TupperBox Discord With Bot Commands 2023 | How To Use & Setup?

TupperBox Discord With Bot Commands 2023 | How To Use & Setup?

Over the years Discord has gained so much popularity and most of the users are gamers who love to use discord to stay connected with thousands of users who watch them on youtube or twitch while they stream games or any sort of entertainment, as it would be difficult o get engaged with thousands of viewers at a time. Although there are lots of discord bots like plasma bot that work very well to keep you updated and also manage your Discord activities and you don’t have to manage them.

Not only voice or video chat, but you can also stream Netflix on Discord for free and can watch movies or shows with other users too. I’ve also seen many Discord users getting married inside the server by using the Marriage Discord bot which is a type of virtual marriage for fun and you can also adopt other users as your child.

Users can also play many games by simply installing the RPG Discord bot on their servers. So this is all about the different bots that can be used inside the server, now let’s talk about Tupper bot discord which is another very useful discord bot that allows you to use Discord webhooks to send messages to other fictional users.

To use the Tupperbox bot on your Discord server first Add Tupperbox -> Pick one command -> Use tul! as a prefix in the text box below. To know more about Tupperbox and How to use Tupperbox Discord commands read the full article till the end.

What Is Tupperbox Discord?

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If you use the Tupperbox then you can have numerous accounts with distinct names and avatars without having to log out or log in to each one, which is a benefit.

The “accounts” which are created by the bot are known as “tuppers” automatically and sending messages through one is known as “proxying.” With a Tupper, you can set any prefix and suffix together. Using Discord webhooks, tupperbox allows users to send messages as different fictitious users.

 TupperBox Discord Rules

Here are some key roles that you should consider reading before you move to another step of how to use tupperbox discord. 

1. Make tuppers only for your characters.

2. It won’t allow you to utilise another user’s tupper without permission.

3. Don’t make tuppers with images or tags that are against the Code of Conduct 278

4. Any tupper post that is judged improper could be removed by moderators, and they reserve the right to prevent its ongoing usage on the server.

How To Use TupperBox Discord With Bot Commands?

So, It’s very easy to add tupperbox discord on your server, but without having proper knowledge you won’t be able to do it. Follow the step-by-step guide explained below to know how to use it properly.

Step 1:- Tap on the Invite button and it will redirect you to Discord.

Screenshot 2022 08 29 at 12.27.57 AM
Source- Top.gg

Step 2:- Simply open “Discord” on your mobile phone or Pc.

Source- Bot.to

Step 3:- After then type “tul!register Name” command and press enter to register. However, you must replace “Name” with the name of the character, and you must adjust the brackets to either one character or to your own brackets.

Step 4:- Right after you press enter a notification will display that the “Tupper” has been registered.

How to use Tupperbox Discord
Source- baldi-fanon.fandom

Step 5:- Type the command “tul!avatar “Name” before selecting and posting an image to give your bot an avatar.

Step 6:- To set the avatar, simply press “Enter”.

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20+ Best Tupperbox Discord Commands

There are lots of Tupeperbox commands that you can use to enhance your experience, but to save your time for searching commands, we’ve compiled a list of the best Tupperbox commands below.

4 Best Tupperbox Commands For Getting Started

  • tul!register – Register a new tupper
  • tul!list – Get a detailed list of your or another user’s registered tuppers
  • tul!remove – Unregister a tupper
  • tul!show – Show info about a particular tupper

8 Best Tupperbox Commands For Editing Tuppers

  • tul!avatar – View or change a tupper’s avatar
  • tul!birthday – View or change a tupper’s birthday
  • tul!brackets – View or change a tupper’s brackets
  • tul!describe – View or change a tupper’s description
  • tul!nick – Change a tupper’s nickname
  • tul!rename – Change a tupper’s name
  • tul!tag – Remove or change a tupper’s tag (displayed next to the name when proxying)
  • tul!togglebrackets – Toggles whether the brackets are included in proxied messages for a Tupper

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6 Best Tupperbox Commands For Organization & Data Management

  • tul!group – View or change your groups
  • tul!listng – Like list, but without showing group info
  • tul!find – Find and display info about tuppers by name
  • tul!import – Import your data from a file
  • tul!export – Export your data to a file
  • tul!purge – Remove all data

3 Best Tupperbox Commands To Get Help!

  • tul!support – Get an invite to the support server
  • tul!help – Print this message, or get help for a specific command
  • tul!privacy – View my privacy policy
  • tul!stats – Show info about the bot


All the commands listed above are very useful if you’re planning to add Tupperbox to your Discord, to know more about the commands check Tupperbox.app

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Why Does Tupperbox Not Working?

If you can’t use Tupperbox and if somehow it doesn’t work in your discord server, it might be due to an outdated version of Discord or the server being down for some time.

In most cases, if Tupperbox doesn’t wake it may be because of admin restricted the user’s proxy permissions. To change the permissions an admin can use tul!crg show. Moreover, you can Run tul!proxy enable and it will enable your proxy which was disabled.  

 Why Does My Tupper’s Avatar Not Working?

So there are many reasons behind not working with Tupper’s avatar. Hence you can use tul!avatar “tupper name” to check whether it’s working.


  1. The image you uploaded on your avatar has been deleted by the host and you need to re-upload the image.
  2. An image whose size is too large and isn’t having a valid format. You resize the image and re-upload it, but keep it a little small.

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1. How do you use Tul edit?

Tul edit can be easily used by following the steps given below.

Step 1:- Open Discord and click on the Respond button.

Step 2:- Enter tul! and the message you’re responding to should be followed by edit and anything you wish to replace this with.

Step 3:- It’s done

2. Can Tupperbox be used for roleplay?

Yes, Tupperbox can also be used for roleplay. Make sure to use prefixes before the command.

3. How do I create a bump reminder?

  1. @here/@everyone ping in a channel, just a person, who has access to the channel will be pinged. –>Setup through add the @here role with: %setup ping here. …
  2. @role ping in a bump channel with: –> %setup ping @role. …
  3. Last User ping without or on a bumpchannel:


Wrapping Up!

I hope all your queries are now answered by the article, as we’ve shown step by step process of How to use tupperBox Discord or tupperbox bot and also we’ve listed some of the best Tupperbox commands that can be used that can help you use it more efficiently.

So, if you really liked the article do share your thoughts in the comment section down below. Thank You!


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