How to Use Videos to Grow Your Tech Business

Technology businesses have used video marketing for a long time. This can be seen in Apple’s legendary 1984 advertising as well as in modern-day animated explainer videos. The majority of digital firms have understood that in order to promote their brands effectively, they need to reach numerous people. 

They must ensure that their goods and services are easily and quickly comprehended. Online video editors are a fantastic tool for creating this kind of film.  The key to mastering the art of video editing is to practise. It is a learned skill, so the more you do it, the better and faster you get at it.

The use of video may assist in engagingly explaining complicated ideas. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to onboard a new user into your organisation or introduce yourself to a new audience; a video aid is one of the most effective methods to take you and your company to the next level. 

How simple is it to put together a video?


Making a video is no longer the sole realm of professionals, nor is it a prohibitively costly undertaking. You may get tremendous results by doing this task independently, with just a small investment of time and effort. 

You can edit the video with the help of video editors and use a video trimmer to trim and remove unnecessary parts according to your needs

So, let’s have a look at the steps to putting together video in the best possible way- 


1. Insert the video into the timeline by dragging and dropping it there.

Create a timeline at the bottom of your project by dragging and dropping the file.


2. Add or trim the clip’s edge to the position you want it to be.

The clip will be trimmed or extended if you place your cursor on the front or rear end of it (a trimming symbol will show), and then click and drag the edge of the clip to the left or right to do so.


3. Make a copy of your completed video.

The Export video button is located in the upper right corner of your timeline. When you’re through editing, click on this button to export a movie or film from your timeline to your computer.


What are the benefits of using videos?

Assuming that you are the owner of a software platform, let’s look at some benefits of using videos. 

  • It enables the updating of a store’s inventory in real-time. It makes use of an original technique. 
  • It helps retailers predict when, how much, and how often they will need new inventory shipments, among other things. The system also automatically refreshes online shopping sites and displays the inventory of more immediate and out-of-stock items. 
  • A decent online video editor can assist you in creating videos that are both fascinating and imaginative.
  • An excellent video may convey the essence of your company’s identity. It may be used to define what you do as a company. It may also demonstrate how you can provide value to your customers. 
  • It explains to your target audience why you are superior to your competition. When your audience is in the research stage of the buyer’s journey, video is the form of content that will pique their attention the most, so make sure you have enough of it ready. 

Here are some ways of employing videos in your company:


1. Share videos on social media to broaden your audience’s exposure.

Nowadays, people carry search engines in their pockets or on their person. It is becoming more important to promote your product or service on the internet as a solution to people’s problems. Getting started on social media is a wonderful way to promote your organisation to the world. Consider how many new products, services, and enterprises you come across daily while browsing through social media platforms. In order to achieve the same result, you might start publishing intriguing films on social media.

Your small firm may be able to expand its reach and catch up with the bigger corporations in the marketplace. Videos provide you with the opportunity to share your brand’s story while also entertaining your audience. More immediate and engaging results are achieved with this method. Don’t forget to add voice to the video to increase the involvement of your followers.


2. To advertise a local event on LinkedIn, create a webcam video and post it.

LinkedIn is a social networking site where people may find new networking opportunities while also concentrating on their professional development. That doesn’t rule out the possibility of injecting some levity into their news streams. This may be accomplished via the strategic use of audiovisual content. Using video to promote an event may be a fun and effective approach to boost its exposure. You have the opportunity to demonstrate what your organisation has to offer. It also motivates people to find out more about it themselves.

From instructive webinars to AMA (ask-me-anything) sessions, you have the option to host a wide range of events. These gatherings provide an opportunity for your followers and new visitors to learn more about your company and the individuals who work for it. Use this method to engage with your audience and exhibit your worth. You can make the most of your cash by using a decent online video editor.

It is possible to convert first-time visitors into email leads using well-edited films. Still, it is also possible to convert current subscribers into paying customers using well-edited movies. Allowing your audience to ask questions after your presentation is a sure-fire way to boost audience participation and engagement. This method will make it easy to develop a relationship with your audience, increasing the likelihood that they will return for future events.


3. Recap a popular Facebook blog post that went viral.

If your written postings aren’t garnering the attention you want despite your brilliant wording, merely recreating a popular blog piece in a video may be enough to get Facebook users to watch your content.


4. Instagram is an excellent platform to showcase your company’s culture.

Videos that feature the personalities of the people who work for a company are particularly interesting to watch because they provide a personal touch. It provides your target audience with an understanding of what your firm is all about.

Short videos get more reach because people tend to avoid long videos. So you can make use of video trimmers to shorten your reels and increase your reach.  


5. Respond to a request for help on Twitter using the hashtag #assistance.

Take your customer service to the next level by using these strategies. Responding to support-related questions on Twitter should be done through a video. Don’t be concerned if you don’t understand how to accomplish this. You don’t need anything fancy to make any of these flicks; all you need is an iPhone and a little bit of creativity to pull them off.


6. Make a video for a significant announcement that will be made.

The written word does not often do justice to the genuine exhilaration that surrounds the process of making an announcement. If your organisation is making an important announcement, a video is an excellent method for sharing your feelings about the event. These movies can help you to generate more interest in your company’s major sales or product reveal in a more personable manner. Other people will be able to detect your true self since you will be yourself at all times.



Never assume that developing excellent video content is a task reserved just for advertising agencies or direct-to-consumer businesses. In addition to the technology industry, one of the most important areas that may benefit from video marketing is the financial services sector. 

Videos may be used for a variety of purposes other than mere entertainment. The mere use of the word “video” in the subject line of an email increases open rates. Likewise, videos on landing pages have been shown to raise the conversion rate.

If you’ve developed the newest and greatest software, are starting a crowdfunding campaign, or have been in business for a long time but haven’t paid much attention to video marketing, now is the time to get serious about creating compelling films to advertise your company.


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