Want to Keep Your Snapchat Safe from Hackers? | Here’s How To

Want to Keep Your Snapchat Safe from Hackers? | Here’s How To

Privacy has been a major concern on the web since its inception. Nothing can be more concerning than someone hacking into your social media account and using it for notorious purposes. From using your account for illegal activities to leaking your photos and other data on the web, hackers can do a lot of damage not only to a user’s online presence but this experience can prove to be mentally traumatic for the users.

Before Snapchat was launched many social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter got hacked and private messages and pictures of users were leaked online. To tackle this menace Snapchat was launched wherein the messages and media that users sent each other would get deleted the minute the user left the chat section. Also, it introduced the Story feature where photos and videos uploaded would only have a life span of 24 hours. It notified the user whenever anyone took a screenshot of the conversation or snap. This made every data on Snapchat useless to hackers.

But still, sometimes the app is used in the wrong ways. With every new update, Snapchat introduces new safety features to uphold a user’s privacy. There are numerous ways through which users can secure their accounts from hackers and enjoy using the app without any fear. In this article, we will show you how to keep your Snapchat safe from hackers and what to do if you get hacked.

How do Hackers Access a User’s Account on Snapchat

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If you are thinking that how can an app that destroys all of this data within 24 hours be useful to hackers then let me tell you something. An app where your messages get deleted the minute you leave the chat section is ideal for someone who is blackmailing you or sending you threats. Also, what’s even more concerning is that Snapchat doesn’t provide end-to-end encryption of data. It means that your data can be intercepted by hackers when you send it to the server through a Man-in-the-Middle attack.

In fact, the app has been at risk of getting hacked many times by fake accounts when it did not require account verification. It resulted in many usernames and phone numbers being recorded by hackers for notorious purposes.

The most common way that hackers use to hack accounts is by changing the username, password, and phone number of the user and then enabling Two-factor Authentication which makes it impossible for users to then retain their accounts.

What Are The Ways Used by Hackers to Hack Snapchat Accounts 

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There are numerous ways used by hackers to get control of someone’s account. A website asking you to click on it to get the latest deals on their sites or any game portal asking you to “click here to download” may seem harmless and trustworthy at first glance but are actually portals to sinister places.

You will click on them and then leave not thinking much of it, but in reality unbeknown to you, your information has been copied by these hackers and now your account is in their control. There are many other unsuspecting ways that hackers use to gain access to your account and you should know each one of them.

1. Spyware Apps

These widely used apps are installed on the target’s phone and used to spy on them incognito. The app monitors the target’s activity throughout the day and the hacker can access it any time they want, and that too remotely. The hacker can view the activity and archive it on Snapchat. Although used by parents to keep an eye on their children, these spyware apps have been used for far more illegal purposes.

2. Third-Party Leaks

Since spyware apps store and track users’ data from Snapchat, the messages sent from the account can be copied as well. It can allow hackers to copy the username and email ID, decrypt the password and log in easily. Once it did, hackers can easily change the password by selecting the Forgot Password option.

3. Hacking Websites

As I mentioned in the introduction, these websites lure the target and make them enter their information to get access to their account. Many sites claim to have introduced tools to get access to one’s account but these websites are nothing but phishing techniques used to trap innocent users.

4. Paid Hackers

Hackers target their victims for two purposes, either they access your access to blackmail you or they do it because someone paid them to do so. For this purpose hackers used a technique called advance phishing, which although very difficult to apply on Snapchat, can give hackers access to your multiple accounts. That’s why it is advised not to keep the same password for different sites.

5. Wireless Sniffing

It is always advised not to use public WIFI for doing anything, especially not during bank transfers, exchanging personal data or pictures, logging into accounts, etc. Why? Because hackers can easily access these networks and then access every information exchanged on the network. The information they get can anything from your DOB to your credit card number.

6. Brute Force Attack

Here hackers just keep on typing different passwords till they hit the target. They type in random easily combinations that users keep so that they can remember them easily. Now when a site asks you to keep a Strong Password, don’t choose any random combination.

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How to Keep Your Snapchat Safe from Hackers

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I know these above-mentioned hacking techniques might have scared you a little but don’t worry where there is poison, there is an antidote. If there are many ways of hacking accounts there are even more ways of securing one too. So take a look at some of the ways you can use to secure your Snapchat account from malicious hackers.

1. Two-Factor Authentication

The first thing you should do not just for Snapchat but for any social media account is turn on your Two-Factor Authentication. It will make you log in to a specific app or website to access your account. As for Snapchat, you will be asked to choose a text authentication or an app authentication. So, before logging in you will get a code on your device, and only after putting it in will you be able to access your account.

2. Choose a Strong Password

It’s always convenient for people to set their passwords to something they can remember easily, but this is also how your account becomes vulnerable to hacking. If you set a password after a special occasion then with the help of your personal information hackers can easily know that. Also, if you set a password with an easy generic combination that can also be devised easily. So always choose a password with upper case, lower case, special symbol, numbers, and alphabet.

3. Be Careful while Snapchat

If you think Snapchat deleting snaps immediately can stop hackers and wrong people from harming you, then you’re dead wrong. These people can screenshot it or at least take a picture of your snap from another device. So make sure you are careful of what you’re sending to the other person. Don’t send any personal information which can be used to harm you later.

4. Keep Your Posts Restricted to Trusted People

Always give Friends access to your information on Snapchat, no need to include Everyone or Friends of Friends. Share snaps and upload stories but with only those people whom you can trust easily.

5. Be Up-to-Date

Give full information to Snapchat so that tomorrow if you are iced out of your account then use can use that information in the recovery process and gain access to your account again.

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The world of social media is very vast with a lot of scopes to gain knowledge, make friends and learn new things. But it can also be a place for abuse and crime. Although sites do everything to keep their users safe some things are in the hands of users as well. So apps are doing their best, you also must educate yourself about these hackers and become a part of your own rescue.


Frequent Asked Questions about Snapchat 

Can I Lock Snapchat?

Yes, Snapchat allows you to lock in any conversations by using SC Chat Locker to keep it safe. You can also lock your phone with a passcode so that no one can access Snapchat.

How can I restrict people from seeing my snaps?

You can head to the privacy settings and choose who can see your snaps, locations, and personal information, It is advised that you keep your location and personal information like email ID visible to you only.

Can I use my fingerprint for Snapchat on a Samsung device?

Yes, you can set your fingerprint for Snapchat by going to the Settings option on your phone> Biometric and Security> Create Secure Folder> Lock Type> Enter pin, password, or pattern> Enable Fingerprint under Biometric> Go to Secure Folder> Add Snapchat.

How many people get hacked in a year?

In a year around 800,000 people get which means around 2200 people get hacked every day.

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