How To Fix iPhone XR Stuck On Apple Logo? [Solved]

How To Fix iPhone XR Stuck On Apple Logo? [Solved]

Apps or iOS will frequently act up and stop working due to major system issues. Constant lags, unpredictable restarts, and unresponsive or stuck displays are just a few of the frequent symptoms to appear.

Memory-related issues such as insufficient or low internal memory, in addition to system failures, can cause similar symptoms. In the worst-case scenarios, hardware faults like as faulty motherboards or damaged screen components are frequently to blame. If your iPhone XR is stuck on the Apple logo, keep reading to find out what to do. The majority of the time, the issue is blamed on the program. As a result, you should begin by eliminating software-related causes. So, here are some of your options and solutions.

This post will guide you on how can you fix the issue of the iPhone XR stuck on the Apple logo. You will have to continue reading the post to know everything regarding this topic. Let’s get started.

Here are the Some Issues and Their Solutions

We will be discussing some of the common issues that can solve the issue of the stuck iPhone XR at the Apple logo. Here are the issues and their solutions-

1. Force Restart Your iPhone XR

When your device’s screen is stuck on the Apple logo and becomes unresponsive, the first thing you should do is force a restart. This will clean away any random software faults that may have caused your iPhone to crash or become stuck. Here are the steps to restart your iPhone XR-

Step-1 Quickly press and release the Volume Up Button.

Step-2 Quickly press and release the Volume Down Button.

Step-3 Then, you have to long-press the side button and then release it when you will see the Apple logo.

iPhone XR Stuck On Apple Logo? Here's How To Fix It

Now, you have to wait for a couple of seconds till your phone restarts completely. If you can get to the Home screen after a hard restart, try installing new updates, resetting all settings, or even deleting your iPhone and starting over. Simply follow the steps mentioned below.

2. Installing New Updates on your iPhone XR

Bug fixes are provided by installing new updates, which eliminate malware and fatal system problems that cause the phone to crash and freeze at the Apple logo. Here’s how to use the OTA (over-the-air) method to check for new updates on your phone.


Step-1 First of all, go to the settings of your device from the home page.

Step-2 Tap on the “General” option.

Step-3 Now, tap on the software update menu, and then follow the onscreen prompts to download and install the new update.

After installing updates, restart your iPhone to verify that all new system changes are applied correctly and to refresh the apps and system functionality. As I previously stated, when an iPhone becomes stuck on the Apple logo, it’s usually due to a firmware issue, and ensuring sure your device is running the most recent iOS version is one way to avoid this from happening again.


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3. Restore Your iPhone through iTunes

Reverting the iOS version on your phone is also an excellent alternative to solve the issue if the screen problem occurs after installing a fresh iOS update. This step will necessitate a working computer with the most recent version of iTunes installed. Here’s how to do it:


Step-1 Start iTunes on your PC.

Step-2 Connect your phone to the computer with the included USB or Lightning connector.

Step-3 When prompted, enter your device code.

Step-4 Then tap the iPhone symbol or your iPhone XR’s name.

Step-5 In iTunes, click the Restore Backup button.

Step-6 Find the iOS backup file that you want to restore and open it.

Step-7 Then, to confirm, choose the Restore option.

Note: Do not disconnect the USB cable Untill it shows the the process has been completed.

4. Restore your iPhone XR through DFU mode restore

If none of the preceding techniques work, the deepest type of iOS restore, known as DFU mode restoration (Device Firmware Update), should be considered the absolute last resort. This restore procedure is well-known for resolving serious system faults, such as boot-up errors. Before you begin, make sure your phone has not been damaged by fluids or physical harm.


Step-1 Using the included USB or Lightning connector, connect your iPhone XR to your computer.

Step-2 Press and rapidly remove the Volume Up button once connected. Then, quickly press and release the Volume Down button.

Step-3 Hold down the Side/Power button until your phone’s screen becomes black.

Step-4 Press and hold the Volume Down button while still holding the Side/Power button until the phone screen is entirely black.

Step-5 Release the Side/Power button after around 5 seconds but keep holding the  Volume Down button until you see your iPhone’s name in iTunes.

Step-7 Once it appears in iTunes, release the Volume Down button. DFU mode has been enabled on your iPhone XR.

If your iPhone remains stuck on the Apple logo after executing a DFU mode restore, a trip to a service center may be necessary. You’re most likely dealing with a hardware issue if your iPhone XR remains stuck on the Apple logo. As a result, your iPhone requires repair. For more information and advanced solutions, contact your carrier or Apple Support.

Wrapping up!

By now, I hope you learned a lot about iPhone XR Stuck On Apple Logo These were the easiest solution that can help you in restoring your iPhone XR. I hope you liked the post and it can also be helpful for you to solve your problems.

If you still have some questions left on your mind you can definitely ask us in the comment section, we would love to help you in any way.

TIll then Happy Learning!


Some Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when force restart doesn’t work on iPhone XR?

Similar to a soft reset, performing a force restart does not affect any saved data on the phone memory so you won’t lose any important information in the process.

How do I unfreeze my iPhone XR stuck on the Apple logo?

Press and release the Volume Down button. Press and hold the Side button. Keep holding the Side button until you see the recovery-mode screen.

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