Tatsu Bot Discord With Bot Commands [2023] | How To Use & Level Up?

Tatsu Bot Discord With Bot Commands [2023] | How To Use & Level Up?

Tatsu Bot Discord is the best discord bot commonly used to largely focus on social media and makes every activity going on the server interesting. This bot is loved by thousands of discord users and has some great noticable features like giving incentive activities that allow a member to gain Xps and can level up based on criteria.

To add this cool bot to your discord server; Search Tatsu bot-> Tap on the invite link -> authorize it. This is the simplest way to add the Tatsu bot to your discord server. However, you can also manage your discord activities more accurately with the help of Counting bot discord.

So, today In this article we’re going to discuss How to use Tatsu bot discord and which are some of the useful commands needed to use this bot like a pro. Without further ado, let’s get started with the article.

How To Add Tatsu Bot Discord

It’s very easy to add a counting bot to your discord server within 5 minutes and to do so follow the instructions given below with steps:-

Step 1:-  Go to google and search counting bot or you can click on the Invite link directly.


Step 2:- So, when you click on the invite button, you’ll be redirected to the discord server.

Screenshot 2022 04 08 at 9.37.02 PM

Step 3:- In the discord server simply log in with your “Username and Password”.


Step 4:- Select the server where you want to add a “Tatsu bot and Open it”.


Step 5:- Now you’ll see the Tatsu bot, just give all the required permissions to get started.

credits:- TechHow

Step 6:- Then, Tap on Authorize button and before that fill the captcha correctly, only then it will be added to your discord server successfully.


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How To Use Tatsu Bot Discord With Bot Commands

It’s quite simple to learn and know how to use Tatsu bot discord, and you may do so by following the steps described below.


Step 1:- Open Discord on your phone or computer.


Step 2:- Next, choose the “server” where you want the bot orders to be executed.

How To Use Tatsu Bot Discord With Bot Commands
Credits:- Tatsu. fandom

Step 3:- Select a command from the bot command list below, prefix it with “t!” and then type the bot command name.


So, that’s pretty to know how to use counting bot discord commands. But, before adding any bot command names, make sure to add Prefix appropriately.


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What Are The Features Of The Tatsu Bot Discord?

As I mentioned above that this bot is excellent and comes up with lots of features that make your work easier if you know them. So below we’ve mentioned some of the best features that you should be aware of before your start using this Bot.


  • You can earn reputations which will show on every active member of discord. One can upvote another member of the discord server based on their activity and user behaviour.


  • There is one more feature of Credits and customizations this is also included in the bot.


  • Members can use credits, which operate as the bot’s money, to make purchases such as various types of modifications and premium commands, which can be unlocked when one achieves a large number of credits.


  • You can also make straw polls, start lotteries, and determine winners through a poll.


  • It has an in-built search feature within Discord, that displays the highest scores of searches from Google, YouTube, Urban Dictionary, Wikipedia, and other sources.


  • The bot also includes event reminders, which send out messages so that you never miss an important virtual meeting on the server.


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Here are some Useful Tatsu Bot discord Commands

You may use a variety of bot instructions to have fun with this finest discord bot. I’ve included some bot commands below for you to check out and apply.

Basic Tatsu Bot Discord Commands

@TatsumakiChat with Tatsumaki Bot
t!help [command ]Displays a list of commands. Provide a command to get usage information & examples.
t!pingChecks if Tatsumaki is online.
t!supportPosts a link to the Tatsumaki support server.
t!changelogFetches Tatsumaki’s changelogs from her support server.
Manage Server
Displays Tatsumaki’s statistics.
t!avatar <[user 1 ] [user 2 ] [user 3 ] [user 4 ]> <server>Gets a user’s avatar. Up to 4 users can be selected. Use the “server” flag to get the server’s icon.
t!serverShows info about the current server such as server ID, roles, members, region, etc.
t!channel [#channel ] [topic ]Shows info about the current channel such as channel ID. The command also displays notifications enabled, plugins disabled & whether persistence is disabled. Mention channels to get their info, or use the “topic” flag to get the topic of the channel.
t!info [user ]Shows info, such as ID and join date, about yourself or a user.
t!role [@role ]Shows info about a guild role. Accepts name, mention or role id.
t!shared [user ]Shows which servers Tatsumaki shares with you or another user. This is limited to servers on the same shard.
t!usage <command/server> [command ]Shows how many people used a command, globally or server-wide.


Above all the commands are taken from alteroid or you can also check out its command from the Tatsu bot’s official website.

Why is Tatsu Bot Discord Not Working?

However, if you aren’t able to use Tatsu bot commands or it’s not working in your Discord server, it might be due to a server issue or an old version of Discord. So, if it still doesn’t work after updating it, you may need to ask for help from the Tatsu bot support community server, as it would definitely help you to resolve the issue.


Wrapping Up!

I hope the above information is more than sufficient to know How to use Tatsu bot discord with commands. We’ve also discussed some of the best features of Tatsu bot discord that would help you to know it more easily.

So, if you really liked the article do share your thoughts in our comment section down below. Thank You!

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