How To Use Snapchat My AI: Newly Launched Chatbot Of Snapchat!

How To Use Snapchat My AI:  Newly Launched Chatbot Of Snapchat!

No one can beat Snapchat in terms of providing the best features for its users and recently Snapchat has introduces a new chatbot ‘My AI’. Now you must be having thoughts about how to use Snapchat My AI. But don’t worry, we won’t let you bother with anything because we are here to banish all your queries regarding this new chatbot. Snapchat is the best platform and it keeps introducing new features every other day, a while ago Snapchat launched ray tracing technology which gives users a better experience with Snapchat lenses.

The new Snapchat chatbot My AI is added as an experimental feature and is available for Snapchat + members only. So, without squandering let’s begin with how to use Snapchat My AI: a new chatbot.

To use Snapchat My AI go to the chat box and open My AI chat and send a message similarly as you talk to your friends, the AI chatbot will respond to you like a human being.

How To Use Snapchat My AI?

How To Use Snapchat My AI: Newly Launched Chatbot Of Snapchat!

The new Snapchat chatbot, My AI runs on the latest version of the open AI gpt’s. It is designed to be pinned at the top of the chat box/tab and it can give you personal recommendations for gift ideas, travel locations, recipes, etc.

My AI is designed to act as a person and to give a more personalized experience you can rename your My AI bot and even change the chat wallpaper. Snapchat has also informed us like other AI chatbots, My AI can also be tricked to say anything, thus to improve the user’s experience chats may be stored.

So, snapchat has suggested not to share any personal or confidential details and not taking chatbot advice seriously as it can make mistakes. Snapchat said in a blog post that they feel My AI helps to make deeper connections and it will also help to boost Snapchat’s premium membership which recently exceeded 2 million members.

To use My AI chatbot you need to open the chatbot option and send a message simply as you talk to your friends and it will respond to you as a human. Snapchat also said that they feel AI helps to foster deeper connections. This Snapchat chatbot will also help them with an additive experience as the Snapchat monthly active user count reach 750 million out of which 75% of the users are 13-34 years old and residing in 20 different countries.

Also, Snapchat said, to give your reviews about the newly launched chatbot, press and hold on to any message from AI to give your feedback.

What Can Snapchat My AI Chatbot Do?

As I told you earlier my AI will respond to your texts like a human so you can have a conversation with my AI assistant as you have with your friends. You can plan a trip, write a haiku message, get gifting ideas, suggestive recipes, etc with the help of this AI assistant. But it won’t be able to do your homework or be able to write a blog post pst fr you. My AI is a personal companion for you, so you can customize its name and chat wallpaper.

How To Remove Snapchat My AI Chatbot?

How To Use Snapchat My AI:  Newly Launched Chatbot Of Snapchat!

Now that you know how to use Snapchat My AI and what it can do for you still if you are not having fun using it, you can also remove it from your chat feed. To remove Snapchat my AI chatbot follow the steps given below.

Go to profile>tap on bitmoji icon>tap on settings>go to account action>tap clear chat>tapon X icon next to my AI and so you are done.

Step 1: First go to your profile by tapping on the bitmoji icon.

Step 2: Then, tap on the settings icon and go to account actions.

Step 3: Under Account actions choose the option clear conversation.

Step 4: Now tap on the X icon next to my AI chatbot and you are done.

Wrapping Up!

In the end, I just want to say this is all about how to use Snapchat My AI: a newly launched chatbot. I genuinely hope that the above-given information is useful to you. Don’t forget to share it with other Snapchat users. Also, keep coming back to Americbuzz for more such kinds of articles about the latest updates. Thank you!

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Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. What is My AI chatbot on Snapchat?

Ans. My AI is a recently launched chatbot of Snapchat that works on the latest version of open AI gpt’s. This new chatbot is currently available to Snapchat plus members only.

Q2. What is Snapchat peek-a-boo?

Ans. When Snapchat was initially launched it was named peek-a-boo because of its concept of photos and videos getting disappearing after some time just as in the peek-a-boo game where users’ face get disappeared.

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