps in and Matt French
  • Alison Thornton in and as Tacy Cassidy
  • Paul Fitzgerald in and as Bert Cassidy
  • Amanda Brugel in and as Faith Hanlon
  • Tammy Blanchard in and as Lana Cassidy
  • Tamberla Perry in and as J.J. Curtis

Trailer of Dare Me Season 2

As there is no official announcement regarding the renewal of Dare Me Season 2 after it was called off by USA Network the trailer for Dare Me season 2 has not arrived yet. You can still watch the Trailer of Dare Me Season 1 here:

Is dare to be worth watching?

Well, according to us Dare Me is full of suspense, drama, and thriller and you will most certainly like it if you like the entire High school drama genre. One of the main reasons why Dare Me is worth watching is that show tries to explore the darker side of high school by upping the anty of drugs, casual relationships, and violence.

The show is sometimes compared to other famous TV series like You and Euphoria and we’ll, to be honest, it is somewhat like them. We can see friendship from a different angle and how Andy and Beth battle with one another despite declaring to be friends.

The suspense really gets the show going till the end when it is revealed who the crime is committed against and we begin to see the aftermath that unfolds. The show can be really addicting as the show proceeds with more and more mysteries. Therefore we highly recommend you to watch it.


Q1.Where can we watch Dare Me?

As of now you can watch Dare Me on Netflix. Though the show was initially premiered on USA Network back in 2019 due to declined view rates it was called off by the network. But the bright side is the cheerleader drama series is now available on Netflix, where it found a new life.

Q2. Is Dare Me based on a book?

Yes, Dare Me is based on a 2012 mystery novel named the same ‘Dare Me‘ written by Megan Abbott. The novel centers on American cheerleading teenage High school drama.

Wrapping up

If we conclude, we can say there are very thing chances of the release of Dare Me Season 2 as the show was called off two years ago back in April. The American thriller based on the Book Dare Me is dark and full of suspense. You can watch it on Netflix But we might not be getting Season 2 of Dare Me. But one can still hope for the best.

Till then you can watch its previous installments of Dare Me. We’ll return to you with another detailed news about Dare Me season 2. Till then stay tuned with us and if you have any other queries you can always reach us by commenting in the comment box below. We will be happy to help!

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